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  1. & the fact he looks like the thumb makes it even funnier for me !!
  2. Absolutely spot on, brought back great memories of my school days the morning after a big game, EVERYONE will be talking about that goal. Tremendous stuff
  3. Zungu forever, Jack in the river Jack came up and won the Scottish Cup
  4. or got booked/sent off for hitting a tarrier, diving in the box, missing a sitter, injuring himself trying to tackle some cunt and so on......
  5. Seriously ? No mention of a lazy Hagi from me tbh For what it’s worth I’m a Hagi fan & think we’ve got a fab prospect in him. But. We dominated & won the game. The team selection & game plan was spot on as was the performance of the players entrusted to carry it out.
  6. Hagi has his own skill set & uses as does Barker. Theres no way Hagi could have delivered the performance Barker gave us on Saturday.
  7. Think he ‘trusts’ Barker more than Jones, as do I. Barker carries out his remit with little fuss & low risk of losing his concentration, Jones doesn’t.
  8. Yep it’s inevitable right enough, however credit to the club for managing a challenging situation so far.
  9. Same here, can’t go the guy at all. Enjoyed listening to the analysis on Sportcene where they had a right go at him.
  10. Not one single one of the runts. That ajer pwick has taken over from lustig as my absolute hate figure.
  11. Amokachi


    Which led to a corner for us which led to Goldsons second. For that alone he warranted his starting position.
  12. Anyone who watched his recent performances for Finland will have seen he is a high quality player. Bringing that level to Rangers is great to watch.
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