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  1. The cure to all of our ills.. Joe Rothwell who has scored a sensational 8 goals in 122 games for Blackburn. That’s if we can fight off Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool and City.
  2. Yup. Make no mistake, if we don’t win league then Gerrard and co will be off and there will be a fire sale of players with a fraction going towards new players. Other worry is that Ross Wilson will almost be in charge of it all.
  3. Kamara and Morelos are my two favourite players but theirs, and Goldsons, Heads look turned. Davis looks burnt out, Arfield looks done. The constant chopping and changing of the keepers. All major factors in this season so far.
  4. Simpson, Ofoborh, Bacuna, Sakala. 4 signings from January onwards on a par with those guys.
  5. Still have Ofoborh and Juninho to come in to the midfield and when Simpson and Sakala find their feet we’ll be even better.
  6. Correct. Probably now getting the results that most of our performances have deserved this season.
  7. For the first time this season i’m wavering. A leaky defence, a midfield lacking balance and options and relying on two guys who are nowhere near their best to score our goals.
  8. 8 out of our last 9 goals have either been from a cross or set piece.
  9. The crux of the matter. Why, in this day of age of stats do we continually sign players who aren’t 10’s and have a piss poor goals/assist record at previous clubs. I said it when we signed Juninho, his record for a supposed creator was horrendous.
  10. Finishing that game tonight with Bassey, Sakala, a finished Arfield and Scott Wright on pitch sums up exactly what is wrong.
  11. It’s an absolute embarrassment to play like that. Not only that, but look at our subs and tactics against Hearts and St Mirren when winning. I’d love to know if this is Gerrard or Beale.
  12. We’re basically relying on those two to score the goals. Dropping one of them would be madness.
  13. Agree again but the definition of insanity etc. we are absolutely crying out for a centre half, a playmaker and a quality Attacking midfielder.
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