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  1. Wow, talk about arguing for the sole sake of arguing You know what was my point was
  2. The same EPL that has the likes of Rory Delap, David Vaughan, Ben Watson, Dickson Etuhu, and Gary Taylor-Fletcher getting regular games? Yeah how could our players possibly be better than that?
  3. I said i don't post on FF, not that i don't go on there Anyone who thinks that Celtic fans sign up to the Rangers online ticket office and purchase tickets for Rangers vs Dundee United must be an idiot.....
  4. Murray was the man who paid for it so it doesn't matter if he's in charge or not, i'm ok with it being named after him.
  5. McCulloch took a paycut a few months ago and was only on around £16,000 before that Miller is supposedly on £16,000 a week at the minute Lafferty wouldn't be on £20,000 or anywhere near it Weir is either on £20,000 a week or £20,000 per match depending on what you believe (i hope to god its the first one)
  6. I don't remember names on messageboards, i just remember a big thread about it on FF about 18 months ago, and a few mentionings of it since
  7. Every team plays each other home and away - 26 games Breaks into a top 6 who play each other home and away - 10 games (36 in total) Bottom 8 play each other home and away - 14 games (40 in total) The unfair nature of the bottom 8 having to play 4 more games is offset by the extra money they'll receive for having 2 extra home games
  8. Bullshit McGregor, Bougherra, Davis, Edu, Naismith, Weiss, Miller, Jelavic would all have EPL (or another top league) suitors if we put them up for sale tommorow Not to mention Stoke's interest in McCulloch in the summer of 2008, and Blackpool's interest in Lafferty this summer past
  9. It's been posted on here and FF on numerous occasions. Some reputable poster was told that Weir is actually paid on a match by match basis, and sometimes takes home 60 grand a week. Most people don't believe it but i just added it in before someone claimed i was wrong in saying none of our players earn more than 20k a week
  10. *there is of course the rumour that Davie Weir is paid 20 grand per match, rather than 20 grand per week, but there's no conclusive proof of that
  11. One or two? None of our players are on more than 20 grand a week. 40 grand a week is standard wage for a squad player for about 70% of EPL clubs
  12. Whyte isn't going to start handing out 40 grand a week contracts so his takeover will have little bearing on McGregor staying. The more credible rumours are started by ex players or staff and passed on like wildfire. Some are simply made up by journalists on slow days.
  13. When Stoke City are paying players 50 grand a week, you can't expect Rangers players not to care about money. Almost every player in our squad could double his wages tommorow by asking his agent to find an EPL club.
  14. If he leaves he is certainly ending any prospect of being remembered fondly by the Rangers support
  15. Beattie is 32 and was given a 2 year deal with a 1 year option if he plays enough games I have no idea why Miller hasn't been offered this
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