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  1. Tbf if you were a new manager with little to no knowledge of that mob, then were given a breakdown/dossier of all the players you’d want that fanny off the premises asap.
  2. Hope so. I’m just glad we’ve finally worked out a way to overcome teams like St Jonhnstone Livi etc More of the same next season with extra quality in the team/squad and we should do just fine.
  3. Lol, sounds like you’ve got yourself a collectors item.
  4. Think in News terms their ‘Bad News’ would be described as a ‘fluid situation’ !
  5. Big Skippy Moore saying Ange will be at cellic in days, not weeks & bracketing him with Pep Tuchel & Koop. Glorious stuff.
  6. Tbh to them they went in big on Rodgers. Buyng him in, his wages & budget.
  7. Seems like the kind of guy who you want in & around your club/team, he’s got something about him. Hope he kicks on & returns to us in one way or another.
  8. Damage (reputational) Limitation I think that’s called. More so him than them obviously !
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