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  1. You’re not allowed to be positive, you’ve said bad things about Gerrard and these players
  2. Shirley is suing him so he’s legally had to change it
  3. He’s just lost people money that had money on a 1-0 win, absolutely disgusting
  4. Seen on bet365 we’d scored so quickly jumped back on the stream, wondered how the fuck the goal would come as the ball was still in our half, sensational 😂
  5. He won’t reply to this mate he’s dead, suffocated himself
  6. 1 minute between buying his booze and being out his tits, what a guy
  7. There’s a co-op near me and obviously only so many allowed in the shop, see families of 4 firing in to do the weekly food shop so everyone has to stand outside and fucking wait on these cunts.
  8. I know we’ve got Europe but finding it hard to not look ahead to next week against Livingston and hoping they drop points against the sheep They’ll have livi away at some point surely which is a bit of a bogey ground for both teams so even if they get through the ones you mentioned there’s still teams like livi. I saw them against st Johnstone and they were as lucky as they’ve been to get that result, lucky not to walk away with nothing tbh
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