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  1. Just at the moment? 😂 seems to be a permanent issue
  2. Undoubtedly the positive vibes will be playing a part in this along with her strong will and you pushing her along. I think a few weeks ago maybe you were a bit lost and had tried as much as you could think of but hopefully you feel like things are much brighter now mate. great to see the strides she’s made already, let’s keep the positivity up 😁
  3. Gerrard will step out in the second half as Liverpool manager and that’s how it will be revealed. Heard it here first, all the best Stevie x
  4. We should test their resolve and offer £1,000,000 for Billy Gilmour
  5. It doesn’t but at least there’s no sweeping it away and pretending it didn’t happen and just hoping it’ll go away
  6. Think Clyde1 breakfast show had him lined up to do live interviews around the time the squad was released then found he wasn’t in it so decided not to humiliate him further 😂
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