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  1. Will take playing dog shit but winning aw season tbf
  2. We are skint mate we'll get beerman.
  3. just because someone can sign/has signed a pre contract doesn't mean the buying club can't buy out the contract (like we did with Kamara, for 50k in jan rather than free at the end of the season) Obviously we would get significantly more than 50k. We wouldn't get anything close to what they got for their donkey but I wouldn't be totally gutted if we at least made our money back (2-3m i think it was?) on him given his contract situation and downturn in performances this season vs last.
  4. I play FIFA a lot so had heard of him from there, watched a game or two of his and he looked solid.
  5. The scum sold their donkey on a defender for 8 figures with less than 12 months left on his contract. We should expect to at least get our money back on him IMO
  6. Get doekhi in pronto. Pre contract then flog goldson for a mill or 3.
  7. Best bit of business we have done in years gettin 4.5 million pounds for our management team and bringing in a better one for free (minus contracts obviously) surely first time in our history we have been paid for a manager?
  8. you could understand if it was a top target, like a ryan kent or something. But Nisbet... Just play Morelos to his strengths and he is a far far better striker, christ even roofe is far better than nisbet.
  9. imagine taking your ball in because you didn't sign kevin fucking nisbet.
  10. Think he can grow to be an absolutely dependable back up when our CB pairing are fully fit, and more than capable of filling in as and when required when they aren't, and rotational for smaller games. Would be happy to be proved wrong and he develops into a full first teamer. played a great game.
  11. Shagger with 2 top class saves at the end there. Hero
  12. Hopefully gio can at least make us look competent and not embarassing
  13. Hibs will lie down to celtic in the final though despite playing like prime Real Madrid today.
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