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  1. Bale giving up the Golf and signing for Spurs on loan for the season
  2. Enjoy your new venture mate you’ll be out a job by the summer
  3. The quality of the stuff can certainly be questioned mate... have you even seen the difference in the 2 home kits? Forgot about the 'high quality' school jumpers with a name tag on the inside? No castore badges? Missing badges? badges stars coming off after one wash.... There own brand stuff might be high quality made, but football tops made in turkey and china are not high quality mate. Even with blue tinted specks on, i think most can admit that People are complaining mate about the quality of the stuff. Thousands are.
  4. Ok, im one of the many unlucky ones. Each to their own mate, i spent £200 and was left bitterly disappointed. Having to put an iron onto an unworn kit as the letters where hanging off, but as i said each to their own. Castores service has been utterly shambolic. No replying to email, not refunding the lack of shirt printing on the kids kit, offering 20% of next order after sending videos of letters hanging off and now 14 days since my last email, womans socks instead of kids socks, thats just my own personal experience.
  5. One of the lucky ones as I said mate. I can’t say a good word about anything I’ve received.
  6. Mate the quality of this gear is honkin. People in denial of this are the ones that havent spent 100/200 quid on products for them to be utter shite quality because it doesn't affect them. Because they haven't bought anything, or one of the lucky ones.
  7. Seen on Twitter one wash fucked a few of them Hope we fuck these cunts off. They’ve ripped the absolute cunt out the fans, now no where to be seen. Surely we have put a clause in the contact if it’s shite it can be binned after a season. I won’t be spending another penny on the stuff.
  8. What I took from that is he wants to repay the fans and Gerrard for giving him a chance, wants to win the league for us before any move. Think Kent’s said before this is the club he’s felt most at home at, I can’t see him going back down to England any time soon and apart from a couple games last season I reckon the last 2 months have probably the most he’s enjoyed his football in a long time. He’s in superb form.
  9. I told them I would just keep it cause I couldn’t be fucked with the hassle of telling my nephew it has to go back but they never offered a refund for printing just a 20% discount on my next purchase which I told them they can keep, can’t even be fucked messaging them anymore 😂
  10. Same. Don’t think I’d enjoy just turning up to a near empty stadium, no atmosphere, heavy restrictions, would rather just keep watching it in the house till it’s normal.
  11. I can’t see Ibrox being allowed many fans anytime soon due to the transport issues imo
  12. Surely it makes a mockery of people getting accepted for uni ? if say 30% of applicants normally would be due an A, but now 75% are getting A’s, how do they pick who is being accepted? Surely it’s no a case of accepting everyone now.
  13. Sutton’s chanting he’s not the finished article, and on twitter saying he needs replaced
  14. Something else that has gone unnoticed over the weekend is that Ajer now needs replaced and far from the finished article. Is this the guy they want £40/50million for last week?
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