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  1. Thats true but how many loan players have you seen do what he did in the last game against them?
  2. Sorry if repost "About wat the paper said today, its not true! Like I said, I will play for rangers again, just dnt no if its gonna b next season" Take from that what you will! Hope he comes back though permanently, seems like he loves us :weiss:
  3. Where does it actually say his career depends on Whyte taking over? Another non-story
  4. It says in the record that we have been hit with this ban already is this true?
  5. Gilt Edged in Saltmarket is about the cheapest mate
  6. SSN reporting debt has risen to £30m whats that all about?
  7. Aye I thought that but the guy that posted it is from the dark side he posted "Neil Lennon's resigned the bigots have won" I went to comment on it but the post had been removed
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