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  1. That’s a worry with the guy who played against us.
  2. ayro


    Love his enthusiasm, was great tonight going forward but thought he looked a bit lost with the diagonal over his head. Bit of experience he will be fine.
  3. He is 1 or 2 bad results away from full meltdown. The Sheep in the tainted SC semi could be a major one 🤞
  4. Hate to admit it but Christie would be ideal in our RW / RF position. That said, fuck the taig cunts.
  5. Tav for me as well, think if we had seen more of Patterson maybe the view would slide to Goldson.
  6. McLaughlin Tav Goldson Helander Borna Jack Davis Aribo Hagi Itten Kent
  7. Thought this was a thread about that bell end Duffy 🤣🤣
  8. ayro

    Glen Kamara

    Tbh mate at 24 hope he is the last out the current midfield to move on
  9. ayro


    It suits us that he is blaming Covid, lack of players, Trump, the moon being too low as most of their pond life will bow n scrape to his pish. We need to push on, Rangers Archives today can’t remember what season but it was our 12th win on the spin, we put a run like that together 55 is on its way mate 🇬🇧💙
  10. It’s fucking tragic to a crazy level but in some way hope our lads seen it for how tragic it is and how much we consume their tiny minds 🤣
  11. ayro


    Don’t really see the point where n goading fellow bears bit each to their own
  12. ayro


    Ha ha wait to you have unfortunately see TLB interview 🤢 The excuses are out which is great as they still think we are on similar levels
  13. ayro

    Glen Kamara

    Brilliant today, lives for these games
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