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  1. And I’ll offer a tenner more per ticket than this funny guy 🤪. I can do this all day 👍🏼
  2. Nah min. Love it there. Was a regular overseas stopover destination when going offshore 👍🏼🍻
  3. So long as it has a restricted view 🤪
  4. One of my mate’s who lives in Foveran has a season ticket in GF6. He works a 6 week rotation in Brazil, so it’s often spare. I can act as middle man for that one if you like mate
  5. Usually drive, specially for midweek games. Otherwise I catch the RSC bus from Peterhead (where my sons live). Will do mate 👍🏼
  6. Hahaha nah. Hate beetroot mate 🤢
  7. Haha nah neither mate. Mum diagnosed with multiple C and the rest of my siblings live overseas too. So I drew that short straw to come home 😫
  8. Hahaha aye it is. But I only live there mate. Not from there! I’ve actually lived overseas for as many years as I have lived in Scotland. And by that I don’t mean Shetland! Haha. But if I say where I was born, you will likely ask if I eat linoleum with my Mother’s Pride bread! Clues there for ye! Also, as Billy Connolly would say, “it should have been called ‘what’s that fucking smell’!” Again, I must stress, I was only both there!
  9. Haha there’s no fucking about to be fair. I always go. They can fight for the other one 🤪
  10. Haha fair enough mate. Unfortunately have to be to try get away tickets and even home tickets for the wife and youngest son 💩
  11. Haha no mate. Just looking to stop the bun fight for the second ticket every time! Been on the waiting list for ages for another 2. Had my 2 for a very long time, and lived overseas for years and didn’t use them much at all, but kept them all the same. I’m now back living in the U.K. so it makes sense to try get another couple. Don’t vote mate, but vaxxed for my work and travel 🙄. No malice intended here ✌🏼
  12. Haha, I actually didn’t even mean that! Just noticed when I said it out load now 🙈
  13. Hello. I am a current Season Ticket holder (I have 2 x in MFP), and I am also a MyGers Member, as is my son who holds the other Season Ticket I am looking for another 2 x Season Tickets (for my wife and other son, who are also both MyGers Members), preferably in MFP, but I would also consider any other area. Does anyone have 2 x Season Tickets they wish to sell, or know anyone who does? Many thanks. Lee WATP 🇬🇧
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