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  1. Dropped more points (12) in January than we have all season in all competitions. They are fucking rank
  2. Hartson's thoughts after todays game... Delicious
  3. Call up for the Scotland rugby union six nations squad in the future after that challenge!
  4. Madness that they thought that he was a better option than both Goldson and Balogun.
  5. Exactly, it's only winners that are remembered. I think that the result will deflate those fenian cunts more than say a scenario where we went out and dominated and won 3 or 4 nil. They gave it their best and they still couldn't do the job. I hope everyone of those fenian bastards are feeling even 1% of the pain each and everyone of us felt in those dark days as it will make the result all the sweeter, if it even needs it. 55 will cripple those cunts and I am going to enjoy every minute of it.
  6. It was brilliant. Most keepers would be fucking celebrating that save like a striker would a goal, it was that good. Shows the mentality of Shagger though as well. You love to see it.
  7. Too fucking right mate. This is our fucking time right now. The Rangers are back, and best of all the entire footballing world knows about it.
  8. Still fucking buzzing. Those wean raping cunts threw everything they could at us and they still lost to us. We're now fucking back to where we belong. Been 10 long years but we have got there.
  9. I am. That result was exactly the pick me up I needed after what's been a shit couple weeks, not to get too woe is me. The shit-hoosery way we won it made it all the better.
  10. Love the wee man. Even though he's not scoring he still occupies entire defences as his movement, not to mention his natural strength, are still worthy of a place in the starting line up. The goals will return in time but for now he's still contributing by disrupting defences.
  11. Thought he came on today with purpose. Even looked a little half yard quicker than normal. Kind of performance we need more of, as we know he has it in him. Changed the course of the game.
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