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  1. I know it's not due to go out till May (boo!!) But has anyone had any updates or heard anything through the grapevine if they're on track or what? Cheers.
  2. Played there a few times if I remember rightly? Remember it raised a lot of eyebrows at the time, but he was unreal in that position. Can't believe how much he still had in the tank after he left us. We should have kept him.
  3. That was some fucking team we had back then. Could genuinely go toe to toe with Europe's best. Mad how some people think this team is better. Was fortunate enough to witness that side, and John Barnes at the scum was just fucking hilarious. Raging I missed Charbonnier, loved watching him in goals, guy was a nutter 🤣🤣 Didn't know he was part of the French Squad that won the World Cup, I just remember Barthez. Did Charbonnier play any part in the actual tournament? And do you know if he went with the squad that won Euro 2000? Cheers mate👍
  4. Was an incredible season back then. Did we not win the league by 18pts or something ridiculous like that? Think we might have scored nearly 100 goals too?? I remember back then that what ever the score was at half time, we generally scored the same amount of goals in the second half. The away top was pretty good looking if I remember correctly too... Who was the world cup winner? Been trying to think and can't seem to remember who it would have been. Just going purely by memory, but was our first XI not something like - Klos Reyna Moore Amo Numan Kanchelskis Ferguson Van
  5. That's what I have been trying to say.
  6. Ally loves Argyll, he even has a house here that he stays in regularly. I always thought that was the reason he called his first born 'Argyle, being from Glasgow would make sense of why he spelled her name with an 'e'. Obviously 'Argyle Street' is very well known, and the spelling of that Street has the 'e' at the end. Think it was named after someone with the name 'Argyle'?? So when using the word as a person's name, it makes sense to use the 'e'. But when talking about the area, it's spelled 'Argyll'. Obviously can't say for sure, would need to ask Ally...
  7. In Glasgow, Argyll is often misspelled as Argyle. Living in Argyll, it was something I noticed years ago. Newspapers were the worst for it. I can't think of a reason why a team from Argyll would spell the name of their team withe an 'e' rather than the double 'LL'... it doesn't make sense.
  8. I think I met her when I went on a tour of Ibrox stadium and had a dinner before going to Aucenhowie (sp). Really friendly woman and obviously Rangers daft.
  9. He played more games as a striker if I remember correctly???
  10. Alway thought he would've done better if we played him on the other wing. That's where he played for his precious squad and possibly his country too. He looked more comfortable and twice the player when played on the left. Think of a Ryan Kent type without the two feet.
  11. After Rangers stuck in an appeal. I doubt they have much chance of winning it, but now Patterson is free tomorrow and should we progress Tav should be fit for the next round. So we'll played Rangers
  12. Papac making Ronaldinho look like he's shit. The only thing Paul LeGuen done right for Rangers. Can't believe how exciting it was to know a manager of his "calibre" was coming to our club. Pity his preparation for the season to come was a run in the desert. Only good thing to come out if his appointment (bar Papac) was getting Walter back
  13. Definitely. Not only that, but it will help this team to become serial winners
  14. Only just noticed it had been moved. The msg I quoted said Saturday. Cheers though👍
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