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  1. Very frustrating to watch but would expect us to go on and win the game just need to get an equaliser. Before half time would be nice
  2. Duffy is even worse then when we had 'big rusty' at the back
  3. Reckon he will spark Warrington tbh
  4. Anyone else got a dad with shite banter. Refers to frimpong as ping-pong and laxalt as laxative
  5. 100 percent dropping points in at least one of those games
  6. That laxalts bang average. Wernt they going on about one of the top 10 left backs in the world or something 🤣🤣
  7. Go to sinkys in magaluf if over that way decent wee bar 👍
  8. Is that pic defo from dubai and not a trip previously??
  9. Only positive is its 0 0. We got into it a bit more last 10 minutes but nowhere near good enough. Hopefully its a story of 2 halves with us taking our chances in the second.
  10. Its like the teams taken a bribe to throw the game. Really surprised by our approach to this match and something needs to change or its inevitable they will score
  11. No one else getting these fucking pop ups interuppting the stream on vip league!!?
  12. Seems like the ads are rampant on VIP league lately! Was watching the game the other week on it and half way through the match ads kept popping up saying 'your hired' etc. Funniest was when I was sitting watching with my dad and popped up during the game of some bird getting shagged 🤣 never use to be so bad for ads...
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