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  1. To be fair, he had a decent start when he came into the side during Ally's first season in the SPL. Looked accomplished enough.
  2. He really transformed us during Walter's final season. An exceptional talent at this level who should have achieved more at the club, and likely would have in other circumstances.
  3. As much as Warburton wasn't the answer at this level, Caixinha's appointment was a dreadful setback. Could have really fucked us.
  4. Think that's one of the benefits of being drawn away from home first. If we continue play as well going forward as we have done in Europe, then away goal(s) should put pressure on them to open up when they come to Ibrox - which also suits us. Will be a tough tie though.
  5. Tough draw, but we definitely could have had it tougher. Potentially favourable draw in terms of the two Ukrainian sides being given difficult ties. The 11th can't come quick enough!
  6. Part of the problem is nowadays fans don't like listening to criticism. Any dissent from the press usually means the journo is quickly going to be accused of supporting them etc etc. I always go back to the Whyte days, I don't think the media covered themselves in glory when he took over and during his first few months of running the club but there were signs of concern and fans (include myself in this) were taken in by the idea it was all media noise against the club/Whyte. As you say, we require independent challenge. I don't mind having some fan media in if it's earned (fine with
  7. We really are being spoiled this season. Flawless in the league, superb in Europe. Long may it continue.
  8. Deserves great credit for that performance. Not only the goal, but completely nullified their threat down that side. Big performance mentally and showed good strength physically too. Funny how these things work out sometimes.
  9. AGM_72

    Ryan Kent

    Brilliant performance. I know his numbers could be better but you can see by the way he moves on the ball and his work rate off it that he just operates on a higher level than most. Has an inherent level of technical ability that's well suited to European football.
  10. That was up there with his best performances last season. Superb, even if there was a hint of things not quite going his way he was stayed focused.
  11. Top player and professional who's influence off the park will be missed, still has something to offer at another club if the system suits him.
  12. Nah retired at the start of the year.
  13. Jim McAlister (former Morton, Hamilton and Blackpool player) is shadowing him just now and taking over the role when he eventually steps down, from what I've heard.
  14. Ah, fair enough! I didn't bother looking into it in any great detail. (Thought did cross my mind about the 2 games vs us though.)
  15. Didn't help that the mutants dropped points that night as well, could have been a glimmer of hope had we won against Hamilton. After that game I would have been pretty content to see any of the players leave. Was a tough pill to swallow because of how talented you could see the squad were first half of the season and in Europe, just seemed like the mentality wasn't there. Glad none of them left.
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