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  1. Not an insightful contribution to the thread but I just want to say I fucking love Jermaine Defoe and the way he goes about his business at our club
  2. Would be great if after we beat them in the old firm he spent the post match press conference talking about how good a football team we are like he did when we thumped Ross County.
  3. It will be Rua Faria that gets it but with Lennon hiding in the laundry basket.
  4. Punishment nowhere near enough but at least it's been upheld.
  5. Great to have Hamiltons and Killies pitches out the league
  6. Petrol bombing their outgoing chief executive but aye they dont care about the ten.
  7. I saw a photo of Alfie greeting him as well. Top stuff.
  8. Let's hope we don't get a thread this summer about signing Lewis Ferguson. He's pish.
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