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  1. Wee clip from after the OF.
  2. Yeah he's from good stock for sure. Boy has came on loads the last 2 years.
  3. Loads of folk have bought a load of stuff going to be incredible👀
  4. I was always a one game at a time person but no longer that the night.
  5. Try and keep all my ticket stubs but they are all over the house got a load in a old shoe boxes. Think I lost my Spartak away one which is annoying need to have a good look for it.
  6. That and winning the group and being seeded last 32.
  7. Anyone know a member of Drumpellier and know how much it is a year roughly?
  8. The story with Walter telling him to go down to the dugout because Jim Stewart couldn’t hear the phone was excellent.
  9. £111 is pretty expensive but not awful the fact they are going to email us today telling us it’s coming out tomorrow is disgusting. Am ok as it’s only me but folk having to tell their kids who go to every home game that they can’t go to home European games is horrible from the club. Why can’t they set it as 3 different payments over 3 months as one of our home games isn’t till December. Club or ticket office don’t give a fuck about fans.
  10. Did Hutton no break his leg in a stupid tackle on the half way line ?
  11. 7 teams had done it in the history of the competition when we done it last season. No sure how many teams have done it twice in a row from the first round.
  12. Noticed at the game Michael Beale told him just to stay where he was
  13. About 20 players pushing each other and Alfredo was on the half way line 🤷‍♂️
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