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  1. Wonder if the scum will be tempted to bring the poor wee thumb home given how bad ajeti is turning out to be 😂
  2. Guessing it’s seen as Dissenting in The Nationalists eyes and has No place in a Progressive Brigadoon.
  3. Just in from work, Did Thumb go off injured or could he just not handle The Banter 😂
  4. I’m sure T.G.F.I.T.W will understand mate and just put it down as “Oh well These Things Happen 😂
  5. Bit of a Dilemma for Captain Haggerty should he make it across to play The Famous, Does she organise a demonstration about Mysoginsts not welcome in Scotland or does she just say Fuck it I hate Rangers more.
  6. I was wondering, Reading that I thought Dominic McKay had announced it on his way out the door Ffs 😂
  7. Don’t know if I’ve missed something but who announced 3 Lyon players can’t play against us ?
  8. 100%, Be the last place I’d be if I was in their position, Come to think of it, It is the last place I’d be and I’m not in their position 😂
  9. Och I’m sure Janey being a comedienne will soon see the funny side of all these shenanigans 😂
  10. Is he still one of Ashley’s henchmen ffs
  11. I know it’s a bit of a stretch calling her a celebrity but I wonder if Janey will make it onto I’m a celebrity get me out of here now that her career looks to be fucked.
  12. As is the baths in Storie street in paisley, Remember coming out of there as a wean absolutely starving and going for a bag of chips out of Allans chippy which is still there I believe, Happy Days
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