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  1. Should rename the Copland Rd stand after him, imo
  2. Fantastic content from Gerard here.
  3. They’re a couple of bad results away from renaming their dug and changing their first borns name by deed poll imo.
  4. Predicting some seriously good content tonight and expecting some conspiracies regarding the referee.
  5. Itten was patched yesterday for a 38 yr old Defoe so hardly going to be selected for two vital games.
  6. I think Psychologically for us fans too. Good vibe at the minute but if we were to go there and struggle to a draw or a loss then questions rightly would be asked.
  7. He’ll be playing on Thursday and Sunday. Roofe looked rusty yesterday and Otten and Defoe shouldn’t be options for these two games.
  8. You could argue that the wheels have came off in previous two seasons after visits and defeats at Rugby park.
  9. Not even our biggest game of the week tbh. Sunday is massive. The normal team, get a win with no injuries.
  10. Wont be renewing as enjoying sitting on the couch watching game on my Firestick.
  11. It was a fantastic goal but nowhere near as good as Roofes.
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