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  1. Try watching the telly and using the radio for commentary. Telly can't help but be slower.
  2. Of course, and the club are trying. I think we have managed to get one foot in the door with the SFA, it will be a slow process.
  3. Calm down mate. Let's just concentrate on St Mirren first. This game is too important to be thinking ahead to the draw for the next round.
  4. Yet people on here moan about him not smiling. Can you blame the guy?
  5. It's enough to not just fuck kids but fuck over our team. Not remember we were less than a week from not having a league to play in? Bloody short memories.
  6. Obviously not, I was just signing my post ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. Correct, but our team play in a country we most teams want to kill us. It's us against the establishment. There's no winning.
  8. Violent conduct can be a lot more than a 2 game ban. Duncan Ferguson.
  9. In fact, don't think it matters in cases of violent conduct anymore...?
  10. Just watched that. See why you said that you wouldn't post it. We all know what is going to happen tomorrow, and it will be hard to argue against it. I bloody wish that boy never scored that own goal 2 games back. Should've been the goal that kicked off Alfies goal scoring season. What happened yesterday wouldn't have happened if Tav just put a tiny bit more pace on his square. That's not me blaming Tav, just pointing out the obvious (in hindsight).
  11. Yeah, not the best ever. Is probably the best "text book" free kick I've ever seen though. It had absolutely everything. Distance, Composure, speed, accuracy. No one even scores goals like that in computer games.
  12. Pre-injury Mols played 9 games. Behave man.
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