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  1. We're good at getting their when the finals in the uk ...
  2. Walter would not have signed, knowing someone could takeover the club and not want him their. Hes either spoken to Ellis, or SDM is owning us for another year. Start thinking ..
  3. I thought wee david was only posting, that he hated novo, because he probabley overheard gary say he thought novo was a prick. But obviousley not. AR, shut the fuck up son!
  4. You must be high - did you see him when he scored at the weekend? That's the reaction of a player who doesnt want to play for us? if Boyd wanted to play for us he would have signed for us a long time ago. Hes a money grabber, trying to win 30k a week in the premiership. Good luck to him.
  5. Never read such nonsense He hasnt kicked a ball for Rangers with any heart for months. Hes off.
  6. Yeah i think your right, i do remember reading wilson wanted to leave. But we can hope, excellent player who we shouldn't let go for next to nothing. Wasnt aware of Novo rejecting? he cant be worth more than what we're offering, he doesnt start enough games. If hes that mad about Rangers, like hes been suggesting this week, then he should be aware thats the best hes going to get.
  7. Its a bit strange. A few years ago, if it was reported daily we were in meltdown and in serious need of a new owner, then more than likely 9/10 players would jump ship and get their agents on the go for a transfer. Now, daily the players are coming out saying they dont want to go anywere. Beasley, Bougherra, Smith and Boyd. I expect to leave. But can we win the league without them? yes. Lafferty and miller upfront? lafferty on form is a better player than boyd. He gives so much more. 6 months ago i wasnt saying this, but boyd doesnt want to play for Rangers, its simple. Nacho novo, near enough
  8. Celtic Celtic Celtic .. When they win the league, they claim their champions therefore the best team in the league. When they dont win the league, they are still the best team in the league.
  9. its my birthday on the 4th too, geeeza ticket yah pricks!
  10. Celtic away! got beat when i was their .. atmosphere the away fans make is something else though! Gary, i dont need these 2 tickets you've got spare, give them to someone else on the board!
  11. did the poor guy no get his facebook deleted? and his farm wiped .. because he wasnt 13 :lol: :lol:
  12. ach, we should just make our own section. The tims wont be going to this game, if we buy a good few thousand of them, the police will make another section
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