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  1. The sly bastards say the cameras were covered up before Kamara allegedly assaulted him trying to lay the groundwork for why there is no evidence of them. Would like the cops to leave it alone till the Euros then walk onto the pitch and lift him as the national anthems are playing.
  2. Wouldn't judge us too much on today with league already won, midweek stuff and injuries. Just hope we can raise it for rest of season and not slide into a slump now.
  3. You couldnt mark these cunts neck with a blow torch. Also they keep bringing up Roofe on the GK and other fouls as some sort of background to justify what may have followed. Its completely irrelevant. No matter what the atmosphere was or what had happened so far it is not ok to wander up to guy at his work and racially abuse him.
  4. Good that we are trying to keep the pressure on UEFA and appear to be doing all we can to get some justice for Kamara.
  5. Even if we cant get 100% concrete proof of what the guy said (i.e caught on camera or microphone) UEFA have enough if they are serious about dealing with it. You've got the fact he was cupping his hand to obscure what he was saying, Kamara's real time reaction, Zungu's real time reaction independent from Kamara's, presumably those two will give consistent statements and then you've got their weak and pathetic alternate explanation of 'you fucking guy'. You can put 2 and 2 together here and get 4. You have to take that slight leap of faith when the evidence is not 100% concrete but there is eno
  6. First reply is from tarrier scum trying to defend their player. I mean really? They never fail to remind you what vermin they are even in situations that are nothing to do with them.
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