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  1. Hows your Spanish, if you don't mind me asking?
  2. If he goes, all the very best to him. May not be as talented as other players in the squad but puts in as much effort as any other player in the squad, and for that i respect him.
  3. It's shocking how many tickets get given to others than fans of the two teams playin
  4. Does anyone know if Kyle accepts you if you add him as a friend?
  5. You seem a bit slow, so i'm going to try and explain, okay? We currently have four roofs in the stadium, one for each stand. Four stands x roof each = four roofs. BUT!!!! i've noticed that these roofs are permanent! I suggest that over the Broomloan (big sloped thing with seats that the Celtic fans sit in when they visit) the roof is retractable (can be pulled back, removed, retracted if you will), so when it rains the water keeps on travelling and hits the Celtic fans, so they will be wet and miserable. Forget about the other roofs, there fine. Do you see. Btw, is this you ...
  6. I'd rather not increase it, sure it looks good for big games (few times a season, at least 3 more if we get the CL) but every other game it would look terrible. I would rather sell out a 35 000 seater every week than a 60 000 a few times a season tbh!
  7. If you could make changes to Ibrox, what would you do? For example, if the Broomloan and/or Copland were made into one stand instead of two tiers, i think it would look amazing, like this in Dortmund ... A standing section would be good, like in Germany again. And a retractable roof over the Broomloan for rainy old firm days.
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