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  1. STV now saying he has returned south with talks to continue throughout the week.
  2. Maybe he thinks as well as doing a job on the pitch he will be a leader for a young side. He did say that adding value didn't just mean money but what they bring to the squad on and of the park.
  3. Is this confirmed by anyone? If so are we expecting an unveiling tomorrow?
  4. Yeah i'm sure the deal is pretty much done if he's coming up for a tour. I meant he spoke to the sun about him though which is pretty telling as well. You don't see any quotes from him in this because the Sun charges a subscription but i'm sure they're probably there. 2 Davie Weirs I've got one in the dugout.. Eustace can be one on the pitch By DEREK McGREGORpublishedin 7 hoursShareFACEBOOKTWITTERGOOGLE+More...PINTERESTEMAILMARK WARBURTON is convinced signing midfield warhorse John Eustace will ensure there’s TWO Davie Weirs at Rangers. The Light Blues boss last night spoke for the first time about his shock move to bring in the freed Derby County veteran who, at 35, is also currently going through rehab following knee surgery.
  5. Apparently the gaffer has actually spoke about Eustace in tomorrows sun.
  6. It's always good to hear other peoples opinions on footballers from different leagues around the world. Especially if they have seen them play as a fan of that club or even just as a football fan in general. The person i want to hear from though is someone who has never seen this player play or even seen a match the club they claim to support wasn't involved in. Then we can really get down to the nitty gritty of this signing.
  7. For someone who prides themselves on detail they did a poor job in not spotting the glaring parody in big capital letters.
  8. You usually are. A 100% record if i'm not mistaken.
  9. Carl Wasylyszyn ‏@vassell87 May 27 Ashbourne, England John Eustace. 36 starts, 22 wins, 10 draws, only 4 losses. Need I say more. A season don't rely on one player, but they are huge stats. 8 retweets 8 favourites
  10. Jack.O ‏@TheJackOrton96 13 hrs13 hours ago Got yourself a top signing #rangers in John Eustace. Him being out injured was a very big reason behind Derby's slump last season. 16 retweets 15 favourites
  11. Matt Sutherland ‏@mattsuths 13 hrs13 hours ago Rangers fans would be stupid to underestimate how good a signing John Eustace is for them. Excellent for us and his injury cost us last year 71 retweets 34 favourites
  12. Remember this. Guess who was awarded the goal.
  13. This guys an enigma. Still can't find anyone that's seen him play. Sadly i know i've seen him play for Watford i just don't remember him.
  14. What's he like is he a good passer or just someone who breaks up the play and goes for the simple pass?
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