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  1. Prefer stick on. Not a massive fan of joggers nip.
  2. Brilliant. Wish I could buy one.
  3. 1. Thought you'd left. 2. You're a grippy miserable cunt.
  4. @Terry Hurlock Loyal could you answer the point @Rfc52 makes please.
  5. He's a fucking idiot. Getting involved in stuff you learn to avoid playing school football.
  6. We are a better team with 11 players on the pitch.
  7. You're not getting what I'm meaning and I can't be arsed trying to explain it further.
  8. Too good for this league and he wants to move. As long as the money is right, everyone's a winner.
  9. In short all of them. I want a better goal keeper than McGregor, and for him to be back up. I want a better right back than tav and for him to become the back up. Don't expect it to happen in one go and I don't have a preference in what order it happens. Just hope the next transfer window is on improving the first team.
  10. That was a hard read. Morelos won't be hear after the transfer window closes.
  11. We need to bring in 1st team players, so the current ones can be squad players.
  12. Glad we are still in the cup, we were dreadful yesterday. I would have brought Halliday on for Barasic. McCrorie on for Jack and Defoe on for Morellos. Surprised SG didn't make any subs.
  13. I'm terrible for that. Never notice opposition players being good, blame our players. I'd be a shite scout.
  14. I thought he was very poor yesterday. Always seems to be on there wrong side of the opposing player. Would play Halliday over him.
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