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  1. Usually 4, mate. For Tynecastle just now it's only 2.
  2. Excellent goal. I'll be interested to see if he starts at Hampden as he was pathetic at Parkhead the last game.
  3. A clear sign that Sevco are heading for administration.
  4. Yip. Garner scored a hat trick.
  5. He played yesterday for the 'squad players' against the 'first 11'.
  6. Easy win for England at Hampden.
  7. Listen, mate, i'm as sophisticated as the next guy but when i go abroad it's just shorts and t-shirts in the case.
  8. Miller player of the year. Hill young player of year.
  9. Flip flops....
  10. I'm not taking shirts and ties ffs Shorts and t shirts all week.
  11. Correct my man.
  12. Somecunt charging about the Bellagio wi a shooter.. Better go tooled up troops..
  13. Sorted...
  14. Not a fucking chance i'm taking shirts, ties, shoes etc to Vegas.
  15. No Keith, your paper is rightly being ignored thanks to it's fake news. Throw in the fact he personally had a barney wi King and that's why you're beeling..
  16. King tried to pay on club card but the card got rejected as King put in wrong pin number. King blamed the Trainspotting film saying that all the clubs passwords have had to be changed since the film was released so Pedro had to pay for dinner.
  17. Hearing King fucked off and left Pedro to pay the bill. disgusting if true.
  18. Love big Waldo but he's a piss poor defender.
  19. Just seen him having dinner in Sarti's with Paul Murray, John Gilligan, Craig Houston and @eskbankloyal
  20. Surprised Xavi not in his team. Him and Iniesta two of the best midfielders i've seen..
  21. i'd accept any bid for him. Bang average player.