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  1. The mutants cut out all the stages and just went full paralytic mode.
  2. Will trust with all the shit from this seasons MISTAKES,would assume they have got their shit together going forward. afasik it's a win win for both parties.
  3. cut and paste from doping cases. guys a fuckin obsessed fenian roaster. he'll be glad the thumb never got tested a few months back.
  4. Got a coupla spare hours and the stomach for shite it's at the top of page 131
  6. PIKEY johnston was the kid who had to come off with an injury that kept him out for months,and as he was limping off,tlb mouthed "fuckin shitebag" in his direction. Would you want to play for a cunt like him. Don't get why Pikey would. As far as being a player he's dug shite.
  7. Dr Death Reid will be blamed for getting them the loan in the first place. Typical fenians abusing a finacial scheme,and hope the interest rates are astranomical for a Sporting Business.
  8. Very Interesting and hope it ends with them getting stiffed with the more you owe the bigger the rate.
  9. Plagarism from a fuckin hypocrite...who would believe it
  10. Not sure many of us on here will be taking lessons on morals from the popes 11.
  11. I was for quoting the whole crazy madcap shite again,then thought i would get banned for being a tit.
  12. TRIED being the operative word. Away and pour yerself a coffee ya fuckin roaster. That musta taken him weeks as it must be hard when you've got extra thumbs and fingers ya mutant.
  13. My daughter sent me this Saturday night and i actually had just watched one of the clips on Stevie's time with us. I saw Steven Gerrard in 35 years time,when Walter was sending out his warning. From the day he stepped into Ibrox on his first day,you can see he has aged slightly. But!!!!...It's a maturity thing,as he has grown into our job with a presence of someone much older than his years,and who will give nothing less than 100% to give US...the fans a memory which will go a long way to banish the last 9 seasons. When you hear Stevie speak,he is desperate to do it for us,and with th
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