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  1. Go to add a friend add him file complain then cancel friends request
  2. I saw Goram at my local golf course a few weeks ago
  3. The english games are getting annouced the same day as scottish league seen it on ssn.
  4. I think it only works if u have a jtag xbox but people say they can do it but they are only taking ur players off u dont fall into the trap.
  5. Is that up at fir park ? Looks a sore one
  6. cheers for that a always thought it was at the start or the season
  7. I know u have to apply at the start of the season but where to u get the application to apply for tickets for the final? any help would be great cheers
  8. I tried to buy two yesterday for my Son and Grandson still had to be put on waiting list I think u need to wait till all the renewls are in from bond holders ect.If u try next week or week after im sure ull get 1
  9. celtic Dundee United Kilmarnock East Fife East Stirlingshire Nice One if u didnt google it
  10. Name the 5 Scottish teams who start with the same letter that they end with?
  11. Who is the only player to score in a Manchester, Merseyside and Glasgow derby?
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