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  1. if that aussie bloke hasn't made a difference to them as a team within 2 minutes,his arse will be on it's way. There is no way the mutants would have given Stevie Gerrard his 3rd start in 3 seasons,the way we did.
  2. How the fuck they can question Paul Le Guen,then almost give the ok to costaglue who has done zero,zilch,nada absolutely fuck all to merit the gig.
  3. It's going to be hilarious getting a bunch of spoiled cunts who got pumped last season,to take to his work hard methods. This shower of tossers were blowing out their arse before they went to R+R in Dubai. That wee prick McGregor is showing signs of burn out and me personally think he is a petulant wee cunt who will not take too kindly to being ordered about. They are fuckin TOAST
  4. The fucking imposter will never get grilled here the same way he did in that interview. BUT!...when the shit hits the fan it's going to be splattered all over the place in big fuckin lumps.
  5. brilliant mate stavros just made shite up after he read his prepared statement
  6. I'm over the moon that you were shite,when you had the chance to play for your boyhood dreams. and it ended in a "FUCKIN DISASTER AND A CATASTROPHE" and we had some of the funniest moments in football Now your back up to speed.....fancy your chances for...DING DING...ROUND 2....?????? then we could finish you off to footballs equivelant of a punch drunk boxer. the club of your dreams is a fuckin myth. if the truth be told they should be closed down for what happened to young over 100 young boys dreams turned into their own personal nightmare. so don't let us hear your pish about
  7. mentioned this yesterday and said oostende will be chuckling like fuck once they get the cheque in. let's hope they make a very large profit in a couple of days. 's will be beelin mad and want somebody shot. keeps getting better by the day.
  8. Crazy he's still No1 choice for the republicans if you had the chance to predict the future in July 2020 and came up with where we are today,you might have ended up in a straight jacket. Here's hoping it's just the start of the end of the beast from the east.
  9. Me personally think the big french guy will have the yips for a long time,if he's fit enough. Will not go within 10 feet of a goal post without letting out a big girlie squeal
  10. Near splattered the keyboard at his comment,then decided he was fuckin at it Rab. They blew £17 Million on transfers and loans,to add to a squad who had won 8.75 titles. Probably spent more than our whole squad cost to assemble. We remember sleekit pete's snidey comment around 2013 that there was "no credible opposition" We remember tlb's snidey comment around 2014 that there "wasn't a challenge any more" They absolutely without a doubt gave us no chance. How we were supposed to do anything when we weren't even there for 5 of them. They were in the league when we absolutely le
  11. I have absolutely no doubt that young Nathan Patterson is learning from The Captain. He will be our first choice RB in years to come. Just need to be patient with this kid.
  12. makes me cringe. but right now it's the only number they have. duh a dear,flower of scotland,it's an affront to football just like the trannies.
  13. Just watching where this post is going. The only connection the beasts have with Man City is with paedophiles,and sleekit petes son who works for Man City. That is where it ends. City said sorry and put up a large pot of money for the victims of bennell (who might have been involved with cbc which was formed in 1966 by a nonce who was ushered off the premises when it was being highlighted,and was brought back when they thought the coast was clear,to carry on with the same despicable MO which he will always have then now and forever) This certain club have tried to distance themselves
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