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  1. Does it get a wash on Sunday in time for mass 😂
  2. We had people on our street out clapping for Nippy a few months back, Don't know them particularly well I've got to say but wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them now.
  3. Straight to the point, I like it 😂
  4. Aye that wouldn’t go down too well in our club tbf 😂😂
  5. The fact that ScotGov are obviously willing to pay compensation to keep it out The Courts surely adds weight to the victims case, ScotGov truly are rancid.
  6. What bowling club mate if you don’t mind me asking, My bowling club shows their games as well as ours but not the manky mobs unless they are playing us or St Mirren.
  7. Just realised mate the game I watched was on Sky, Not sure that pub will have access to RTV, You’d maybe need to check, Sorry.
  8. I was in Newcastle when we played Livingston and watched it in a pub called The Three Bulls Heads, It’s opposite the bus station and is situated on Percy street, Quite a few Tv screens upstairs mate, Not a Rangers pub as far as I know but no trouble and quite liked the pub.
  9. Canny think of any Ex Rangers players off hand with the name Adrian, Just thankful we appear to have got the name Declan out of our system.
  10. Sorry to hear that mate, Stay strong and best wishes to you and your family.
  11. 😂Burst out laughing at that, Very well said 👏👏
  12. Can't remember what thread it was but there was one a while back involving Queens Highway and another poster going at it hammer and tongs, Thread seemed to go on forever and was due to come to a head at a cricket ground in Glasgow I believe, Early days but this thread is beginning to have a similar feel to it, Maybe even hold this cannibalistic banquet at the same cricket ground if it takes off 😂
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