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  1. Password definitely was - Bits N Pieces, imo.
  2. Two absolute masterclasses from Kante against Man U and again tonight. Incredible footballer.
  3. Jesus fucking Christ Even Andy Walker thought it was a penalty.
  4. We were terrible first half last night in first half and only two with pass marks were Goldson and Kamara. Second half driving on looking for a goal and Aribo did his usual - went hiding.
  5. Walked out of Tynecastle and Ibrox a year back thinking that Gerrard was done 12/13/14 in a row was a formality. The management have improved unbelievably and the team are far more resillient. Guys like Roofe signing has helped but, all in all, it’s mostly the same guys who were here last season who have driven us to success.
  6. Winners against 4th placed Aberdeen. Winner against 3rd placed Hibs. Winner against 5th placed Livingston. That’s what big players do.
  7. Yes he took his goal well but Another average performance from him. The Antwerp game at home Scott Wright done more in ten minutes than he did the whole game. Wright and to an extent Hagi must be wondering how they aren’t starting ahead of him, especially in away games, particularly in SPl where his contribution is basically zero.
  8. Kemar Roofe pulls out of Jamaica world cup squad in 2022 injured.
  9. No. excellent against Ross County and Dundee United since New Year, the rest of games - piss poor. He can’t play in midfield 3 as a liability and folk crying out for him to play right of front three - Last season Numerous times, Antwerp away and last night prove that he can’t play there either.
  10. Scott Wright and Hagi in for Arfield and Aribo. 2-0 win. I’ll say it again, Joe Aribo must be fucking magic in training because that’s now 3 positions he’s played in last month and i still have no idea what he’s supposed to bring to team.
  11. Kamara is more deserving of POTY shouts than Mcgregor. Mcgregor has been outstanding since new Year but Kamara has not only done it in SPL but he’s been our best player in Europe by a mile also. A 50k signing running games against opposition like Galatassaray, Poznan, Antwerp and especially the two games against Benfica.
  12. I defo think the players and management get it. I don’t think they’ll appreciate the magnitude until the celebrations start.
  13. Absolutely brilliant that they recognised the fans outside. 💙
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