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  1. A good competent showing with at least a draw, more importantly, no racist pish, injuries or covid issues.
  2. That’ll go down well with the masses lol
  3. Our old friend Peterogo Liewell.
  4. Cream always rises to the top.
  5. Yep they fkd it going anywhere near him in the first place then dug themselves in deeper trying to defend him. Decent Dundee fans must be completely scunnered with it all.
  6. Zimbabwean Dollars knowing our luck.
  7. With his track record you’d like to think Dundee will have had a ‘if you bring the club into disrepute’ clause in his contract in capital letters !
  8. Over at Ibrox, Ticket Office open & only a trickle of Bears in atm, also Castore setting up a wee outdoor tent/stall round from the subway.
  9. Let’s be honest, pretty inappropriate thing to be posting.
  10. Imagine in the squads WhatsApp there’ll be a few “that’s where we stay”.
  11. Agree and he’s also a great asset in attacking/defending both boxes at set pieces.
  12. Aye she’s nice too, got a real duuuurty voice to top it off.
  13. Overthinking things mate.
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