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  1. When Scotland got together the players trained together and Stuart Armstrong had COVID. The only players that had to isolate where the two that spent a period of time in his “bubble”. None of the rest of the team who trained with him had to as they weren’t in the required close contact “bubble”. Not to say we might not end up getting hit with it but this panic setting in, I have heard people say our whole squad out there might need to isolate, is really jumping the gun. We will hopefully be fine. 👍
  2. No guarantee the Liege players caught it from the Brugge players, apparently Belgium is rife. I don’t think we should have been sent over there based on the amount of cases they have. European football needs to look at things cased on the levels in each country or players will be dropping like stones.
  3. Doesn’t affect us as we aren’t in his “bubble”. Its more likely to affect the Liege players. People affected need to be in close contact for a sustained 15 minute period which doesn’t happen in a team sport. I know it sounds odd but that’s the way it goes. 👍
  4. Wee bit of harmless banter for a player we were told was a “game changer” and “class” who so far looks dreadful. Best part of £90 grand a week, if you breakdown his loan fee, and he looks worse than the boy Welsh 😂😂😂
  5. This could be a game for Joe Aribo to start. Brilliant in the box with close control, a nightmare for any defender.
  6. Hugh Keevins “how do you decide who wins the league if COVID stops the season”? Holy fuck is he that senile and forgot his team getting handed a title they didn’t win a few months back? Doddery old tadger.
  7. Edited my post as I’m still listening to Saturdays show after we battered them 😂😂
  8. Mad to think they are paying Shane Duffer £40,000 a week and the loan fee broken down over the season is another £40/50,000 a week on top. £80/90,000 a week for an atrocious player like that 😂😂😂
  9. This Rangers team just now look as well drilled as any I have ever seen. Even when you change individual players they fit in seamlessly. We play some brilliant football but it’s how solid a team we are that impressed me the most, no team has battered us or even had a decent spell of attacking play. That’s the hard work paying off.
  10. Rangers have only conceded 2 shots on target in our last 5 games. We haven’t concede a shot on target in our last 3 games at all. Our defence must be breaking records, unbelievable stats.
  11. This every day of the week. Probably their most stick on 3 points of the season, especially when they are desperate.
  12. This is where our squads heads need to be focused 100%. The hard work starts when you are top and things are going well. Its the way to stay there, no slacking, no thinking all is good. Walter Smiths Rangers done that season after season after season. 👍
  13. When they were playing 4 at the back their fans were screaming out for the 3 because their full backs can’t defend properly. They go 4 at the back there is no way they drop Duffy simply based on the loan price and weekly wage in my opinion. Dermot Desmond wouldn’t be happy at that waste of his money 😜 Lennon doesn’t have a clue what he is doing 😂👍
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