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  1. David Tanner did on Twitter and deleted it. He said "Slavia beat Celtic 4-1 home and away"
  2. Who cares about broony fs. Our teams on fire and still ends up back to that fuckwit from some people.
  3. They will pander any shite to help them sleep at night, that forum is the worlds worst for it.
  4. Hopefully he is back in a few years when their next manager gets sacked. Its been great.
  5. First two names I've seen mention by the tims are Bielsa and Rangnick cunts will never learn.
  6. Not much was said when Liverpool or Leeds won their respective leagues last year but it's guaranteed we will be slaughtered for our celebrations in this shitehole.
  7. Reminded me of Dan Henderson's against Bisping years ago except even worse because it was two digs.
  8. 3-0 Rangers I'd play same team as yesterday apart from Kamara in for Jack.
  9. Pretty sure David Edgar at H&H said there was nothing in this when it first came about. Something may have changed I guess.
  10. Was utter shite last week according to the bipolar mob in the match thread. Superb player and one of first names on the team sheet the now.
  11. Would imagine he will get a lot of minutes when the leagues wrapped up. Will suit our formation to a tee.
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