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  1. Didn't hear that, but don't really keep up with their news tbf.
  2. Gets a concession for being a complete mongo anyway
  3. Cracking video. Game was a stroll in the park 🇬🇧😁
  4. They were found by a deatmd Tim's family. So would say it's pretty certain that they are.
  5. I lived in the Dennistoun flats years ago and could see 2 flute bands (one walking up Cumbernauld road, the other along Duke street. They must've been at least a mile apart, but they met at the junction of both those streets at the exact same time playing the exact same tune and exactly in time with each other. Still to this day I don't know how they managed it. Or if most of the people watching even appreciated what they had just seen as it wouldn't have looked as impressive from on the ground. I was 24 up, so I seen it all come together. If anyone was involved in this, first off,
  6. That save against samaras is the only time I literally couldn't watch. Back to goal the whole time!!
  7. Fuck, its big Amo 😀 Albertz🤣🤣
  8. Never forget the excitement of seeing him with a bit of space 30yrds oot!!🤩
  9. Can't see anything. Thought he was t-total, apart fae the fags?
  10. That's the price they are in the Ibrox shop. I wish I got the away top instead. Got it for my boy and its beautiful.
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