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  1. Couldn't let the transfer forum go without coming back to face you all and taking the stick I clearly deserve. Fill yer boots! I'm embarrassed, of course I am, but I can tell you all that Ally made a last gasp plea to Whyte this evening to release funds for Templeton and Salihi as these were two of the players identified to "animate" the support. He aslo hoped to offer Jaager a contract. Unfortunately for Ally and us he was told in no uncertain terms that no money would be made available. Again, make of that what you will. Anyway, I would like to apologise to you all for building your hopes up and I'm absolutely gutted at the way this window has panned out. If Admin could now delete my account I'd be very grateful. Wishing everyone at RM all the very best. WATP blouiearmstrong.......
  2. Bit disappointed in that to be honest. We don't always see eye to eye but I had you down for better than that. Still, looks like I'm way off the mark so fire away.
  3. Well we have submitted an offer for Templeton.... "BBC Scotland's Brian McLaughlin reports that Hearts have received two bids for winger David Templeton. One from Rangers and one from an English Championship club." I'm still hopeful we can get him before the window closes.
  4. I forgive you.... 3 does seem a lot - it's hard enough getting one right. But I've just spoken to him again and he's certain this is a goer. I'll take the flak if I'm wrong.
  5. There's always an element of risk when you post this sort of stuff. Sometimes it goes tits up at the last minute and there's nothing you can do about it.
  6. And I thought PM's were exactly THAT.....Private. And if I remember correctly RM actually ran with the story as well because one of the Admin team had also heard Commons was on his way to us. Anyway. Fuck him.
  7. Never happened Papa. I said if I was a gambling man I'd put my house on it, that's how confident I was. I couldn't have been more wrong.
  8. He was in the bag but Whyte fucked that one up. My source at the time was Trevor Steven who told me it was a done deal.
  9. I thought it was pretty good.... Commons fucked me at the final hurdle but I'm trying to think of others I may have called wrong. I'm sure some of you will be only too happy to remind me. Cunts I've called a few right as well.....
  10. No. He went to Eastbank Academy with Temp and they're still good mates. The link's coming from Templeton himself. Don't know how he'd know about Jaager to be honest but that's the story.
  11. The source is top notch and I just hope I don't end up with egg all over my face. Trying to call 3 out of 3 seems a bit of a tall order but hopefully they all arrive. Still nothing at all on a Striker though but I'd be amazed if we don't have someone lined up.
  12. Just received a taxt that all 3 of these players will be signed tomorrow or before the window closes. Excellent source!
  13. It sounds like Matthew Mbuta...... Wap wap wap wap waaaaaa.......
  14. Could it be that's he's not French but had to catch a connecting flight from CDG?
  15. Flight arrived from Wales? The guy's Black?.... It's either Earnshaw or Kenny Miller........
  16. Could it be Jerry Bengston? - No source - just spiffballing.......
  17. Hearing that Sandy Jardine was at Glasgow Airport tonight where he was meeting and shaking hands with a Black player arriving from Charles De Gaul (sp) Airport. No idea who he is. And shoot me if you want.
  18. Even as I posted this I kept thinking to myself..... " This can't be true " I mean, we invite a player over from the other side of the world, he impresses on trial, we can't offer him a contract, and he ends up at HIBS!.... :lol: How does that work? Not surprised quite a few never believed me, I'm still trying to take it in myself. And I don't care what anyone says, it's fucking embarrassing. And what if he turns out to be some player, who de we blame, Ally or Whyte? <mockoutragesmilie>......
  19. At £400,000 I feel like buying him myself...... Seriously, how can you go wrong at that sort of money?
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