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  1. lurgan looks like he's flossing with strimmer cord.
  2. doubles up as antonio banderas in spoof movies
  3. drawn up on the back of a fag packet for diddy teams. had another listen in to ssb whine in and there were a couple of our own letting them know the co-efficient was down to us over the last 3 seasons,and you would think somebody let rip with the most foul fart you ever sniffed,and all you could hear was coughing and spluttering from "the panel"
  4. Listening to ssb whine in and one of the unwashed wants lambert. will give him a chance to find his teeth in the broomloan penalty area.
  5. There's a boy on this site selling reprints of that poster if anybody's interested.
  6. 2 weekends in a row by accident. One fine day that fuckin slug will accidently bump into some fuckin nutcases knuckles.
  7. My older brother near shat himself when he found out i had used the rent money. I was a milk boy and knew i would get the money back at the weekend,as long as i could bluff excuses about the rent book. He was 14 and a mature kid,and on the same milk round as myself,and he said "ya daft bastard,you'll get us evicted". I probably replied with "what's evicted" Spot on about the match eejay,lifted over and ushered down the front,whithout a care in the world. I actually look at my grandson who is around the same age,and i squirm about how naive kids are nowadays. Or maybe at how mad
  8. The 1st match i went to on my own. Had been to a couple of matches on the supporters bus with my brother and uncle,who said i wasn't allowed to any match against them. Was 12 and was supposed to pay the rent,but!!!....dogged the school and got the train to Glasgow without a care in the world and not actually knowing what,how or where i was going. The secret was to follow The People wearing Rangers hats and scarves. Was scary trying to find my way home. But here we are 57 years later and the fire within is as deep now as it was then.
  9. will be interesting to see how much sleekit pete has lifted from the pot. The mutants will be commiting mutiny...well!!...the ones who haven't chucked themselves over Erskine Bridge.
  10. The mHanky tramps could always pawn the last 11 bank balance trophies
  11. can move him up when the £5 million quid keeper moves into defence
  12. £10.900.000 shipped on "DROSS" coined by huremberg shug. Coming home to roost ya mutant bastards. multi tasking on my laptop,watching stv noos and listening to the mutants on ssb what a week
  13. Just seen the sheeps 2nd penalty and nearly pished myself laughing at shame duffer. He's down on one knee looking over his shoulder as golum awards the penalty,then the camera pans away for a split second,then it pans back to catch him lying as prone as an ira bomber in Gibraltar. fuckin get in
  14. Billy Boy £2 Anon £2 F.T Pope £2 hope the mutants pop on just for a kwik shufty thats the howdy after a week
  15. john paul frimpong,bernadete laxative,christine ooyah and shame duffer are leaking like a fuckin sieve.
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