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  1. Hard to get the head around it but pretty sure it's not upside down, just mirrored. Look at the letters in isolation. They're right way up. So is what looks like Ibrox at the bottom.
  2. It's no upside down. Looks like the photo's taken via a mirror or something.
  3. Wasn't empty, 30k there mate. But yeah, would be a lot more now. Back then folk tended to find the asking prices for CL games a bit on the high side and that meant it wasn't always a sellout. People just tend to find a way of paying it now in a way they didn't back then. We're getting more used to the idea of the significantly inflated prices. Folk probably on average have a wee bit more disposable income nowadays than 25 years ago too. Also by that time our chances in the group were already looking slim.
  4. No even a contest for me. Requires much more skill to do what Cooper did in the Dryburgh. Never seen anything like it either. For all Roofe's was unbelievable and easily goal of the season material, I can't say the same about it. Davie wins by a distance for me.
  5. Yer Jacks and Kamaras should be getting credit for this too. Tonight Jack was breaking alot up.
  6. So they all lost their shit about Roofe doing a celebration that he does all the time and actually references his daughters? Hope they feel suitably sheepish and apologise to him.
  7. Inigo


    Same since December. Pretty frequent poor control and decision making.
  8. Quite enjoyed the first season of Stranger Things, but became bored with it into the second and abandoned ship after two or three episodes of the second.
  9. Indeed, it's just the irony of that particular gif made me chuckle.
  10. Haha. You should watch Idiocracy mate. Idiocracy is a film which portrays a future where society has been dumbed down to the extent that everyone alive is a complete moron. Ow My Balls is a the favourite TV program of the people of that future. The gif posted is a clip from Ow My Balls. Ergo we're now posting as entertainment what the brainless, monosyllabic fictional society of the future, as predicted by Idiocracy, watched as entertainment whilst open-mouthed and dribbling. The movie's prediction of society has become reality and the world is screwed!
  11. It's not a good sign when this is posted and folk are liking it. I take it nobody knows what it's from? Anyone get why we should be worried?
  12. Aye, this. Clearly nursing a grudge. Doesn't like Souness. Doubt Souness cares. I still like both of them. Meh.
  13. Totally. The fact that it was very avoidable if it wasn't for ego and pride, is the infuriating bit.
  14. Actually have vague memories of watching it as a wain. Having seen a few documentaries, was dubious as to whether it would be worth watching another. Definitely is though. Far more intimate than what I've seem before.
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