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  1. How low can a support go?

  2. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    If we dont win this, Murty and Jimmy Nicholl should be sacked..
  3. Halliday

    Not his biggest fan tbh but hardly a surprise that we’ve recalled him as we are short on players that Murty trusts.
  4. Halliday

    Does it make up for Dalcio leaving?
  5. Halliday

    U ok?
  6. Ross McCrorie

  7. celtic Vs Rangers - Video

    Gutted watching that again but you know what, seeing Candeias giving it to that cunt Tierney then Tav blootering the ball off Sinclair 45 yards from their goal to get a corner showed the difference in our team. If they play for the badge on the front, we’ll remember the name on the back ?
  8. Happy New Year Bears Everywhere

    Special shout out to the Vegas lads.. My bae @Mr Soprano the legend that is @Rfc52 Gentleman @Buggleskelly My old pal @Dunny_01 My partner in crime @Sket @CaptainofIndustry ??
  9. Happy New Year Bears Everywhere

    All the best troops.. Play up the Glasgow Rangers..
  10. McCrorie vs Forest

    Best part was him walking right through the Lego eater in second half.
  11. Tav

    Looking at it from Tavs point of view, probably his last chance to make decent money. It would then be up to the club to probably make him one of our highest earners.
  12. Murty vs Walter

    Wait until the posters on here find out that @K.A.I is Jonny Mcfarlane...?
  13. Brown.

    No hahahahahaha
  14. Wont see him again until the players do their Christmas visit to Yorkhill next year.
  15. Murty vs Walter

    Feeling the love on this thread for The Dude..
  16. Arthur Numan

    They say never meet your heroes but had the pleasure of his company in Vegas. An absolute diamond of a fella and one of my favourite ever players.
  17. El Buffalo

    It’s not a strength of his and i’m ok wi that. Imagine a Hateley wi Tavs crosses though.
  18. El Buffalo

    Yip but then the miss against Hamilton, the two against Hibs and then those today:
  19. El Buffalo

    Excellent player but absolutely awful at headering a ball.
  20. Has Murty already failed?

    Kranjcar was fucking awful but as a team, tactically, we were on point. Last season in 5-1 game their midfield had a fucking field day. We were, by far, the best team there today and no - one can say that’d be case if that wank Warburton was manager or that cunt Caixinha.
  21. Has Murty already failed?

    We got absolutely battered in 2-0 game last season in Semi final, it could’ve been 8. the week after we got fucked 5-1 and they ran all over us. Pedro was a clueless cunt, no revisionism can change that.
  22. Has Murty already failed?

    What about his tactical ability today? show Sinclair and Forrest inside and into a flood of bodies. Our game plan was superb today.
  23. Has Murty already failed?

    By a country mile, a better manager than Warburton or Pedro..
  24. Oh man, i couldn't sit down the 2nd half.

    Brent- an was out thought by Murty. His team were out - fought by a team missing a handful of regulars. disappointed with draw but every right to be proud.
  25. Bruno and Niko

    Get both to fuck asap.