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  1. How many years we going to keep saying this
  2. Yeah league is fucked getting far in Europe would have been good obviously not as important as league but if they can't beat that pish hearts team I dread to watch the Braga game every fucking winter break they seem to fuck it up
  3. We are probably out the cup already with hearts
  4. How good would it be to be a point or two in front with a game in hand
  5. First time I have asked in weeks and that's cos we are in the next round so clearly not every day As I said it's doing no harm me asking a question and I'll post what I like, in fact when I'm thinking of booking this game up and spending over a grand on it and have a low amount of points, I like to at least ask what other people think my chances are of getting a ticket A lot of people's advice has been right so far with points in the past but if it annoys you so much then just read on and don't waste your time commenting
  6. If u don't like my posts u don't need to answer them or read them u post what u want and I'll do the same. Thanks
  7. That would be good I thought wolves only got 2k in tickets
  8. How many points do u think u will need to get a tickets
  9. What do reckon u will need points wise to get a ticket
  10. Am I right in saying that now gets two champions league spots the year after next ?
  11. Simple reason. Cos we are Rangers and seem to like doing things the hard way
  12. Yeah but the second game would have been at home which is a advantage
  13. So who’s the teams we could be getting in the next round ? could it be home or away first ?
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