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  1. Blue (crocidolite) and Brown (amosite) asbestos were not banned in the UK until 1985. Asbestos was still widely used in the ship building industry until early 80s. White/Grey asbestos (chrysotile) was not banned until 1999 and was heavily used in the building game.
  2. Butcher will sort these slackers out. Nothing to worry about, McCoist, Durrant and co will have a laugh and a chuckle at training on Monday morning and then it's off to nandos as usual.
  3. The Daily Mail is reeking these days. Post any factual information about the bheasts or The Rangers and your comments are blocked.
  4. Stephen "mephy" McMahon is the younger brother of the crackpot who regularly calls radio snyde claiming to have family members working for HMRC.
  5. I believe some of the bheasts are blaming the running battles on "the site of a plethora of union jacks" at dens park.
  6. Gerry McMahon has always been a bit of an eccentric. Im 99% sure none of his brothers work for HMRC. I know his family, I grew up in the same street.
  7. Cellic fans really are the laughing stock (of Ireland).
  8. Snyde 1 there...... I don't know any bear that listens to radio rhebel.
  9. The 4th paragraph
  10. This is what they asked for, so give them it. The true cost of listening to blog vigilantes and timmy propaganda. WATP.
  11. Naisy will join Everton.
  12. Attempted to cancel... but they offered a free multiroom subscription if I stayed.
  13. Big Samaras gave Ally a hug, Stokes totally ignored him.
  14. Teddy Bears 3 Kiddy Fiddlers 2.