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  1. Strange signing. Guy never really got a chance. Maybe pish in training?
  2. Hope the rest of the Diddy Clubs follow, or go bust. Either way win win
  3. Great find mate. Pity our mhedia couldn’t do,the same research
  4. Ridiculous price . The first time they did it cost was £12 and you got a pint. Wasn’t that great because the screens are quite small. How they’ve jumped it up £24 is beyond me
  5. Are we back to getting the full South Stand?
  6. Bottom line is he was stupid today. Hopefully just a blip
  7. I’m pretty sure it’s a wind up Im pretty sure it’s a wind up
  8. We need to get a result in both games
  9. Don’t agree mate but you’re entitled to your opinion
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