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  1. Hopefully it takes off and you would think this will get discussions over safe standing and forcing the club to push on with it.
  2. You need to tell them if you have recently had it?
  3. Anyone know a member of Drumpellier sure someone said they did before, any way played it the other day and done a general play round on the app at the 15th it said it was a par 4 but on the card it said par 5 from both the yellows and the whites. Anyone know if its a par 4 or 5?
  4. Met @Bronzy with a couple of tickets for today so he could sit with his dad and he gave me 1 in return no problems what so ever.
  5. Seems the slope rating is decided on the distance of the course rather than difficulty. Also can go up and down faster.
  6. Have 1 spare for this can meet at the ground £30 FV, no time wasters cause I have been caught out before. If anyone already has a ticket and wants one for a mate I can give you 2 for your 1 so you are beside your mate as me and my mate are on Friends and family but he can no longer make it if that makes sense. Ticket sold.
  7. I know the RSC has been posted online but from the video only 1 of the boys is from that RSC. So that bus has been banned when it was only 1 guy from that bus. When I seen the video I was shocked it was that bus as the guy that runs it wouldn't have any of the stuff that went on happening but he didn't travel yesterday.
  8. It was one of the main guys in the video that done it then posted it himself.
  9. Same with me my mate who bought the tickets didn't even get an email with a time.
  10. Same with me tbh. Won't be out of Motherwell for the time they gave me for tomorrow.
  11. Horrible decision making it a midweek 🤮
  12. Likely is when you have went up one of your good scores have fell off to be replace with your score that day.
  13. Nett scores aren't really relevant with it more just gross. Get signed up to the golf Scotland app and put your details in and you will find your last 20 scores and the 8 they use on it.
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