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  1. Party time 🇬🇧 👃 FUCK THE POPE
  2. WE ARE THE FUCKING PEOPLE SIMPLE AS THAT 🇬🇧 Get it up you ya tarrier bastards
  3. Strachan & Hartson just summarise yer typical tarriers. Pair of ugly , bitter, oddball bastards. Fuck Mcinnes anaw the turncoat shitehouse wank
  4. Fucking brilliant Get it up you and every other cunt that put the boot into us when we were down. You will never be liked or welcomed. Scummy bastard
  5. 54 mins is the 55th minute technically in football
  6. Here here brother 🇬🇧 send it on
  7. The same cunts probably sitting on their couch eating haribo n doing as the wife says moaning about fellow bears celebrating Fucking scunners you mate , a world full of greeting faced pussys
  8. Better believe it. Us stopping them is monumental and it should be treated and celebrated that way. Don't let anyone play it down, this is once in a lifetime stuff and against the odds
  9. Backstage footage 😆 🇬🇧 trying to spur the team over the line and let them know what it means. Nearly there bears 🐻 VID-20210303-WA0028.mp4
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