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  1. England have a 50/50 chance of winning the euros IMO
  2. Bet all the anti English on here are spewing
  3. Cmonnnnnnnn englanddddddddd
  4. Should of played Gilmore and Patterson. O donnell is rotten
  5. That's Scotland out then. Zero chance against England on Friday
  6. Always thought joey garner would of done decent under Gerrard and waghorn too
  7. What made me laugh last night was lennons pre match interview.. bangs on about how they are expecting Ross County to come out and attack them and play expansive football literally 1 min after the Ross County manager said he was gonna park the bus 🤣 then goes on to say how good the pitch was looking... it was a fucking tattie field 🤣🤣
  8. Cmon st Johnstone got to be a chance or two left in them from a set piece or something
  9. St johnstone poor think they will need to hold out for a 0 0 unless they change something second half
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