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  1. hard finding someone of the ability required that has that level of hate. Halliday had the passion, fight and grit, but lacked the ability. We have plenty of better players that have the ability, but lack the passion and fight.
  2. such a shame how his career has went. was my first OF this, absolute peach of a goal.
  3. hes missed less than 10% of his career total of games. hardly say never fit. hes had 3 injuries his whole career.
  4. match fitness, giving younger players some minutes, plenty reasons bud.
  5. Not netflix, ITV i think it was, but that Rob Burrow program last night was powerful as fuck. had a short clip of fernando in and it brought tears to my eyes. poor guys fucked and hes only 38, 3 kids he canny even play with on his birthday. Makes you appreciate what you've got a hell of a lot more.
  6. did you ever go back to the party? what were you watching on tv? did anyone cheer you up? so many questions...
  7. about as useful as a Michael Owen quote, tbf
  8. thats what I'm thinking. picking up a cheap PS4 pro so I still have something pretty decent (TBH i only play a handful of games anyway, FIFA, GTA etc.) and waiting until prices are down and bugs are ironed out of next gens.
  9. genuinely excited to play that on switch. Does it still play ok on the lite with the fixed controllers or is it a better play on a normal switch? tbf i think if i enjoy and get the usage out of the lite i'd maybe upgrade in the future, heard whispers of a new 4k ready switch anyway so.
  10. just as an update, picked up an immaculate grey switch lite last night, £90. bargain. Wanted the full fat switch but even used they are doing around £230. (New £260) and should be picking a mates PS4 Pro up later on for £120. should keep me entertained for a few years for around the price of a usual second hand PS4 Pro.
  11. I love reading about ex players that have moved abroad and stayed there. Appears he has been in Australia coaching for 20+ years. Good on him. Id love a career that would take me abroad.
  12. Wish this didn't exist like that pass from forrester.
  13. Wouldnt go that far mate, a pat on the back would suffice
  14. Think he knew he wasn't gonna get playing time here anyway tbh. We picked him up from barrow and apparantly he wasn't even that fantastic for them so a few folk have said. But he's happy to be 3rd choice keeper which a lot of folk wouldn't be, he'll be on buttons and trains hard and works well with the manager. Can't really ask for much more. At least he's got 1 appearance to his name. Lived the dream
  15. tbf gotze is NOT the player he once was. That illness he has has totally ruined him. He's done IMO. And I used to really rate him. He wouldn't have been any good to us because with his illness his recovery times and work rate are drastically affected. For the money he would be on he would need to be playing 40+ games a season. No chance of that.
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