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  1. Handball against celtic in their box, not given, go up other end of park and score. If we lose the league by a single goal...
  2. Jesus fuck, the EPL highlights are a fucking joke. VAR in every game for penalties and they're still getting it wrong. Hod fucking help us.
  3. Refs in Europe aren't biased against us.
  4. You genuinely believe that? We don't have VAR.
  5. Speaking of just seen the Tottenham/Newcastle game and all I can say is... WIT THE FUCK? even the Newcastle manager couldn't believe it. This must change NOW!! Pundits saying we're losing our game. Think I covered that in the OP. This needs to stop, this will 100% be used AGAINST US more than any other team GUARANTEED !!
  6. Like Darren Fletcher fir Scotland. Too clever to play with the players around him. That was my Man U supporting mates blindspot excuse re Fletcher's shiteness.
  7. Must enjoy that South of France, north Portugal and Spanish weather. Then after coming to the UK went fuck this, am off to Turkey (where Kebabs are made from Beef) Honestly.
  8. Point being, if that was a different ref today, we don't get 2 penalties and they get 1. Guaranteed. It may have benefited us today, but I guarantee it won't over the course of a season.
  9. Was he not involved in 2 of the goals we scored?
  10. I think because we play in the league more often than Europe people are seeing more bad games from him than good. Got a feeling we might see a MOTM performance against Galatasaray on Thursday though...
  11. True, I wish Defoe managed to score today to try make Alfie try hard in the next game.
  12. Then your mad, but I understand why after how well Jones fone today. Even so, this game will mean everything to the boy and Jones is an excellent player to bring on against tired legs.
  13. Is that your team or who you think will play? Because Hagi is 100% starting this game and we might see the best we have seen from him yet. He will be massively fired up for this, especially with how many people back home who will be watching to see how he does.
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