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  1. Must be delighted that this has taken 90% of the heat away from what is a terrible CL reform.
  2. Worked his arse off. His industry was important in there without question, despite not being at his absolute best.
  3. Even when he's not at it, you can see his quality. Touch, purpose and work rate are all at a level above most in this league but the creativity is there too. Worth 20m to us at least.
  4. Grew up watching Goram, but it's McGregor for me.
  5. Great performance. Made a proper mark on an old firm for the first time in his Rangers career, hope we see more of that in the last game this season and next season. Possibly struggles because he's not an out and out CM and can't be trusted there in the big games, but also not quite suited to the 10 role in the way that we use them, but he's contributed more than enough this season. Hopefully another season behind him allows him to kick on even further next year. The talent is there, I just hope the mentality and belief will grow.
  6. Got to at least pretend to be professional or she'd no doubt be replaced by a manky bastard.
  7. Speaks volumes when Ajer looked like he might come off, the camera was straight to Biton - a midfielder.
  8. Love that he's being interviewed by someone who's laughed at his team all season
  9. No trophies this season ya scabby bastards yaaassssss hahahaha
  10. Inject this strachan pain into my veins. It will fuel me for decades
  11. The best season. Get that Scottish cup won. Superb performance from the whole team today.
  12. For all the questions about the defensive side of Aribo's game, superb going forward today. Him and Kent have their full backs on toast. Superb first half performance from the team, especially wrestling back control of the game after a difficult spell.
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