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  1. World class touch to deny Nisbet a clear goal.
  2. Gio will have eyes on signings of his own and I'm sure he will have made the board well aware of that prior to joining. If any half decent offers come in for Morelos, Kent or Aribo they will be gone. Especially if what eskbank is saying is true.
  3. I think there's a high chance Katic is recalled but I really don't think he is the answer other than a squad player. I expect the new management team is prioritising the centre half roll in January when/if we sell a couple of players to fund it.
  4. Ball circulation league, sounds like something you'd make up during a boys holiday to Kavos.
  5. Is Boyle and the other cunt suspended for this after their reds last week?
  6. Can't agree much more than that tbh. I suppose we will never know what was going on behind the scenes but obviously the bin dipper never took that job within 3 days as he said.
  7. Morelos rolled a Sparta player twice with his arse again. I can't remember the last time that happened, he will be in amongst the goals again in the weeks to come. Guaranteed.
  8. Certainly more confident going into tonight than I was on Sunday and I expect a big reaction from the players. 3-1 Rangers
  9. Don't think his first training session is until Tuesday. Massive game, not overly confident in all honesty. Hopefully we are at it from the start.
  10. Got one in 2nd ballot. First this year.
  11. Looks like he will be in the stands on Sunday and announced Monday.
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