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  1. How many points has he won us on his own? Our best player this season, closely followed by Tav yet they get more criticism than guys who barely contribute put together.
  2. Selling him would help us massively financially but to win 55 we desperately need him.


    That seems to be the common excuse.


    Guy is struggling and is now the scapegoat were as Candeias, Kent and others get away with producing next to fuck all in these games all season.
  5. Wake up call for some. If we dont spend serious money on some quality attacking players then we’ll continue to struggle against well organised teams.
  6. Hopefully the last i see of Candeias. Fucking woeful.
  7. Mind when folk said to sell Tav and replace him with Flanagan..
  8. Lafferty been told he’s free to leave hence why he was in One-up last Saturday Night.
  9. Difficult one who you leave out to accomodate him. Katic or Goldson.
  10. To play the way we did last week against them and for the games in Europe, then it’s vital to have a Morelos type player up there.
  11. Manchester was unbelievable. Never seen so many people in the one place.
  12. Sold the pitch as Administration just around the corner...
  13. Imagine supporting a team that had a sub like KDB. An incredible football player.
  14. Superb from club and well done to the Bristol for organising it 👍
  15. Good to see Dorrans back.. 1509 on Sunday - ffs hope it’s nothing serious with Dorrans.
  16. We just can’t seem to catch a break. Fuck the SFA.
  17. Hopefully Alfie plays. Will be a wee bit emotional at end if he says goodbye..
  18. Well done to Super Frank.. they’ll rest players in play-off final so that they’re fresh for the glamorous pre-season game against us imo
  19. Tommy Burns on Frank Cairney being arrested first time around. ”Frank has the support of everyone at celtic football club”
  20. Lost a lot of respect for him now that i know he drinks Coors.
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