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  1. Hope Patterson and Bassey give us an improvement down the flanks here and give the gaffer something to think about.
  2. Great player and also the most likely one to be coveted by other clubs imo due to his technical ability. Expect he will go in the summer but hopefully for big money and with 56 in the bag.
  3. Does this dispell the myth that they got £13.5m for Frimpong or whatever figure was being bandied about
  4. Apart from missing a sitter and losing possession several times what's he done this half?
  5. We've been asking for this. Missed 2 fucking golden chances since HT and been dodgy at the back.
  6. Much better tempo and intent going forward. Aribo and Wright looking creative and unpredictable to defend against. Just need an end product and to tighten up at the back ourselves.
  7. Well done Shagger, Goldson at one end and Aribo, Sakala the other
  8. Fair do's but he's needing dropped and Gerrard won't do it unless forced.
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