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  1. Act soft and get taken advantage of. Self inflicted nonsense. A "CLUB STATEMENT" the day after Alfredo was assaulted against dundee tims. A "CLUB STATEMENT" the day after Alfredo was assaulted against the junkies. Get on the front foot and call claire the fenian ST holder out. Get on the front foot and call out the fenian infested sfa out. FFS...take them on or this will ramp up as the season unfolds. These scabby bastards will do EVERYTHING in their power,and i mean everything to enable the paedo club to ten.
  2. Was just sitting there watching and seemed happy enough. The camera panned to the far stand linesman and i thought to myself 'now!..that's a papish looking face if ever you saw one' 2 minutes later the scabby bastard allowed a cunt who was a yard offside to play on,then bang about 20 seconds later it's 2-2. Where the fuck do they vet these people?
  3. Then they wonder why we tell people we're British. It really has become an embarassing stain on this shithole. Irelands shame and scotlands burden.
  4. Would turn your fuckin stomach. What a horrible showere of fenian complicit bastards. Hope Gordon Woods and the rest of the victims stick to their guns and this goes all the way. Salmon whose lawyer admittedd he was guilty got a not guily and half a million. Fuckin disgusting.
  5. It's a mirror image of just one of the 14 names on the list being held by scotlands finest. The 7 already convicted should be thankful they never had to face justice American style,like 60 year prison sentences. Police,politicians and the courts were all mentioned as ignoring justice for the victims at the start. SOUNDS FAMILIAR?
  6. Leo now has a dose of the Tex Ritters and bad breath.
  7. Big Fil is the man in possesion at the moment,and it certainly gives us good options.
  8. Bring the clown on. Football wise he has hardly laid a glove on us for 2 seasons. Cheating and just being an ugly fuckin prick,then he's top of his game. His best game against us was running across the back of AM and clicking his heels which worked to get him sent off. Do not give two fucks if they do keep him free to play against us. Horrible footballer and person.
  9. PS1 pictures matched the commentators in that they were a fuckin mess. Liked what i saw but my ears are bleeding with that big ex m/well clown shoe. NEXT!
  10. Me personally save myself the self harm of watching the bastards (unless they get a tanking) which hasn't happened very much in the last couple of seasons (except from us) But!!!...i'll believe yourself before any rags or media friends of beast fc.
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