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  1. Mesmer

    Dorrans might be out for months

    Send him and Rossiter down to the social and tell them to claim disability. That's about all they're good for.
  2. Mesmer

    Make no mistake

    I rarely follow anything to do with them. What's this about Septic and the U.S. courts?
  3. Mesmer

    Rossiter still MIA?

    Probably. But I don't know when the first lad from Possil got here 😂
  4. Mesmer

    Rossiter still MIA?

    So, let's be clear about this: because I have an opinion about Rossiter I'm automatically a taig imposter? Seriously? And no, I don't eat boong food.
  5. Mesmer

    Rossiter still MIA?

    Hey, you're the one doing the perving not me. I couldn't give a flying fuck about your previous posts.
  6. Mesmer

    Rossiter still MIA?

    That would be a D minus for originality
  7. Mesmer

    Rossiter still MIA?

    A bit off topic? There's only one important score and that's us taking the league at the end of the day?
  8. Mesmer

    Rossiter still MIA?

    Yeah, wrong on all counts
  9. Mesmer

    Rossiter still MIA?

    I'm flattered that you're wanking yourself off over my previous posts, but it is a bit pervy tbh.
  10. Mesmer

    Rossiter still MIA?

    Ah, a sensible answer at last. I still think he's a waste of space though.
  11. Mesmer

    Rossiter still MIA?

    Yeah, that was a bit piss weak tbh
  12. Mesmer

    Rossiter still MIA?

    Hahaha all these folk that have a thing for a wage stealing waste of space like Rossiter. Unreal.
  13. Mesmer

    Rossiter still MIA?

  14. Mesmer

    Rossiter still MIA?

    I'm assuming Rossiter is still posted as MIA? Actually, I'm not sure I even care. Has he been missed?
  15. Mesmer

    Croats Kicking Off

    Clearly the Serbs didn't do a good enough job...