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  1. Surely that should cover Rafa’s wages for a couple of years 😂
  2. You might be right mate, Not really seen much of him tbh, Just know we were being linked with him a while back.
  3. Been linked to Daniel Johnston for a while, Not so sure about the boy the tarriers are apparently signing, You could be right but just don’t recall hearing his name mentioned before.
  4. This is indeed what is happening, SSN confirming Livingston v Rangers re-scheduled for Weds 3rd March and will be shown Live.
  5. Probably demanded a new manager and Fat Peter told him to fuck off, You’ve got Lenny, Like it or Lump it, So he’s lumped it 😂
  6. Jam Doughnut away from a heart attack imo that boy.
  7. Don’t mean to be picky mate, But that’s 3 reasons 😂
  8. Ffs, Can imagine next time he comes to Glasgow he’ll be wearing a half and half scarf.
  9. Naw, But tbf Aberdeen played Motherwell today so that ruled them out and their other game in hand was St Mirren who play Livi tomorrow in league cup semi so technically we’re partially to blame for no pumping St Mirren in the first place.
  10. About Fucking Time 👍🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  11. Ah, But is he going to fund new players out of his own pocket like our Stevie does 😂
  12. Lenny’s got our support Frank if it’s any consolation 😂
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