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  1. AGM_72


    Tbf, watching it back I'm not sure he's able to come for the cross. It's played in too quickly, he's not set for the ball in.
  2. AGM_72


    Incredible double save. Should have come for the cross, but he's awful at it so the double save will do.
  3. I don't think it's hindsight tbf, most of us expected at least one if not two to go and I don't think anyone felt it would be a disaster if we lost one for good money considering the rebuild that was due across the city we had the space to make a change or two and not completely upset the balance of the squad. Last season was this team's Everest. I expected a drop off this year but I really can't recall more than one or two games where we've delivered for more than 45 minutes. Malmo really set the tone for the season, electric for 45 and abysmal for the following 45. I try to be fairly balanced after matches and back this team for what they've given over the past 12-15 months but being 3-0 down to Hibs in a semi-final after half an hour is one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen. Didn't think this set of players could ruin their legacy but, despite somehow being 4points clear in the league, they're doing their best to piss all over it.
  4. Aye, I do. I hold Gerrard's against him too for the manner in which we lost to Malmo, but for me it's not on the level of Kaunas, Zizkov, Maribor. Absolutely, but Gerrard hasn't had the luxury of any automatic entries. All the other gaffers had a solid foundation to build upon for their domestic success after taking over. Perhaps only Smith's second tenure, his Manchester season, is different as he had inherited a shambles. But even then - he didn't have the same baggage. You could argue Advocaat, but commercially, financially etc we were nowhere near the shaky ground we had when Gerrard came in. As I said, he's not a perfect manager by any stretch but he's obviously a good one. Particularly for his age. To argue against that, as some have been, is pure reactionary nonsense. I say that as someone who is appalled by how he has left. Gerrard's success required him to actually rebuild the sort of foundations that existed pre-2012 for every Rangers manager.
  5. Vastly inferior was probably over the top tbf. But every Rangers team for basically 30 years has on several occasions been papped out by absolute dross in the qualifiers. Smith's sides bounced from two great runs to two pathetic results. McLeish had Zizkov, McCoist had Maribor. Gerrard had us consistently performing in Europe, through 2-4 rounds of qualifiers doing it with style. By the time last season came around I never felt overly concerned that we'd struggle in European games. This season you could argue has been poor, but as a bare minimum we've still reached the europa league and are in a decent position to push into the next round. Gerrard failed in his one attempt at the Champions League, I wouldn't place that at the same level of the likes of Kaunas though.
  6. Honestly, considering how often people post used to post "remember where we were" during Gerrard's first two years, many are quick to forget. We had someone in the dugout doing fuckin headstands and his predecessor arguing with fans in a bush! Gerrard's record isn't perfect, the way he left was pish, but he's clearly a talented manager. Our sides in Europe over the last 30 years with supposedly better players and managers have a vastly inferior european record.
  7. The timing remains the bitterest part about all of this. Two huge games for the club coming up. In the immediate aftermath the scale of the job he's done will probably be diminished a little. Ultimately, though, we move on. The best way, the Rangers way, is to keep winning.
  8. See if by some miracle he does stay, anyone who tries to organise a minutes applause in the 8th minute should be shot
  9. Martin seems to have a decent reputation down south but can't say I'm thrilled by that shout.
  10. The timing of the whole thing is what annoys me the most, really. Didn't think it would happen this season.
  11. That's the reason I wouldn't give Beale the job. Not that it matters.
  12. Not convinced yet but credit where it's due, played well today and scored a good goal. International break probably comes at a bad time for him, most likely end up on the subs bench for the next game when he could do with a run.
  13. Being four points clear is a welcome bonus after Wednesday. Credit to the team, despite another shitty goal conceded, they put in a much more emphatic performance. I was very concerned we wouldn't have daylight between us and them by today. 3 points are a must next weekend and a win midweek will set us up nicely.
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