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  1. McCrorie, even though he is still learning, is our best centre backs and should be playing every game. However, one of the most critical aspects of managing today is the amount of game time given to young players. Too much game time will seriously affect the long term development of McCrorie. We should have varying formations relative to who we're playing - most times 2 centre backs but against the likes of the scum - 3 cb. Like brenda did against the sheep. With a mainly 2 centre back and periodic 3 cb formation, along with occasional rotation, all four get game time.
  2. The ol' man, a sergeant in the Royal Marine 42 Commando Brigade, passed away a few years ago in his hospital bed on Remembrance Day at 1 minute after 11am, wearing his beret and medals, would've loved the display.
  3. I don't care what Brenda or the Sun says, I will not change my stance on transvestites!
  4. The Bayern manager has so much fear and respect for the invincibles he is fielding a reserve team in an important CL game.
  5. Normally, I'd slag those who give new posters a hard time. You deserve everything you get for that shite!
  6. The Rangers' oneness I'm talking about, while experienced at games, is certainly not limited to being at a game. eg. it's the feeling you get when travelling and singing with Bears on a supporters bus down to Wolverhampton, and taking over the town; Or, when you're 11 years old heading to Ibrox on your own upstairs on a corporation bus wearing your tammy and scarf, and three paedo bawbags come on, take your scarf and tammy and ragdoll you, then, at the next stop, four bluenoses come up the stairs, look at you and say, 'You awright, wee man?,' as the scum fuckers shite themselves, hand back your scarf and tammy and scarper doon the stairs, as we all proceed to give it laldy singing TBB. I, and probably you yourself, could give other examples of the kind of oneness I'm talking about. And a Rangers forum is certainly not limited to, as you say, expressing what members feel needs changed at the club - it encompasses this, but it is and is capable of much more eg. opinions of posters that like some things at the club and don't want changes, a place to find mates, to reminisce, to exchange ideas on players and tactics etc etc... Rangersmedia can be a place to experience Rangers oneness and belonging but sadly it rarely is. More often than not it's quite the opposite and we are at each other's fucking throats usually over fuck all - take last week in the locked Pena thread as an example, we are constantly slagging the fuck out of each other - and that's got nothing to do with differences of opinion or banter. Compare, for example, the first time you went to Ibrox with your scarf and how you felt among fellow Bears with kind of welcome new members get on here or when the usual posses gang bang a poster. There's not much of that Rangers oneness on here and their could be.
  7. Considering two of Ryan's red cards were for non existent head butts, there is one irrefutable fact - never in the history of football 'journalism' has more preposterous stupidity ever been printed by a newspaper.
  8. Nothing wrong with banter, mate. It's more than that. Do you get close to the same experience in here among Bears that you do at a game?
  9. There are few experiences better than being at one belting it out in a stadium full of fellow Rangers supporters. It's the reason I have followed the team so long. I joined Rangersmedia expecting to get this same experience once in a while. You'll find some good mates on here, right enough, but for whatever reason the unique experience of oneness among Bears that you get at games or when you meet Bears on the street or in foreign countries - never happens.
  10. And then there's that really frustrating as fuck, Messi, who takes 65 strides to run 10m!
  11. lol You kidding, with this lot on here? They'll have their piss take pics up soon enough. And I get enough aggro from her for the amount of time I'm on RM. Let's just say, that for any doubters up there - I know there is indeed a God
  12. What you on about ya fuckin' walloper! Your mate - the kraut cunt, comes on here mouthing off, calling me a fearty and you back the prick up with your like. Then, like a wee fucking lassie, you've got the fucking cheek to say I'm the one picking fights! Then, like a fucking moron, you compound the aggressive insulting bullshit you and your mate started by saying I'm embarrassing grandkids - with the expectation of not getting pulled up for your shite! And the complete irony of your bullshit, is that my initial post stressed the importance of Rangers players individually and as a team to confront those who initiate challenges against them. Btw, I am in my late 60's, however, as yet, I don't have any grandchildren as you incorrectly assumed. I have 5 sons the youngest of which is 3 weeks old. And you can be assured that the first lesson I will teach the wee lad, like his brothers before him, is to never look for trouble but when wee shites, like yourself, challenge him then put them where you are now - in their fucking place.
  13. At first, mate, I made the assumption from your taste in poncy gear in your avatar that you are, embarrassingly, a standing member of the prawn sandwich brigade and thus quite incapable of comprehending the concept of manning up to challenges; however, it's abundantly clear, from erroneously equating the act of confronting challenges with loyalty, and the incomprehensible pish of your above post, that you are, in fact, just an uneducated plastic prawn sandwich wannabe plastered on Lanliq rather than one too many Barbadillo 'Versos 1891' sherries.
  14. While it's highly commendable that our support has continued to turn out in the numbers they have these last years, this has absolutely sweet fuck all to do with the topics of our conversation - 'respect' and our new habit of not confronting en masse supporters who challenge us, specifically hivs and motherwell supporters. And that the board and our players, like our support, have failed miserably to adequately confront those who challenge us. Historically we have confronted whatever challenge came before us - this is what we were built on. Clearly, we no longer do this and, as a consequence, find ourselves these last years in a place we have never been before - getting fucked left right and centre by everyone on the park and off.
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