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  1. Thought lassana was decent first half of that season struggling to remember what happened and why he dropped off
  2. Always thought Carlos pena looked like a wwe wrestler
  3. Would of done shite for us under Warburton and Pedro and be calling him a wage theif after a season anyway.
  4. Always thought joey garner would of done decent under Gerrard and waghorn too
  5. Should make that kudela do a polygraph test
  6. So what's actually happening with this?? How long does an investigation take?
  7. Hopefully we sort our issues out at HT and they've wasted their chances first half. We go on to dominate and score a few more
  8. That video is clearly all staged for that purpose. Doesnt look sincere at all. Feel really sorry for the black players on that team having to work in that environment. Hopefully at some point one of their players comes out about it but doubt it would be until they have transferred well away.
  9. Why cover your mouth if your just going to swear?? Makes no sense and why would we lie about it?? That slavia is the dirtiest team I've ever seen.
  10. Everytime we get the ball forward they are just so quick to press us. Can't make anything stick at all
  11. Feel for roofe just an unlucky turn of events but can see why he gave a red
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