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  1. Yes, undoubtedly. He's made mistakes,but few heroes haven't. Will go down as a club legend.
  2. Disagree. Adds to its distinctiveness.
  3. Protesting about Covid breaches by Covid breaching. Sounds about right.
  4. Inigo


    As I say, that's part of it, but if you don't have two good CBs you'll lose more goals than we have. Didn't say folk liked him because he's a nice guy. His attitude and application is exactly why folk like him, it's never been his issue. It's the other stuff. He's just not good enough based on what we've seen. Personally doubt he ever will be, but I hope he can be.
  5. Inigo


    That and we can field to good CBs. Goldson made some silly mistakes last season. Thosee can, and have been ironed out. Dealing with the kind of positional issues Katic had is more difficult. Not impossible, though. I remember watching Katic closely in a friendly at Ibrox. Forget who against. His knowledge of where to be at any given moment was bad throughout the game. Continually, and rightly, being screamed at by Goldson, for being wrongly positioned and ushered into the right one. It's something he's never managed to get right. And it costs him.
  6. Inigo


    Good distance ahead for me. Part of the reason we have such a good defensive record this season is we can field two good quality CBs finally.
  7. Inigo


    Was always rubbish. Was simply because they liked Katic as a guy more. Goldsom became responsible for his own mistakes and for Katic's. People would also sometimes miraculously miss his mistakes, but be all over Goldson's Katic's not at the standard we are now. Might improve. Hope he does, cause he's a good lad, but you can't let that blind you to his actual performances.
  8. Inigo


    Katic needs to improve drastically to be at the level of the other three.
  9. Walker spoke very well tbf.
  10. Yeah, an easy out there for the Governing bodies. Whatever their punishment is surely has to be the same for sellic? Which presumably means nothing.
  11. Might gave missed this, but how are Celtic's Dubai photos different to the breaches for which Killie and St Mirren had to forfeit? Surely against protocols, so same punishment?
  12. I could get Covid in my local park. Take it I can use that as an excuse to go for a trip to the Higlands?
  13. Hoping Hibs pull out and forfeit?
  14. Little sympathy. These clubs had their chance recently.
  15. He said this situation isn't really covered in the rules. Says in the rules a genuine attempt to challenge for the ball is a yellow, and ALL other circumstances denying a clear and obvious goal scoring chance are a red. Almost like he doesn't understand the meaning of the word 'all'.
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