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  1. Aye that would fuck us right up, forgot he was suspended
  2. Will be interesting to see how we approach the game with away goals rule change. McGregor Tav Goldson Helander Borna Lundstram Davis Arfield Wright Sakala Kent Happy with a win of any sorts but a clean sheet would be great to keep the momentum going into the weekend.
  3. Don’t think he was under rated as he was used a lot in different systems and scenarios, fell into a super sub almost. Scored some vitally important goals and most of the memories of him are fond ones. Great value for money signing at a time when we were considerably down sizing, worked his socks off and was a credit to the jersey.
  4. Yeah was class, gold or fuck all.
  5. Don’t agree with it tbh, bit of a cop out. The GB girl in the BMX was amazing.
  6. Don’t understand it either. I leave at 85 minutes to get the car and drive back up to the subway to pick up my old man as he is 74 and knees are fucked. If people want to leave at HT, 60 minutes whatever that’s their prerogative as they have paid for their ticket. Now if you want to discuss cunts that arrive 5 minutes after KO…
  7. Managed to get tickets from a friend unavailable to go, buzzing for the game. Massive game to set the tone for the season, hopefully continue in the relentless way we went about last season. Win, clean sheet, no injuries. 🇬🇧
  8. No email, shit happens, most important thing is that crowds are back and increasing towards full house soon.
  9. Sad news, thoughts with his family and friends at this difficult time 💙
  10. Yeah she did really well but that head kick and then penalty did for her at the end.
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