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  1. Rangers released the first season review video at the end of 1986-87 titled "That Championship Season" I am putting together videos for each season from 1980 onwards where there was no official release, so 1980-81, 81-82, 82-83, 84-85, 85-85, 87-88 and 97-98. The first of these, from 1985-86, is available here It contains not only all the televised match footage from that year, but also TV News report from the AGM, Marlborough taking over, Jock Wallace departure and the unveiling of Souness. Hope you enjoy, even though the season was not great!!
  2. i would suggest a wank is someone who, despite never having heard of a person, sees fit to tar them with the same brush as others.
  3. thanks for the advice but think I will pass.
  4. i had 90 requests to join, takes a little time to get through them, hope you find it was worth the wait, and glad to have you on board
  5. Would just like to invite any Rangers supporters who are on Facebook to join my group, The Rangers Archives. On this we show videos of archive matches, many of which are exclusive to the group, post historical articles as well as a fantastic archive of pictures. Currently there are over 57,300 members, and everyone is vetted to ensure supporters of other clubs are not able to join. As an example, today there have been videos showing a) The 2009 Loving Cup ceremony, b) Jean-Claude D’archeville’s goals for Rangers, c) Compilation of long range specials v celtic, d) Mo Edu’s last minute strike in Lisbon in 2011 and e) a historical article of Rangers v Rapid Vienna played on this date in 1964. Here is the link to join The Rangers Archives Look forward to seeing you there SM.
  6. I am a nice guy, honest :-) I do have the full Sky Review of 1996/97, 70 mins in length. if the OP wants to get in touch I am sure I can help.
  7. it was indeed Bud who supplied the long ball from which DJ headed the late equaliser in 1971 SCF, Cutty provided the long ball from which Alfie Conn scored at the start of the second half in the 1973 final.
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