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    The Boxing News Thread

  2. GetToTheChoppa

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Read that as shirt and thought aye a late goal and its shirts aff 😂
  3. GetToTheChoppa

    The Boxing News Thread

    Whats the 4th selection in that 4 fold mate
  4. GetToTheChoppa

    ***The Official Darts Thread***

    Michael Smith for me
  5. GetToTheChoppa

    v Spartak

    Great shout.
  6. GetToTheChoppa


    Nah. We have Pena so that makes no sense.
  7. GetToTheChoppa

    Ally McCoist

  8. GetToTheChoppa

    Biggest You've Ever Staked

    Aldi pizzas arent the worst tbf 😄
  9. GetToTheChoppa

    Hard luck stories

    What does APO mean ?
  10. GetToTheChoppa

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Scotland only had 3 corners so you needed two more. Hope that eases the pain a wee bit !
  11. GetToTheChoppa

    Uni emery

    Really wish there was a thread on English football on here.
  12. GetToTheChoppa

    Caption contest

    "That better be a banana down his shorts."
  13. GetToTheChoppa

    Magnificent Morelos

    Seen his stats the other day. Was something like 20 bookings in 55 games 😃 . As much as thats a terrible record its what we've needed. Someone whos not feart and gets stuck in.
  14. GetToTheChoppa

    The Boxing News Thread

    Without watching...is this there wrestling type smack talk ?
  15. GetToTheChoppa

    The Boxing News Thread

    Something wrong with George? Shoulder no 100%?
  16. GetToTheChoppa

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    What was the bet and odds ?
  17. Who was the 23rd min applause for ? Didnt catch name or story...
  18. GetToTheChoppa

    At First

    Is this a deep poem ?
  19. GetToTheChoppa

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    0-0 ft.
  20. GetToTheChoppa

    Moto2 rider pulls opponent's brake at 140mph

    Surprised the Scottish media havn't reported on this. "Rider wearing Rangers colours in attempted murder bid" 😠😠
  21. GetToTheChoppa

    The Boxing News Thread

    If ma granny had baws she'd probably KO Khan.