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  1. Aye fucked it mate. I was tempted with same team as Saturday as thought 1st half was the best we played. Without Kamara, would think it will be Davis in with Lundstram which gives a bit of fear from earlier in the season but hopefully with JL upturn in form won’t be an issue. Tbh fuck knows now, just win Rangers 🇬🇧
  2. McGregor Tav Goldson Balogun Barisic Lundstram Kamara Hagi Arfield Wright Morelos Win, no injuries, clean sheet.
  3. I advised a mate in work to follow the Seahawks even though I am a Cowboys fan as Russ is entertaining, watched one game and Russ fucked his throwing hand 😂😂 I would go Chargers as Herbert is awesome. Regarding Madden save yourself 50 quid and play Madden Mobile on your phone, totally addictive.
  4. The usual moon howlers are out on Twitter with their faux outrage. Who would have thought the Beach Boys were racist and bigots??? Fucking crackpots.
  5. Thought Jack Ross was better than playing the victim card, didn’t hear him condemn in house punditry regarding Morelos. Fuck him and Porteous.
  6. Keep trying, my mate just got his but website was timing out a lot when trying to pay.
  7. Ticket sorted through MyGers, so need to go to game rather than watching it in the strippers 😁
  8. I would order it anyway for what it stands for but think it’s a belter of a top. Video release was excellent as well.
  9. Trey Lance starting against Cardinals will be interesting to see if it significantly changes the 49ers Offense from Jimmy G
  10. Week 5 🏈🇺🇸🇬🇧International week, hope everyone at the game today enjoys it. Games to look out for Packers v Bengals, Eagles v Panthers, Giants v Cowboys but Browns v Chargers and Chiefs v Bills will have a major impact on the AFC rankings.
  11. I did it for the Motherwell game. Email the TO if you have enough time and they will contact you after a couple of days, alternatively if you stay local head over to the TO for it opening, generally 10am and you will be sorted out quickly.
  12. Life would be boring without the crazy fuckers
  13. Every time I see one of these type of tweets I think this can’t be worse than…but yes they somehow manage to “outfuckwit” one another.
  14. Great win for Dallas today, but sloppy at the end but destroyed the Panthers D. Should be a good game next week against NYG.
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