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  1. Sutton’s chanting he’s not the finished article, and on twitter saying he needs replaced
  2. Something else that has gone unnoticed over the weekend is that Ajer now needs replaced and far from the finished article. Is this the guy they want £40/50million for last week?
  3. celtic to put non playing staff through furlough government scheme. Staggering.
  4. 8 celtic players going to use the training facilities at lennoxtown tommorow Lennon says, wonder will the police be so keen to fine them for making non essential journeys
  5. Strange one that Lennon never fancied him, even Rodgers last season. He is much better than mikey Johnstone.
  6. PSG ultras came to Glasgow tonight to attack Rennes fans I’ve just read on the sun website 😂
  7. Fuck giving them the attention they want of this.
  8. For a support full of self proclaimed IRA volunteers they aren’t very good at the game they play.
  9. Is it not Allen’s job to just sign the players. Gerrard will give him a list of players he fancies and Allen can do the deals to get them in. I don’t think he just emails Gerrard and says ‘that’s Brandon barker starting Monday mate, great lad’. So I don’t know how Allen can be judged on these signings when are they really ‘his’ signings?😂
  10. I am pretty confident sundays result is going to be looked back on by celtic, similarly to how we look back on the semi final win in 2016.
  11. Has anyone from the meeting actually confirmed Rangers said this? as stated in the paper
  12. Also no got the details mate, unless its the same as the last time i sent it to you and i should have it on paypal
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