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  1. Took me 3yrs to get 3 seats together. That was away back in the 3rd division I applied for them though
  2. Not read the whole thread, so apologies if this has already been posted. Screen_Recording_20210626-133020_Chrome_1.mp4
  3. It does and no one is forcing you to read what I write. Use the ignore function if it annoys you so badly. I won't be deleting it cause I stand by every word. Or you could try and point out what the problem is rather than just have an empty dig.
  4. Surprise surprise. Your STILL on here bqshing folk cause you have nothing better to do. How many years have you been doing crao like this? A decade plus? Get a life ffs.
  5. For tradition sake, wish that said "Aye Ready" besides that, looks cracking and is a quite convincing photo. Would be happy with that. Will remind the players that they are winners and now have a name to live up to. They set the bar high last season. If we hit the ground running next season, 56 should be as close to a formality as can be. How does a team on it's knees beat a team that doesn't lose to the league title? Sounds easy when put that way, but we all know that isn't a certainty of the way things will go. Everyone we play is going to be chocking to be the first te
  6. Probably would with the situation in South America at the moment. I'm not that clued up on it but from what I have heard it seems that all of the South American countries are having quite a bad time with Covid at the moment. Obviously would be brutal for the fans, but with the majority not getting a ticket anyway moving it to another continent wouldn't be the worst of suggestions, even though you were trying to take the piss. Should probably try and post more attempts at nonsense more often as it seems to be better than your attempts at serious posts. Anyway, adios amigo.
  7. I doubt there is really much that you could really do in a situation like that. Would imagine that having stewards running onto the pitch with a tent would be the last thing on their minds. However, you would imagine that with his having medical's at some of the top hospitals in Europe over the years that they would manage to be able to pick up a heart murmur (guessing that was the reason behind it so obviously could be wrong) or whatever it was that caused a 29yr old professional athlete to have his heart stop during the first half of a game during one of his medicals. Whate
  8. 12 or Venezuela's players and coaching staff have tested positive for Covid. Probably wasn't the greatest idea to have this tournament in Brazil this year.
  9. Don't know if this has ever been posted before, but worth a watch if you have never seen it. Defoe getting put through some of our boys in the Royal Marines training.
  10. I've sat many times in the front row above and there's definitely quite a good few rows in front of we I'd assume the pillars are. Obviously can't say for certain, but is there not quite a substantial price reduction on restricted view seats, even if it's just a tiny bit of the pitch you can't see, like just not being able to see the corner flag?
  11. They also had a manager who could actually manage the right way. Don't know if Leicester are still top of the EPL or not, but either way he's done a tremendous job with them and celtic are squeezing everything they can out of his shadow
  12. Being Arsenal's best player isn't really an achievement at the moment. Are they not in the bottom half of the table? Don't pay much attention to the EPL. It's Rangers or no cunt for me. Will occasionally watch cup game like big vs small or cup finals from any country though.
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