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  1. candy sexton for research purposes.
  2. Whenever this gem pops back up all i can think of is mike bassett england manager lol
  3. to save me trawling 20 pages, can someone sum up todays edition of celtic meltdown? haha
  4. Crazy to think how he has improved since he left us. he looked woeful for us yet hes scored 34 goals in 71 games since.
  5. as mentioned though, you can't really look at it from the point that they are bottom of the league, they've just got a new manager in which always improves performances initially. Motherwell has never been a particularly easy game anyway. It is crazy to think that we can win every game of the season or perform at our absolute best every single week, they are human and given the results and our position in the league I think we can afford a few shite performances here and there as long as we are picking up points. With celtic only picking up 2 draws as well, as SG said, nothing lost, nothing ga
  6. same can be said for kent though. would i get rid of either of them? absolutely not. when they are on their game they give us something nobody else can.
  7. same. it feels fantastic to not be ripping your hair out at a draw to motherwell. I think if the gap wasn't so large (even without their games in hand, which if they were to win them all we would still be 12 points clear) then it would be a bigger concern but hopefully we kick on from here. at least it wasn't a defeat!
  8. New coach bounce is always expected.
  9. Ejaria couldn't even pull that off in a game of fifa. Aye, he's in a bad run of form and needs to be benched, and when he gets selected he needs to be played in his best position, but he can be absolutely quality, especially against teams that don't play anti football 10 men behind the ball. Seems a confidence player as well. He will come good again
  10. Hopefully not, cunt might put it in the right net this time!
  11. Ps can the admins lock this when we hit the golden number in 80 pages?
  12. Patiently waiting for someone to get carol baskin to do one 😂
  13. I thought this, however its only the U18s - do they have any other youth teams? If not, then they would HAVE to make celtic forfeit - AFAIK in the other games that were forfeited earlier this season it was down to the teams not being able to field a full team so there was no choice.
  14. fair shout tbf bud, Although if it weren't for him Bournemouth would still be nobodies. He did do a fantastic job but I don't think he would be the right fit for them just now. I'd just hate to see him go there as he's a likeable guy, can't say that about any of their other managers.
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