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  1. Outstanding statement from the Rangers board, probably the best I have ever seen! It's almost as if the board asked D’Artagnan to write this statement, venting the pent-up frustrations us supporters feel after years of ‘dignified silence’. Whoever did write it, take a bow! Now that this longstanding boil has been lanced we must keep pressing our case. We cannot go back from this new line in the sand. It appears that there is almost universal support for this stance within the Rangers community so let’s galvanise this feeling and push forward against our detractors. Names have been mentioned, with good reason, and they must now be forced to fall on their sword. For any of the hard-of-thinking, Rangers hating brigade lurking here, consider this; are you really trying to compare fans singing a song containing a so-called ‘offensive word’ against the actual physical assault of football players on a pitch? Really - just take a step back and think about that again and see how twisted your thought process has become, Spiers, English, et al.
  2. Superb game and excellent performances from all the boys in blue. For me, Black and Wallace were outstanding and really dictated the play for 3/4 quarters of the game. Well worth missing a night's sleep to watch that!
  3. Done and sent to all the Bears and sensible thinking people on my Facebook contact list.
  4. Radio Scotland talking about Fraser Forster being man of the match! Aye, right ye are!!!
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