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  1. Convincing 0-0 draw for this game..
  2. Just managed to bag myself a Rob Kiernan t-shirt.
  3. Not a big fan of Mckay but he brings a lot more to team than Holt, Waghorn or even Miller on wing.
  4. Holt couldn't get a game towards end of last season yet seems to be starting. Waghorn up front and Miller on wing is absolutely piss poor by manager.
  5. I look at our squad and still think our major problem will be lack of goals. looks like we will be relying on Morales and Pena a lot.
  6. He actually didn't, tbf. He said Sports direct would be our new sponsor.
  7. Wait till we get beat by St Johnstone tomorrow.
  8. I've not announced yet that i'm @Louden_Greg's RM spokesman now ffs.. I was waiting until all this signing and shirt shite was out the road..
  9. I'm currently on my annual vacation.. @Mr Soprano is in charge of my RM account.. Yeeoooowwww
  10. Boys getting strips with Miller 9 on the back of them.. NS
  11. Just wait till the marquee signing is announced..
  12. Dave King isn't the Rangers board, sooner some realise this the better.
  13. Absolutely brilliant news.. Fucking sick of seeing those tarrier bastards wi their green and grey taps everywhere..
  14. Missing home game against Luxembourg jobbers but hyped for home game against Cypriots and defo up for trip to Cyprus
  15. Sinkys or Tartan arms in Magaluf..
  16. That starting line up is bad aids. I could not give a fuck how many players are missing, Waghorn should be absolutely nowhere near our squad. The starting midfield is absolute muck.
  17. What an embarrassing result for TNS drawing with a team containing Kranjcar, Holt and Waghorn..
  18. He was played left wing, right wing, attacking midfielder, playmaker and defensive midfield at points during the season. He more than done what's best for the team unlike every other fucker who was selected.
  19. A pool party with Bertie Auld and Joe Miller.. Oh How the other half live..
  20. Waghorn and MOH scored against them. they must be dugshite.
  21. Fuck Steve Davis.
  22. Hertz are struggling to sell season tickets, they need to show that they're standing their ground to their fans. It's the business world ffs and for those saying just pay the million then that's not how it works.