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  1. On the dreaded BBC site so guess it is true. Must say I'm very surprised. Rather unexpected?
  2. I think you may be right but it's also one of the most boring, and potentially dangerous of strategies. Really hate seeing teams do that.
  3. I'm betting it doesn't though.
  4. Run along little boy, you're late for Mass and the Priest is looking for you.
  5. Actually... Nah, but I do have two business' to run, often work 7 days a week and I'm in Western Australia these days so the time difference causes problems. Usually get about five minutes a week to get on here.
  6. I wasn't aware Maurice Johnston was still playing for us?...
  7. Really? After being called a Taig?
  8. Some of us have busy lives to lead.
  9. Mesmer


    Yep. Agreed on all points. I'd go further and say that I'm a bit sorry for him (but not that sorry) that he can't control his temper and he doesn't seem to "get it". By that I mean that the game is (sadly) about more than football. I bet Scott Brown woke up and thought to himself, "Now how can I get Morelos to react..." It's all about the game.
  10. That's true, but regardless interested parties will look at the quality of the teams he's played against and that will impact their offer. We can tell ourselves that Aberdeen, Hearts, Killie etc are quality opponents, and maybe they are on a good day, but compared to other leagues the quality of opponent just isn't there. He can score as often as he likes against Auchenshuggle Wednesday, but it isn't going to impress that many people is it? He can be a good player, but I don't think the case has been made to call him a great player. And the red cards don't help either.
  11. How much do we think his disciplinary record will or could affect his selling price?
  12. Mesmer


    Fair point, last part is clearly anger and sarcasm on my part, but I do think he needs to go. I think the club would take anything North of 8 mill tbh
  13. Mesmer


    Clearly you don't get sarcasm. Anyway, I honestly don't care what we get for him (obviously the more the better), at least it gives the club money to invest in players who are interested in actually playing (as opposed to throwing tantrums and being sent off). Here's the bottom line: it doesn't matter how good he is, if he's not on the park he isn't earning his wage. He needs to go.
  14. Eh, I think you just proved my point.
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