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  1. Why is the premier league in England looking like it will finish fairly, play the games out and we aren’t following this too cheating fuckers, if we beat them in the two games and game in hand we were only 4 points behind. Fucking cheats
  2. So if u want two tickets and your both in the same house hold for some games of the harder games, This could mean both signing up to Rangers tv That’s crazy
  3. So is all the points going to be kept for a three year period to decide what tier u are
  4. So if your not a season ticket holiday is it possible to get tickets to most away games through this membership
  5. I actually can’t see a game happening with fans this year. no way can they have 50k in fans At ibrox with this virus going on
  6. So to get a finals tickets/ semi finals. do u need to be a member and a season ticket holder or just a member
  7. Of course. But I’m wondering if it’s going to be delayed due to virus
  8. So what needs to happen to get 2nd champions league spot is it wolves we want to win ?
  9. How many years we going to keep saying this
  10. Yeah league is fucked getting far in Europe would have been good obviously not as important as league but if they can't beat that pish hearts team I dread to watch the Braga game every fucking winter break they seem to fuck it up
  11. We are probably out the cup already with hearts
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