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  1. And one of them was an own goal
  2. Ian Crocker has his own thread so why not
  3. I’m sure they did try but they’re just pish. I don’t mind the fact that these teams show up against us, why wouldn’t you want to show up against the best? Obviously they should be doing the same every game but it’s probably harder to motivate yourself when you’re playing against the dross
  4. You suggesting that their main aim is to try stop us winning 55 rather than winning a trophy or what?
  5. His English is absolutely superb, been very impressed
  6. Sky sports saying he still had 2 and a half years on his deal at the tarriers
  7. If I was lampard I’d be absolutely raging about having my picture ruined with that hideous badge plastered in it
  8. The fathers letting their families be involved in that nonsense deserve shot, probably forcing the family into it just because they don’t mind looking like arseholes
  9. You’re a fucking weirdo 😂😂 keep using the same shite patter hoping someone will find it funny
  10. He’s obsessed with telling me to go to my bed 😂 strange one
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