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  1. We’re a club team so we can’t enter world cups
  2. Don’t think I am mate 😂
  3. I called you billythebore and you got all offended 😂😂
  4. Better to be a poof than mention wee lassies tbh
  5. Bit strange to mention wee lassies ya creep
  6. Don’t ask that clown anything, best for everyone if he just logs off and doesn’t come back
  7. Even to an extent Robbie Keane and Craig Bellamy, they came in and the tarriers built up all this hype yet they won fuck all. Funny due to the fact neither helped them win a title
  8. For this little debate btw preddies is the answer
  9. Wears a full kit and probably has nets in his back garden so he can pretend he’s scoring the winning goal in a European cup final
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