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  1. Only because the DU player was late. McCarthy got there first, Dundee boy went in, was late and caught him quite high in the leg with studs up.
  2. See tbh, it definitely was a penalty and a red, but before that Dundee United should probably have had a red too. It was a poor, poor challenge.
  3. See, telt yeez all he was a Trojan horse. Greeks are good cunts.
  4. Oh wait, probably not, actually.
  5. Anyone got footage of the non penalty?
  6. Seats come up on the website through seatsub.
  7. Not sure I'd describe a goal against Georgia and 2 against Gibraltar as scoring for fun for the Swiss National Team.
  8. You'd think commentators would familiarise themselves with basic rules. (Ferguson rabbiting on about McLaughlin not being last man).
  9. A million miles more than just a poacher. Some of his finishes over the years were ridiculous.
  10. Class. Old fashion playmaker, the likes of which you don't see much now.
  11. Incomprehensible weirdo quasi foreigners, yes. Teuchters, no.
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