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  1. my wife tells me this all the time
  2. bit sick of seeing this comment when scott arfield is 32 ffs. totally agree with the rest of what you are saying though. Think midfield is where we will need to strengthen the most, we will be OK up front if Morelos stays and at the back and in goal.
  3. doesnt look like your post come out right bud, mind reposting?
  4. TBF i didn't know what the max ban was, was going off what i'd read online that 10 games was the most. Going off what has since come out, it clearly isnt enough, he should get the absolute maximum that can be handed out, whatever that is
  5. Tbf I think the ban on kudela is fine. 10 games is enough. However, club should be fined €1m euros as punishment if uefa really want to kick out racism from the game. If, big if, kamara has assaulted him then unfortunately there's no choice but to ban him for 3 games. However, even with the circumstances (victim of racist abuse obviously) how can you justify someone hitting another player off the pitch getting a shorter ban than a player commiting an (accidental) hard challenge? Even by rulebooks, one was premeditated, one was accidental. Ridiculous decision making at UEFA, surprise surpr
  6. Doesn't really matter too much with us being out of the competition until the summer. Gives us time to bring another in (which I assumed was happening anyway when the window opens and players likely move on)
  7. aye i know, should've been more clear. I was referencing people on about the kuedela incident and kamara. apologies
  8. cant wait to hear what the club/SG have to say on this.
  9. honestly just withdraw from european competition. run by a pack of corrupt cunts
  10. wasnt there meant to be cameras in the tunnel? not only that, there was video footage of kuedela leaving the ground absolutely fine. so prove this "assault" then.
  11. tbf I was slightly aroused otherwise I would've.
  12. last time I PM'd him he just sent me nudes, think ill give him a miss tbh
  13. on a serious note who are people using for IPTV subs? used to use them years ago but they were flakey at best. The wife refuses to sack sky off, but we've just the basic package so might get a sub (ideally monthly or a trial for a fee as brassic atm) feel free to PM me if you don't want to post on here
  14. All speculation. And they wouldn't be under pressure at all, they've been slaughtered in the press about their delay in investigating so they won't be bothered a jot about that. They'll just hand him a 5 game ban and a paltry club fine, that's literally all that'll happen.
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