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  1. happy birthday brother. no surrender

  2. it was a brilliant day and being there was brill
  3. it was a great day - i got lots of pictures of them training and some video of it too. also got lots of pictures with my daughter and the players - they were great at letting everyone who wanted a picture or autograph get it. There should be a picture on the website (or in the newspapers) of the team with all those who were there in Army uniform. we are off to the game tonight so hopefully get more pictures then.
  4. kick off is 7pm Germany time and the game is being played at the Jahnstadion and I'm going to the game - I think Fleck might play as he trained with the squad in Marienfeld yesterday The team opened up their training session again this year to the guys and gals from the Army and us Civvies that are based just down the road from the hotel they are staying in (5mins up the road from my work) The guys were great yesterday and signed autographs and posed for photos for everyone there.
  5. Well i for one am glad as where they wil be based is just along the road from where i work and the last time they were based there they opened up a training session for all us UK based people to go see and they had a game with a team of the coaches playing against a team of guys working in my building - the banter was hilarious - so happy days for me
  6. it will just make it all so much sweeter when we win - have no fear - the league is ours and they can go stuff themselves - i've already got the champagne on ice
  7. NIAR was brilliant - but we are going to win the league on Sunday - so have faith - i have -it's a non starter - the league is ours.
  8. would love to be at the game - but unfortunately being here means tv watching - will be watching at my mates house and seeing as we always win when we watch the game together it is a non starter - league ours - we watched the last old firm game together and i told guys in work who support the other mob that they were going to a drowning their sorrows party and i was right - so league ours - have no fear - its in the bag
  9. calm down- we are going to win on Sunday - and they can win whatever amount - 0 - it won't matter - the league is ours have no fear
  10. family always come first - but seeing as my family is divided - me and daughter Rangers fans - other half and son celtic fans - an OF game will always get priority - just have to watch it on tv these days being over here - but don't watch it together - one or other goes to the mates to watch the game - saves any fights - always went to the games back home as we both had season tickets - so never watch a game together - just as well or would have been divorced long ago (20 years married come September)
  11. not sure about this one - think they deserved to be punished but why just the two Rangers players getting all the flak - there was more than them drinking and it was with the backing of the manager - all the others should be taken to task and so should Burley Rangegrs have punished them for bringing them into disrepute and possibly rightly so - but what action are other taking?? I know it doesn't matter as we are only interested in the good name of Rangers Football Club but it's about time things were dealt with fairly across the board and i would start with sacking the idiot Scotland manager who said it was ok to go drinking at that time in the morning after a game knowing there was a big game a few days later.
  12. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. you got it in one coop - makes me sad just reading this thread as it brings back memories of my dad too (died same day) will never forget that free kick either -was at Hampden that day and you knew the ball was going straight into the net - keeper never moved - got to see Cooper many times and he was a genius - great player.
  14. I'd like to know where the individual got the statistics from - it sounds like a load of rubbish to me and far from accurate - anything to stir up trouble!! - wouldn't rise to it - best ignored!!
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