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  1. Foderingham new contract

    Kerching.. Clever by club..
  2. Alan Archibald

    He's been at Thistle since he was a teen. His family are bluenoses though.
  3. Alan Archibald

    He's not.
  4. Pena

    Should be a midfield 3 of him Dorrans and Jack on Saturday..
  5. Alan Archibald

    Bit harsh that. It was the first one he'd won..
  6. Step up and play for Pedro

    He needs to get his tactics spot on. He needs his players to turn up.. As a team we need Tavernier and Cardoso to remember how to defend. Jack and Dorrans to stand up to the lego muncher. Absolutely no concerns about Morelos, that lad is fantastic.
  7. Why play 1 up front? It doesnt work.

    As you say, How many times do we concede a goal from the right tapped in at back post. Last night Tav and Morales linked up, slid the ball across 6 yard line and Windass is 22 yards from goal. And John down other side, numerous times he broke free yet no one to slide ball across to. So frustrating.
  8. Miller dropped / rested for Thistle

    Difficult one for Saturday, tbh. He's the man for Old firm games but his form has been poor and he knows that. There's been no fall outs with Caixinha or anyone else, it's not about Dorrans Alves or anyone else. The off the field stuff he's got on isn't helping either.
  9. Why play 1 up front? It doesnt work.

    One up front works if you have 2 wide players who'll get into box when attacking and at least one of the midfield 3 joining in as well. unfortunately one of our wide players is Windass.
  10. Candieas

    Been garbage the past two games. Had a 5 minute spell in ET where he scored and set up Herrera but was anonymous before that and his miss was syptematic of his performance. As for his set-pieces - mince.
  11. Mccrorie...

    Fair play to the lad, he was excellent.
  12. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Fod Cardoso, Alves, Wilson Tav,Dorrans,Jack,Pena,John Herrera,Morelos
  13. Cardoso is Kiernan with a suntan. Depending on injuries, go 3-5-2 on Saturday with DJ and Tav providing width and bin Windass and Candeias..
  14. Must've over celebrated Pena's goal.
  15. Windass

    Should be absolutely nowhere near our starting line up on Saturday.. Passenger.
  16. Must've over celebrated Pena's goal.
  17. The negative sub (Holt for Pena) led to us playing negatively by sitting back. Herrera should've been on to help Morelos because fucking Windass and Candeias weren't helping.
  18. The Two wide players have been fucking rotten. Cardoso being bodied to fuck by Sammon bodes well for Saturday..
  19. Are sections of the support right to blame Pedro?

    The downside to sacking him is i'm almost certain it'll be McInnes.. Unless Mark Allen pulls rank.
  20. Ryan Jack?

    Closed down Thistle player on Friday, stole ball, pass to Morelos who could take one touch and bang. the goals we are conceding are virtually the same as we've always done - crosses from left wing and headered in or man at back post to tap it in.
  21. Are sections of the support right to blame Pedro?

    We've all had our say on Pedro.. The next 6 games will make or break him..
  22. Neil McCann

    Fancy the massive bluenose( Scott Allan) in Dundee's ranks to smash a few Shettlestons tomorrow.
  23. Ref this Saturday

    Heard he likes their players pictures on instagram. disgrace, imo.
  24. That's Maryhill for you.....