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  1. OF I think he means. Autocorrect no doubt.
  2. Just re-read it, and I don't see the problem. Show me where you think I fucked up and I'll better explain it. 👍
  3. Such as? I admit I haven't re-read the OP, but I'll go and read it now.
  4. I seen the point in the past and can still see it now, but with every player playing like they will know where the player who they are going to make their next pass to is going to be on the park before they have even received the ball and turn to make a quick pass to hopefully break through a well organised team for our team to play like it did when playing at their best then we need all our best players (form-wise) on the park to be able to play like the team we seen play last season. Hopefully yesterday gives our team their confidence back that a lot of our players seem to have lost during the close season. Hopefully after the break the team will play like we all know from last season.
  5. Thought as much. I see you never managed to prove your specky lying...
  6. Autocorrect* Thought you would've been intelligent enough to spot that ffs.
  7. That is just ridiculous and you know it. I'm just saying that the best player at the time form-wise should play, preferably in their own position. Aye, Balogun is a centre back. But he has been played as a right back before and was arguably our best player yesterday.
  8. Scared to actually quote me? Prove your post ya specks liar.
  9. I never advocated anything. I posed a question regarding the modern game. Nothing more.
  10. Aye, was a good post. Gave me a laugh anyway. Fuck man, with the way advertising is going these days, I wouldn't be surprised to see a captains armband that had LED sponsorships some time in the next 10 years... Kinda like the advertising hording we already have round our stadium as I type this. Would look silly as fuck, but the younger generation would love to see an armband like that and the first team that made an armband like that would make a mint from the coverage they get from around the world's media.
  11. Stun guns? Aye OK then mate. Maybe I should've said MP45's too then... Get a grip ffs. I made that post regarding the rumours that celtic fans were going to turn up at our ground to attack our fans. They never in the end, and I never mentioned firearms either ffs 🤣😂
  12. Then why should Tav? He has almost been as off form as Barasic has been. Especially when we have an alleged best right back Scotland has produced in a long time playing (or rather not playing) for our club.
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