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  1. Beat me to it mate How wide do we want it to be. Surely that should have been case closed after it was in the scabbiest Rangers hating rag.
  2. that is the first time i've heard what he was supposedly called,and as far as i know it was never reported in any paper.
  3. Probably straight after the cunt at ross county got away with homophobic abuse of Alfie. You cannot have one set of players being held to a standard set for them by the whole outside world,who allow others to abuse Rangers players.
  4. Better off deciding the league title with darts than that pishy made up scheme. remember stay out of the black and in the red,nothing in this game for 2 in a bed. now let's take a look at what you coulda won. super smashing great.
  5. The whole episode proves why we say our refs are dug shite,especially clancy.
  6. That's the sad bit,that they cannot even look after themselves. On a lighter note...the da is a ringer for welsh.
  7. Can only imagine the money and resources needed to keep tabs on them. That kid has no chance of living a normal life.
  8. A fuckin attention seeking buffoon,and would say any old shite to be relevant.
  9. Scary thing is,that pair are responsible for a child.
  10. Not even sure if he had to be coaxed by his corner to stand up for the result. It's just a shame you eventually have to face boxers who fight back.
  11. The big lumbering can you stand still till i knock you out,has been found out. Should just be happy he never had to face the likes of Tyson,and how many times he would cross himself.
  12. Too busy giving it sky vip,and living the high life. soft as fuckin putty. If their is a scheduled rematch with Usyk,it will be his last title shot for a long time.
  13. wonder if this cunt was on for £100K for the next 5 years. what a cabal of bad bastards.
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