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  1. Just in on SSN contract has been offered and walter is confident of keeping him hope he signs
  2. I cant imagine any way of you saying that out loud without sounding gay ha no reading that niether can i! o well A new player!
  3. first signing in over a year! tht sounds so strange :o
  4. rangers in league 2!!!!!!!! no thanks! in todays current finacial climate there would be no return for rangers 52 and nothing more if that was the case prem or nothing maybe championship with a backer
  5. seconded thirded ? lol but i dont like any addidas kits, id have nike preferably but i dont see the problem with umbro its not as bad as being made out we ve had worse in recent years 'diadora'
  6. thts a weak bench for me. novo benched! thts my bet down the drain
  7. celtic are 2/9 heavy favs but i bet against them . . . make myself a bit of cash
  8. £1 on each returns all 300+ boyd to score first 3-1 novo to score first 3-1 lafferty to score last 2-1 any one else got anything on ?
  9. i like this kit, dont understand what peoples problem is with umbro, better then adidas they make horrible kits
  10. tht is a horrible kit! prob one of the worst ive seen . . .ever!
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