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  1. Watched the highlights & had a look at the match gallery & has to be said Defoe is in tremendous shape. Not that he never was but he looks in perfect condition physically & mentally to contribute this season. A fabulous pro to have around the club.
  2. Remember watching it as much for the song song as the footy.
  3. Durrant - Jasper iirc. Davie Weir - Horse.
  4. Didn’t know he had a pub, was it in Helensburgh ?
  5. & the fact he looks like the thumb makes it even funnier for me !!
  6. Absolutely spot on, brought back great memories of my school days the morning after a big game, EVERYONE will be talking about that goal. Tremendous stuff
  7. Zungu forever, Jack in the river Jack came up and won the Scottish Cup
  8. or got booked/sent off for hitting a tarrier, diving in the box, missing a sitter, injuring himself trying to tackle some cunt and so on......
  9. Seriously ? No mention of a lazy Hagi from me tbh For what it’s worth I’m a Hagi fan & think we’ve got a fab prospect in him. But. We dominated & won the game. The team selection & game plan was spot on as was the performance of the players entrusted to carry it out.
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