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  1. no one is going! few beers with my buble
  2. Thread title Ruined 55 for me if I’m honest
  3. ill come back with a threatening response tomorrow. tonight is all about us my man hope youre having a good one
  4. fucking block this cunt
  5. Don’t want to brag troops but as a youngster he was my idol had his name on my England top mind the one that was reversible and he was my PC wallpaper for a solid 6 months not that am looking for clout but I loved him first ❤️
  6. My gaffer sent me a picture on WhatsApp out his bin with a UJ painted on his face early Bells saying tomorrow furlough day 😂
  7. Out bush gram ordered work patched mrs ragin don’t care here we go
  8. Alfredo is loving this and I love to see it
  9. I watched the game on Hesgoals had to mute it I’m positive it was StMirrenTV 😂
  10. Second most hated 😂. Don’t get ahead of yourself you’re a nothing club
  11. underwhelmed when he signed. but by fuck did i grow to love him and still do
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