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  1. Jamie Walker and Nacho Novo..
  2. Was a joy to watch. feel privileged to have seen him play for us..
  3. Tav and Candeias look like they'll work well. We do look better organised. Ultimately goals win matches and i dont see many, if any, players who'll score 15 goals and upwards a season.
  4. Lots of positives to take from that. Still need a left winger and crying out for a striker though..
  5. Thought for a minute this was about a new restaurant opened up the fort..
  6. 4-3-3 wi Miller and Candeias either side of Herrera??
  7. Disgusting, imo.
  8. Really confident that we'll see a much improved performance today. 3-0 Marseille.
  9. Not denying Alves and Dorrans are way better than anything we had. As for Pena and Herrera, i hope you aren't disappointed.
  10. We still have the same shite full-backs. Is Jack really any better than we had? absolutely zero creativity through squad and our 37 yr old striker will still be required to score our goals. Throw in squad disharmony, a clear lack of faith in manager from some and it's a recipe for disaster.
  11. We didn't bring in Barton, Kranjcar etc to finish third but that's exactly what happened.
  12. That's not what i said. My expectattion is that we'll be battling for third.
  13. A battle with Hibs and Hearts for third. Our problems last season were that we were too weak, no pace in team and team lacked goals. I look at squad and still see same problems.
  14. When/ If Pedro goes then i honestly think they'll go for Mcinnes.. Forget the new deal, he'll have a release price in contract..
  15. I must be a miserable cunt as well because i agree with your prediction.
  16. Some result for them
  17. I've reported him and urge every other member to do so as well. Together we can defeat terrorism..
  18. It's vile, imo.
  19. Hearing the squad played a game between them. finished 0-0.
  20. Always thought AC Milan Danny and @The Dude were the same person...
  21. Is that a picture of our starting line-up?
  22. No. Obvs Dorrans and Bruno stand out.
  23. Pretty sure certain players would've been impressed with the way he came in and banished the duds. Then they seen his signings at training. Then they lose faith in him.