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  1. Stunning scarf. Kind of thing I wish the club sold these days.
  2. He was better than Seaman. Definitely. A bit short of Schmeichel for me, but he was one of the few ahead of him. It certainly wasn't out there to mention Goram in Schmeichel's company, though.
  3. Hate to say it, but the thing I like most about the second compilation is McCann's pass for the second goal. Tugay was good, though.
  4. The latter. I'd count saving with feet as part of shot stopping, which he was brilliant at obv.
  5. Minella Times Discorama Sub Lieutenant Ami Desbois
  6. Klos was ballpark with Goram at shot stopping. Still think Goram was better though. Goram was much better at cross balls and with his feet. Don't think I've ever seen a goalie struggle with the ball at his feet the way Klos did.
  7. He was mixed. Suffered more from Walter at times being tactically all over the shop. At international level, Gough was very good.
  8. It is close. But not that close if I'm honest. Goram was by a clear margin a better goalie than Shagger. Shagger and Klos is a closer thing.
  9. I don't think we were more dominant. Certainly than this season. We're routinely conceding low, low numbers of shots on or off target. On a few occasions no shots have been conceded at all. Goram was a marginally better shot stopper, better with his feet and better on cross balls. Better overall. I'd say not far off best in the world at one time, which shagger isn't.
  10. Is your mate a Rangers fan or a sellic fan? Hard to tell from this.
  11. We've not had any the past 20 years. Let's keep it that way. Wee presentation in front of fans before a game at 10 years service, round of applause and a song or two and we all keep giving to charities whatever we want to as normal. Job's a good 'un.
  12. From a heavily criticised player to hero forever. Good job.
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