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  1. I saw an article suggesting Postecoglu was rewarded for his faith in youth. They drew the game 1-1 ffs.
  2. Not surprising to see people leap to his defence. The same mental gymnastics they need to perform when crying about bigotry when they're the only club in the country that employs a convicted racist.
  3. It's funny how Lennon is giving Griffiths an absolute lashing in the press on a weekly basis. No consideration for the player's "mental health" which has supposedly troubled him for so long, just routinely slaughters him It's genuinely weird seeing his mad ramblings in the press anyway, acting like a man who knows his time at the top is over.
  4. It's genuinely sad that all this self interest just ruins what's probably the only opportunity we'll get to have a majority stake in the club to protect it going forward. Wanting the Bundesliga-like model to work here is probably fanciful, but after everything that happened it would have been great to see fans with the majority shareholding in the club.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised to see Robby McCrorie out at Dundee United or Hibs this season. Both losing their number 1s on free transfers. Could maybe say the same for Motherwell but would depend on Trevor Carson's situation.
  6. Dickson played against Falkirk in the League Cup I think? Was the story not that his dad was behind the whole "Rangers leaks" twitter page which tried, and failed, to cause a fuss around the time of the second COVID incident?
  7. Earned the chance to have a good pre-season with the first team and see what happens. I think he's he's decent player, saw enough technically in Gerrard's first season but I'm not convinced he'll make it here. Don't think shoehorning him in at left back will work.
  8. When we played Braga their manager didn't have the required coaching qualification either, did he? Might have that wrong. Huge gamble from them with guaranteed CL football on offer through winning the league, and the fact they're retaining Kennedy and Strachan is mental IMO. Don't think this guy will turn out to be a complete disaster - though I hope he's Pedro levels of bad - but the turmoil they're in and the mental gymnastics their fans/rent a gubs in the press go through to justify the move is great to watch.
  9. The guy is 60 years old and never had a sniff of another job on this continent, which is some achievement considering his apparent outstanding ability 😂
  10. Very surprised the way this turned out. I think Howe's a decent manager but with the obvious caveat that he's never managed in this type of environment. To have waited on him all this time suggests whoever is next isn't going to be up to the same standard, watching how they spin this when the manage is announced is going to be tremendous fun.
  11. I'd suggest that this sort of thing comes as a result of that type of strategy. Completely agree it's pathetic, though.
  12. this is one of the scabs who wrote a hit piece on the club over the weekend
  13. Totally agree but that would never have happened.
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