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  1. That pic is confusing me slightly as the westbound side was resurfaced a few months ago after they had it all dug out & closed for pipes etc & it looked fine. Was annoyed at the time they didn’t just resurface both sides. Now seeing that it seems as if it’s back to a fkn shambles.
  2. Ideally a nice performance & sound win which would set the tone nicely for them next week. Completely different type of test/pressure on the team now in this sort of game. Interesting to see how we perform.
  3. Think that’s what’s called ‘got them just where we want them’. Enjoyable stuff.
  4. Hopefully that’s what will happen. But you can’t really say for sure that is what’s gonna happen. I get that it’s in the calendar etc etc but I’d have to say I think that’s all being well, really really well !
  5. Tbf it’s not been confirmed what format TRNSMT will take this year, if it goes ahead at all that is.
  6. That’s the opinion I’ve formed of him since he left us.
  7. Nah, he was the Davie McPherson of that era. Fuk comparing him to that arsehole.
  8. Great continuity for us with these guys signing extensions & hopefully some strong additions should put us in a good place. See out the season with hopefully a cup win at Hampden, some r &r then a strong pre-season & reset for another drive towards the title.
  9. Can’t go the cunt but looking forward to hearing Aamer Anwars’ response !
  10. Looks like a good fit for us. Great addition to the squad at low cost. Potential ripping out of him.
  11. Between coaching, becoming more settled/familiar with the club and improving physically I think we’ve got a lot to look forward to with Wright.
  12. I’m quietly confident we’ll go through however I’d be even more so if it was at their shithole tbh.
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