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  1. Kamberi to Sheffield Wednesday is an odd one.
  2. aye but if you play him, then he is cup tied is he not (so couldnt feature certainly in early European rounds at least)?
  3. I think you have to really, can't leave someone who has been THAT good for you, club leading European goalscorer out especially in the first CL game the clubs had in 10 year.
  4. shit aye forgot about that. but tbf if we are likely selling kamara is there much point? roofe certainly id put him in.
  5. makes it easy tbh with the suspensions and for this early round tbh
  6. Fucking love it if he does his ACL or a 6 month injury at least.
  7. Hartson sounds ready to burst into tears. Delicious
  8. With a year left on his deal when you can sign him on a pre contract in 5 months time!!!
  9. Honestly it's a shame we haven't got them on match day 2 or something, we would humiliate the cunts
  10. Don't ya hate it when some cunt you absolutely despise knocks in a worldie. Hopefully this shite mob can pull level and beat the scum in ET.
  11. Yeah - i seem to remember Pep binning Hart because he wasn't very good with his feet and wasn't a sweeper keeper - you watch Ederson for City and you can see what he's after in that role - hart was a good shot stopper but that was about it - which worked when city dominated because opposition teams rarely got a chance to properly test him. Likely as well a drop in confidence has contributed to his decline I guess.
  12. See tbf he hasn't been the top class goalie since he left man city, which was (effectively due to loans) 5 YEARS AGO. part of me wonders whether he was just so good for city because of the defence in front of him. Because its not like you just go from being a top top keeper to absolute shite over night. If it is the case of his defence flattered him then hope to fuck that they sign him, like you say their defence is fucking honking.
  13. surprising. He's on about 30k a week at Spurs, would think he would want a hefty sign on fee as he's still another year left on his deal there, and he seems content to just pick up a wage so. Over the hill now anyway IMO, was a great goalie but regressed massively. Still don't think he would be the difference maker for them though.
  14. source? only thing ive seen is some shitty opinion piece for Football Insider by Gabby Agbonlahor.
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