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  1. Never seen that mentioned in here once. If we win the league this year I would imagine there will be a number of players move on, he would more than likely be one. Even more chance if he has a good Euros.
  2. Most unloyal bunch of fickle fans known to man. Spoiled by success and long may it continue.
  3. Got it done last month mate, had one in my old gaff and would've missed it big time. Ended up bevying till 9 yesterday morning. Surprisingly fresh the day in work, a was bedded for 8 last night right enough.
  4. They've had a free hit at the Champions League for 3 years and effectively shit the bed. They could have been out of sight financially for around 10-15 years if they had qualified but here they are, pumped out of the Europa League after 4 games.
  5. Great player and bargain of the century.
  6. Imperative we take full points in the league on the run up to the old firm. They're playing utter shite but do a favourable run league wise.
  7. Lennons post match interview cunt is broken. Nice to see Julieen coming back in and the defence still being horrendous.
  8. We will go through, disappointing to lose two goals but Benfica are a top team who have spent over 100million in the Summer.
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