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  1. Seen him training. i think hes eaten Jordan Rossiter.
  2. The only way Waggie will be playing in Europe is if him and his pals go to Magaluf on holiday and they buy a ball..
  3. Usually the player doing the presser is a starter at the weekend.. Jesus fucking wept.
  4. Oh great, another 90 mins of this spacker swanning about against us with all our team scared to go near him..
  5. They've also had a winter break this year and virtually all of them are that shite they dont play international football so get 3/4 days off every international break.
  6. Yeah said on here a few weeks back about apathy regarding lack of holiday time/ cancelling stag weekends and weddings. What i will say though, if the manager caves on this after changing his speech on Sunday,as our poor we lambs were nervous, then my concerns about Pedro will grow even more.
  7. So he should after that team selection.
  8. Got offered a deal last week that was embarrassing. Club must've improved offer since.
  9. That's our left wing sorted for next season, only another 10 players to get now.
  10. Send the link to Waghorn. Should be right up his street..
  11. I'll be surprised if we spend 5 million in total. Loans, cheap signings from Portugal and Mexico and mibbe a Dorrans type on big wages.
  12. Zones dont score goals.. Players do though. An absolute shambles of a tactic.
  13. If we give these cunts a guard of honour then whoever makes that decision should be hounded out.
  14. Laughing and joking with Rodgers. Get that too absolute fuck.
  15. Team selection was terrible today. our best striker at left midfield and our best midfielder at right midfield..
  16. Got hurt in training mate.
  17. Always cheated, never defeated.
  18. Emo might be missing
  19. The acid test is Sunday. Anytime he's faced Sinclair at full-back he's been fucking roasted.
  20. I can't wait until we have a Sevco legends chasing the blue pound and these Rangers legends can do one..
  21. Next weeks video of us beating the tarriers to be accompanied by number 1 platoon
  22. From the high of this day to the shambolic performance in the final..