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  1. I’m in Magaluf and just got my Picture took with Alfie on the strip on his way to Tokyo Joes. will be back training 3 weeks yesterday.
  2. Said it before, Davis, at European level, is a weak link.
  3. A one goal win, no away goal conceded and then hope we can sneak one over there in Bernabeu.
  4. Kamara dropped incase Madrid launch a £50 million pound bid after game. Clever.
  5. Clive hinted yesterday that Barker, Aribo and Roofe all had Covid.
  6. Marvin in midfield. Happy as Larry, couldn’t be happier.
  7. That’s me just arrived at stadium for my allocated entry time. Quite quiet so far tbh.
  8. If you don’t agree with players taking Knee then either stay down in concourse or keep quiet for the 8 seconds or whatever it is. Booing players is fucking embarrassing.
  9. Yup, Almost man for man. Attacking left back 6 and 8 dictating game with Charlie Lindsay playing as a left sided CAM. Front 3, one either side of main striker.
  10. Looking ok, the worry is we look toothless up front. Itten or Defoe for Malmo games is a concern.
  11. Poor tackle from him on Balogun but Bissouma is an absolute rolls royce of a player.
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