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  1. Sportscene never mentioned it,and actually showed the match underway. the sunday pail reported it as "silent tribute before the match at the" piggery. the fenian child rapists and terrorist sympathisers will have to be exposed outside of this republican cesspit mate. showed the photo of the bastards setting up the fireworks in a cemetery,(which they fiddled from the council at a knock down price)...and the missus said "where's the securitry",to which i had to tell her they were organising it. despicable club would not be allowed to be open in any other civilised country.
  2. Ally in the DR suggesting big JK keep his beak out,and concentrate on his own club.
  3. A bit like finding your pussy who ran away from home 8.75 years ago..
  4. you would like to think that any person with an ounce of dignity,and a moral right from wrong attitude would run a fuckin mile.
  5. Take that big JK. looks like you got your arse kicked for being a slimy whiney mouthy clown. We await your reply with glee
  6. Next Saturday night at 17.46 pm in injury time. Zungu sublime pass to Bassey motoring on the left,who put's in a pin point pass to Patterson charging into the box........ and it's in the net to make it 1-0.
  7. We don't speak about other clubs,but we'll talk all day about the rainjurs.
  8. changed days from when the beaks (pardon the pun) actually let them pick and choose when they would travel to Japan before the season was finished. And made Rangers who had a European final alongside a league fixture pile up of 4 matches to be played in 8 days which had to be played.
  9. ready for timploding... just read it,and i'm quite sure he's suggesting we send our lads to Spain for a break and mix with punters and get bombscare duffer to braid their hair. was slabbering about them already having played in last months match at the knew camp. luvvin it
  10. still considering if he wants involved in a total basket case. retard put him in the....wait for it............................................£25 mill bracket
  11. will do as soon as mate my bottle for trophy day has been waiting for a few years and it's johnnie walker blue label
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