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  1. Aye your a natural, what you playing off mate also any idea of your swingspeed? I was playing a par 3 in the medal on Saturday and it measured 162 on my rangefinder and I hit a 6 iron and it was 15ft from the pin, pin high that's where it finished it wasnt down wind or anything.
  2. He did say he wanted the smash with a 5 iron at about 140 I had a couple 141 and that one there 139. Need to work out how to get more swing speed am not exactly fat or strong never been to the gym in my life.
  3. Nah if you zoom in you can see I duffed a few felt weird what he was getting me to do but I need to stick at it, my ball striking wasnt that good but he said we will work on that next time I tend to take a lot clean. I know new clubs aren't a cert to go further but I think the would in my case as I basically got told 6 months after I got my clubs they werent the right shafts. Will be looking at new clubs next year.
  4. No that was just that shot mate, think I need the gym.
  5. Aye but that was a big improvement to what a was doing originally he had me a total different feel to anything I have had before. Think I need to get in the gym tbh.
  6. I was hitting a 5 iron that's just the way the trackman was when I went in would be buzzing if that was a 7 iron but can say for sure I was hitting a 5 iron.
  7. Prepared to get roasted here but this is my numbers with a 5 iron at the end of the lesson with a totally different feel. This is how severe the change was my club path was 13 in to out at the start of the lesson. Really enjoyed it.
  8. Willem fans let off fireworks at our hotel at 3am this morning.
  9. Booked a lesson last week for this coming Thursday and got cut yesterday for the first time in over a year, looking forward to the lesson.
  10. Kent at 2-1 as well was a decent save but was no where near the corner.
  11. Booked in for a lesson a week on Thursday first lesson in years.
  12. Never but was at a wedding at Turnberry a couple of years back and walked through it the next day for a look, looked cracking they were doing up the other course at the time.
  13. So my course only a couple years ago had money troubles and there was talk of it potentially shutting down not sure how close it was the pro decided to take it on himself basically and it got announced yesterday that we only had 1 space before it was a waiting list for new members what a job the pro has done to turn it round never thought we would be anywhere near a waiting list ever again.
  14. Fully booked according to the match sec.
  15. Cheers mate sent a wee email.
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