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  1. Wonder how many complaints Sky will receive about Boyd from Tarriers watching our game
  2. From the time the fixtures were announced we've looked at January as a really tough slate and we dropped just 2 points. Well done Rangers 👏
  3. Hope Gerrard doesn't leave it till 85 mins and then brings Zungu on to hold the lead. Go for a second.
  4. If they cite Morelos we need to go in with footage of Eduoards challenge and the other recent stuff that has not been cited.
  5. Also I love the fact that amidst all his rage he is still clinging on to the 'we played really well at Ibrox' comfort blanket. Did ye aye?
  6. I cant decide if it's an attempt to get the season stopped, an attempt to get a payoff from celtic to leave or the press conference of a man so entitled and deluded that he actually believes he is in the right. I wish they had asked him to name one other club who travelled in a pandemic for a training camp. They are being treated differently because they are the only club that put themselves in this position. Just keep the heid down Rangers and keep collecting points.
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