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  1. I took my lad aged 3, he loved the first 30mins but then fell asleep! In fact taking him (now 6) & 2 year old on Sunday
  2. Anyone know a pre average attendance this season for queens park before we played them & what there average attendance is now? No good at maths me!
  3. Some of the posts on here are crazy, one pished up nutter pushes the goalie over..... End of he will get the book thrown against him. The chants from both sides were bad, but hey it's a local Yorkshire derby with a lot if previous history. It's was mental outside from what I've read. Bringing Istanbul into the thread is poor, two British lads following there team don't deserved that whatever happened. It was refreshing to watch a game with passion last night rather than the usual sanitised football with tits wearing jester hats.
  4. Sorted mate? Was thinking of selling on amazon, ebays shite
  5. Is it skin tight? Doesn't look good for my moobs like....
  6. I live in merseyside and we already do! 5.5mill for a sticker on fire in the prem, 35 mill for ANDY Carroll! Unreal
  7. 3 promotions on the bounce? Sorry but my local team tranmere would give rangers a run for there money.... And tranmere are shite
  8. They are sort of, look at the lyrics of banks of the river blue Mersey,
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