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  1. Everybody is getting hysterical - calm doon ffs. Ok, let me go through a couple of if's because, as usual, no one really knows. IF Rangers won't rid of Barton then it doesn't have to come to a pay off scenario. He comes back in three weeks and trains with the kids. Barton then has a choice - see out the remaining 21months of his contract like this but he will be 36 by then and hasn't played any meaningful football in that time so it's literally career over. Rangers spread the payment - better for them although not ideal either but no pay off. Or he finds another club, agrees to rip
  2. He's been in and out the team so that's a bit unfair. Waggy might have got mom tonight and that's OK but halliday was a real driving force tonight and my mom.
  3. Something that always stuck with me about Barton was when he joined and he was doing his presser at Auchenhowie, his son, cassius, wandered onto the plinth and at first he seemed to 'lose it' then he remembered where he was and straightened himself out. That always stayed with me - seemed to hint he had a hair trigger temperament. It doesn't sound much but if any of you watched it or can watch you'll know what I'm talking about.
  4. Yes, you're right mate. I would like to think Warburton has final say on all signings. Was Barton not sounded out by mcparland? That would suggest MW sanctioned it. That and Krancjar hopefully provides warbs with a stark learning curve.
  5. There's a financial theory in all this- and admittedly I'm speculating. He's not set the heather on fire with his performances and probably in training too and this has all flared up and the club has grasped an opportunity to get rid of a lucrative contract. The end game being barton's agent lines up another club and they agree to terminate his contract and go separate ways.
  6. Frankly mate I don't know who is right or wrong - I and you and everyone else on here doesn't really know what went on. However, here are some deductions you can use to at least come to some kind of conclusion what previous does halliday have? What previous does Barton have? Has halliday tweeted anything or approachedtv/radio? Warburton put halliday back into the starting 11 in Barton's absence, what does that and the above tell you? Barton's been suspended for a further 3 weeks - why? Theres a common denominator here and no buts about it!
  7. So many opinions when the FULL FACTS aren't there ??? what I can say is that when they reviewed that game last week I'm glad it got very heated - it fuckin should have IF anyone stepped over the line then they have to have their wings clipped. Ome things for sure - these review meetings are fundamental but there has to be a code of conduct. I think both Barton and MW will have learned something from this.
  8. I'd back up that story - see page 1 of this thread and what I was told late this morning
  9. Well I did say in my earlier post I heard he and halliday squared up and Barton threw a couple of punches
  10. My sauce ??? might work in and around Auchenhowie but is definitely in this country Puff Puff ketchup
  11. I got told this late this morning but not that anyone had been suspended or anything
  12. Nice try mate - all I'll say is not a player
  13. OK, I'll put my oar in because I have a source (very reliable) - I didn't want to put it in earlier because loads of theories and abuse were flying about. OK, tin hat on - Team had a video analysis meeting on Monday then Tuesday as well re last Saturday. Monday got heated but stayed controlled with Barton being very vocal. It was decided to allow 24hrs of reflection and further analysis on tuesday. This time Barton really went to town and ripped into almost everyone, especially Lee Wallace. Halliday butted in by saying we beat they bastards 5 months ago when you weren't here and
  14. I'm more concerned what you called our training ground!
  15. On current form we go in as firm underdogs. There is a loss of pace and mobility in midfield which is worrying me more than anything. I can see them allowing us to play from the back then blitzing us at the halfway line and running at our back four. That said I'm intrigued to see how we match up to a team who don't put their whole team behind the ball.
  16. Just read a few posts above that every cross hit a Motherwell player. No wonder! They had all their 11 players in the last third for practically all the match. We have good players now - every team in this league knows that and defends against us accordingly. If we don't fall a goal behind like our last two home games then someone's gonna get a doing. I'm looking forward to the Sellick match. They're at home and have to come out to play. I think that will fall right into our hands.
  17. Can't wait for Saturday ️??️?? It's been a long time coming. Not been to any games over the last couple of weeks as I was on holiday but Saturday can't come quick enough. All my mates are banging on about Rossiter - think he could be the key player for us this season. Can he protect that defence? I hope so.
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