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  1. I was thinking of going with them but thinking should I start looking at other options looks like there going out the game
  2. Any idea when UEFA decide what happens
  3. Any one on here registered for Porto with Thomas cook
  4. Surly it can't close if our the fans have paid for flights etc
  5. So what happens with official travel if they go bust
  6. What’s the chances of Porto away independent with zero points ?
  7. I knew they were in trouble but didn’t know it was that bad mybe Rangers are trying to find a new partner, I mean what if it comes out in the next few weeks and then they go bust I was starting to think Mybe there waiting until the game this week to see what singing etc is like incase they don’t want us taking tickets for that game too
  8. Still no packages out for Porto. What a joke
  9. Are single matches on sale today
  10. How many u think whats there stadium hold anyway about 50k
  11. Do u think the Porto away game will be a sell out
  12. Wish they would hurry up with the packages
  13. Surely the official packages must be coming out early next week
  14. Was thinking about going with the mrs but the time u add drinks etc to it. Must be at least a grand for us both for the day lol
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