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  1. Amokachi

    Ryan Kent

    I’m might be wrong but I seem to remember his best spell of form was right at the time when the Leeds speculation was strongest. Regardless, he’ll be back contributing positively on Saturday I’m sure.
  2. Exactly mate, both are integral to the managers plans and fit his player profile to a tee.
  3. He’s there to get Davis off the park and rested as soon as the job is done or in worst case scenario Davis gets injured/suspended.
  4. Think Zungu is more likely to come on when games are tied up (as he has done) than games we’re looking to score a goal or two.
  5. Amokachi

    Ryan Kent

    Agreed, however a consistent winger is and always has been and probably always will be a rarity. Thinking back to some of the absolute howlers our very own Super Cooper had provides some kind of perspective for me.
  6. Amokachi

    Ryan Kent

    Ideally yeah, but again it comes back to trust.
  7. Amokachi

    Ryan Kent

    Don’t think that’s how it works tbf. If he joins he’ll have to earn the managers trust, something Gerrard has in spades for Kent.
  8. Amokachi

    Ryan Kent

    He’s having ‘one of those games’ practically every game just now. Due to his off the ball work and the fact he is a top player he starts all the time. Tbf to him he didn’t set his 7m fee and for what it’s worth I reckon he’ll turn his form around to finish this season off in style.
  9. Was it after that Tynecastle defeat he said something like ‘I need to reflect on where I am’ ? I wanted him to move on & thought he would at that point but thank fek he didn’t !
  10. Good read, reassuringly modest & grounded at the end re the noise. He’s obviously got an unbelievable range of football contacts at the very top to turn to for advice etc , I often wonder who he relies on most. Also good to know we have a Player Liaison Executive, sounds like a slight step up from Stevie in IT !
  11. Recently not too bad, previous he’s enjoyed booting the boot in to us in his own wee snidey way.
  12. ‘Confess’ being the operative word.
  13. Free advertising tbf. Wee Kev, our wee entrepreneur.
  14. This pwick sounds like a Two Bob Laurie wannabeee.
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