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    Didn't actually think he played bad at all. I remember him doing some good work in the first half and dont remember him giving the ball away really. I think the fact we didn't need to counter meant he didn't really get seen as you would expect him to. He's not the best player but don't understand why he gets slated so much and hagi doesn't? Hagi imo has been worse this season and a total let down so far.
  2. Deserve a nice slap on the arse for a job well done
  3. Just using us to sell his Gin IMO
  4. Good player to have against the shite of the league your playing at home when other players need a rest or to bring on after 70 mins when the games wrapped up and he can run at tired legs.
  5. Started the match well looking up for it and winning the ball back a few times off Duffy. Created a good chance on the right hand side skinnin a couple players and I thought hes up for it today. Faded not long after that and looked like he was losing it. Maybe he was really up for the game but the traveling affected him after 30 mins or so. Now he is staying for the season or at least January I will reserve judgement for a couple more games as to if he's going to add anything this season or be a liability. If not bench him but think he deserves a couple more games.
  6. What a performance absolutely dominated them at their own shitehole get it right up yaaaaaa
  7. Treadmill much easier you can set the pace to what you want and its harder to pace yourself running outside if your not an experienced runner. Also no wind resistance as well and the benefit of running completely straight helps too. Will always run better in a race though with the adrenaline and other people setting the pace.
  8. Should of gone fully comp. Is it not usually the same cost?
  9. Think he scored a couple against Aberdeen as well if I remember correctly in a game right when Pedro took over
  10. Let's be honest he probably stayed with us because no one else would match his wages. Getting paid what he was getting paid for playing at that level never should of happened. Not like he came out and said oh aye il play for half my wages etc. Everything about the club was wrong from 2012 up to a couple seasons ago and il not forget how bad some of those teams was in the lower leagues and not just ability wise but tea and cakes at half time etc totally unprofessional. Not saying it was Wallaces fault but he didn't come and swoop down and save us and got us up the leagues we was playing against
  11. Use to scream 'its the hammer' when smashing the ball in-between the jumper goal posts when playing 5 a side back in the day. Remember some tribute game we played a few years ago can't remember who it was and Albertz rolled back the years to smash it in outside the box. Could kill for a player like that now against these 10 men defences!
  12. Work of art that. You just now some taigs will pan the windows in after seeing it online
  13. Brilliant - keep it up pal 👌
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