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  1. This should be mandatory

    Souness: "Get in there!". Classic 😁
  2. Rangers Pools

    I seem to revel the phrase "the dividends will be low"...
  3. Where's Murty gone?

    Not that it's of any real consequence but where has Murty gone? He's been very quiet since leaving. Would be interesting to hear his views on what went wrong?...
  4. Return of Pena

    Something for the weekend Sir?....
  5. McAllister wants to build from the back

    Yeah, tell us something we don't already know FFS.
  6. Return of Pena

    I have no idea what the hell we're even talking about now. But the answer is affirmative. Or something....
  7. Return of Pena

  8. Press Conference Today

    I think giving players 4 year contracts is absolute madness. If they don't work out we're stuck with them.
  9. Return of Pena

    Yes it does
  10. Passing

    Ok, so far we've ascertained that we're not very good at passing , we're not very good at defending, our first touch is dreadful, we haven't grasped the basics of primary school footie, we're rubbish at throw ins, we forgot how to do corners years ago, and we've just hired a manager who's never managed. Hmmm...
  11. Gerrard & Youth

    I wouldn't put money on that.
  12. Cummings

    LOL Yeah, I do try to avoid it. Usually gets me in trouble. :-)
  13. Cummings

    Let me think about that for a second. No.
  14. Return of Pena

    Point taken, but miners don't cost how many millions??? Pena did. There seems to be a fairly general agreement that he's a fat, washed-up alky, possible junkie, so lets forget about being nice to the guy and put him on the first plane back to whatever god forsaken hole he climbed out of as soon as he lands. The guy is sucking up funds the club just cannot afford to squander.