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  1. And you're what age?...
  2. They had better absolutely steam roller Ross County otherwise some very serious questions should be getting asked.
  3. I think that's uncalled for. The guy had a not unreasonable thought and put it forward and you come away with a comment like that? Really? And what if he does have a point? Something has changed with the result being that the team just got beaten by Hamilton Accies! That is a problem!
  4. Why are they idiots? Surely the idiotic strategy is to keep flogging a dead horse? If SG has run out of ideas, lost the players somehow, then what options are there? Personally I don't think *anyone* could come in and do any better then he's done, but, I could be wrong. Whatever has happened in Dubai has thrown the entire team off the rails. I despair I really do.
  5. If his tactics aren't working (leaving aside players being injured/off form), then there comes a point when he's living off his name. At that point he should go - but - there's no one comparable or better that we could afford and any new manager will want to start from scratch, most probably, which we clearly can't do. They'll get their worthless 9, but the task now is to stop the 10, pull in as much money as possible from Europe and make sure we're at least in that competition again next year. So, yes, under any other circumstances he should go, but this isn't normal circumstances and that being the case the best we can hope for is for SG to pull something out of the bag with what he's got and get things back on track. That kind of result again St Johstone is simply unacceptable. He might need a miracle but he sure as hell needs to find one.
  6. His interview to the dreaded bbc is unreal. Made me just want to scream at my screen. This is the link but be warned it won’t make you happy: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51515862
  7. I don’t think it’s a question of his job being on the line. If it had been almost anyone else he would have had his marching orders. I think really it’s more a question of when he’s going to jump ship (with his assistants). Unless there’s a miracle long term turnaround he won’t hang around next season with all that’s at stake then.
  8. Didn’t see the game. Was it really that bad?
  9. On the dreaded BBC site so guess it is true. Must say I'm very surprised. Rather unexpected?
  10. I think you may be right but it's also one of the most boring, and potentially dangerous of strategies. Really hate seeing teams do that.
  11. Mesmer


    Yep. Agreed on all points. I'd go further and say that I'm a bit sorry for him (but not that sorry) that he can't control his temper and he doesn't seem to "get it". By that I mean that the game is (sadly) about more than football. I bet Scott Brown woke up and thought to himself, "Now how can I get Morelos to react..." It's all about the game.
  12. Mesmer


    Fair point, last part is clearly anger and sarcasm on my part, but I do think he needs to go. I think the club would take anything North of 8 mill tbh
  13. Mesmer


    Clearly you don't get sarcasm. Anyway, I honestly don't care what we get for him (obviously the more the better), at least it gives the club money to invest in players who are interested in actually playing (as opposed to throwing tantrums and being sent off). Here's the bottom line: it doesn't matter how good he is, if he's not on the park he isn't earning his wage. He needs to go.
  14. Mesmer


    I think we also need to remember that although he's undoubtedly a prolific goalscorer, those that may be interested in him will also be looking at the quality of the teams he's been playing against. And let's be honest they aren't exactly good. That's going to be a factor as to his value. Regardless, I'd punt him today for what we paid for him plus a Mars Bar and a bottle of full fat Irn Bru.
  15. Clearly the Serbs didn't do a good enough job...
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