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  1. I’ve said a few times in here recently that I just don’t feel like Aribo offers enough defensively, especially in these big games. If he plays then it would have to be in a front 3 for me but I think id still rather have hagi or roofe
  2. That’s the team I’d pick as well, people saying arfield hasn’t been on form which is true but when we’re on the back foot he’s much better to have in this game than Aribo
  3. Don’t see how it’s relevant whether he’s a shagger or not
  4. Didn’t rate him the last time he was here
  5. Only the players and management doing the blackout
  6. @Angus1965will be delighted as he’ll have plenty of grub in
  7. I just don’t think he’s good enough for this match, I don’t trust him and his marking ability. Would still have an off form arfield before him
  8. Too many games Aribo has shown that he doesn’t have the ability to track a man and help defend
  9. That was denya, but this guy is doing something similar except claims he is french
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