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  1. I read Keevins' brief apology. Also noted that the original article with the original bogus claim still exists unedited. Hollow apology if the article is still accessible. One of those ones where more folk will read the original claim than the apology and the damage will be done. Doubt we'll hear an apology or clarification on Clyde either, despite their letting obvious shite being aired. 'I'm a Partick Thistle fan' the 'paramedic' said. Are ye, aye.
  2. I'd expect it to be touch and go with those teams. Could go either way.
  3. I don't even see it that way either tbh. The likeliest thing that happened is a local press guy contacted him and asked him about it. All he's done is give an honest, fairly tame tbh, answer. Don't have an issue with that. I get that fans are sometimes sensitive about foreign players using their own press to push for a move, but I don't think this is the same ballpark as that.
  4. I don't think any of us are in a position to tell him what tournament should be important to him. The Olympics are the Olympics, man. It's no surprise that players will want to be there and represent their country there. Clubs pay wages, but as with any organisation, the more aware they are of the human aspect the more they get from their employees.
  5. Some things transcend that, though. Births, deaths, unique life opportunities. The lad's just a person with dreams at the end of the day. I think denying him something like this would be sad and I like to see the club being better than that.
  6. Hope that's the last time Slavia are ever used as a barometer for our behaviour.
  7. Couldn't care less what they do. If he wants to do something like that, it's not the kind of thing we should be standing in the way of. Would just breed lasting resentment anyway.
  8. You can't deny a player the chance to go to the Olympics to represent their country. Remember as well, it's not like many of us with Scotland. Most folk are passionate about playing for their country. Of course he's going to be desperate to do that in the Olympics, given the chance. He shouldn't be denied that kind of opportunity.
  9. What a horrible, thin-skinned dictatorial prick. Like a 10 year old leader of a gang hut.
  10. The BBC article (haven't seen the news item) seems to me to be taking aim at the Tory politicians. They were the ones comparing the gatherings ('whataboutery'), rather than Humza.
  11. Relates to a weekend we were involved, not them. Isn't the smoking gun folk have misinterpreted it as. Sooner it's deleted the better, because will be used to discredit genuine grievances.
  12. I can only assume folk are assuming the letters are discussing celtic fans' behaviour the weekend of 7th March, whereas it was us involved that weekend. It looks like sellic have pointed out in the letter that they weren't involved (presumably a complaint at their name being mentioned in an associative way) and Youssaf has recognised that it wasn't sellic fans and it won't be suggested as such. Looks a pretty routine exchange to me. Nothing much in it. Rangers and Celtic gave both been mentioned by Govyt representatives this year when the other was involved in bother. The Scottish Go
  13. Not sure I see the significance. In fact, if I'm reading it right, looks like they've got the wrong end of the stick.
  14. Yes. Not massively enthusiastically, though. On a side note, for ne it should be taken back to 16 teams as per 2012. It's too big now. Qualification is too easy.
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