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  1. Was brilliant mate. Gutted Anderson never won. Nae wonder everycunt hates Scotland after the euros.
  2. Aye table F mate, Anderson is by a think.
  3. I tried to message you on Snapchat earlier mate. I was ready to leather some nuns, cheeky bastarts man.
  4. Was there the night and was ready to kill somecunt within 10minutes. Cunts screaming in your lug "Scotland get battered everywhere they go".
  5. How on earth did that not go in from Louis? What a shot.
  6. Morikawa win all day now. Doesn't look flustered at all.
  7. On a shocking run. Never been same since he had Covid last year.
  8. Going on Wednesday night, had it booked before I realised Rangers were also playing Blackpool.
  9. Hope so, I've got 20 quid on Oosthuizen at 28/1
  10. Rahm and DJ are in contention. 4 out of 5 major winners are at the top of the leaderboard. Its shaping up brilliant.
  11. His record is poor in the Open and links golf courses in general.
  12. Dechambeau is a fucking idiot, can't stand him.
  13. Breaking them in easy in preparation for next week, something I don't agree with. Also, a lot of these courses only defence is the wind, its been calm all week.
  14. Played Dundonald last Tuesday and then the two courses at Turnberry on Wednesday. I played the Ailsa last year but it is just another level, an unreal golf course. Pity the politics are holding it back from getting another Open.
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