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  1. Thought the Bet Builders you guys post on here looked good. Had a go myself with 5 selections. 4 came in and a player to be booked selection he wasnt even in squad. Was expecting to be paid out minus him but they just voided the bet. Fair raging lol. Could have just placed an accumulator on and be paid out minus him but cos its a bet builder they void the whole bet.
  2. two decent players and a world class olympic hurdler.
  3. The usual suspects as already posted. Also loved this sexy bastard. Wish he was with us in his prime.
  4. Mind Pedro Mendes scored a tap in from about 40 yeards against the paedos.
  5. Most players doing bog roll keepy uppy challenges etc and Alfie's out helping people who are struggling in Colombia. The Scottish media will probably have him being the bad guy for breaking lockdown rules.
  6. What a guy. 10000000_512198729462594_1564530738103075964_n.mp4
  7. Cannae even get to the pub to argue anymore.
  8. I said this on here before that my mate always goes against what should happen. I'd say what you said, then he'd say "well it must have been due then". And you kinda just think aye thats true tbh
  9. Was that the actual picture ? Or did you get it fae google. Looks like that poor horse has fucked its hind leg. Hate seeing that. Couldnt give a fuck about the jockeys.
  10. Stuck a fiver on over 1.5 goals at 4/5 for an interest. 0-1 after 30 odd seconds. Finished 0-1. lol
  11. Bet365 offering inplay betting on esports. Pretty much just two folk playing Fifa. Lost a fiver lol
  12. Can't find any illegal streams of this. What's happening ?
  13. If you've actually came on here to start a thread on Polster and say he's the problem then you should probably just get put down.
  14. Gerrards to blame to be honest. No idea why he didn't start Kent and Morelos.
  15. Absolutely no chance Paisley Park wins the 3.10.
  16. Paddy Power doing a free £5 to use in the 15.30 today.
  17. Gerrard publicly states its a disciplinary issue. Thats daft Decreases his value when we sell. Surely to fuck u say he has a tigh calf or something ffs.
  18. Good. Cause we'll be winning the league in 20/21 and that lot won't get into the Champions League.
  19. Lawell and co already in the boardroom looking at every single little detail to try and worm a way back in.
  20. Thank you big man. Outstanding
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