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  1. You think you can’t love this man enough then every week he buries another reporter in his press conferences. What a man!
  2. Massive improvement in him! Just shows what a quality manager can do to someone!! living every mans dream. Glad he’s found his feet
  3. a mate of mine was at the concert last night and said he chucked the Gers top to the crowd, and then wore the c*ltic one at his after party
  4. Alright, just been told that my photo is in todays program, from when i was at @ Ibrox with the armed forces, does anyone have a copy of the program ? cheers
  5. Thanking you guys as its just such a moral booster getting to attend events like yesterday! and to actually see the support, and no just hear about it. Truely amazing!
  6. shocking i know, whether it came from Rangers via the police, or just the police at their best, most never listened anyway and got the scarves back out.
  7. had to be done mate. shame i didnt have my scarf in my hand though, the Police told us no colours on the pitch, however it got ignored near to the end of us being on the pitch.
  8. my videos as promised, pretty short however
  9. I think im speaking for every member of the Armed Forces yesterday by saying a massive thanks to all who cheered us on the pitch at half time, and even before half time as we left our seats, the standin ovation from the full stadium was unreal! such an emotional day for everyone there, and its just great to be reasured that people are behind us, so again, Thankyou to all :)and hopefully weel be invited back next year to do it all again! few pics i got yesterday below. will put up videos when ive more time. Before the game inside Again My Mate, lafferty, and myself Got Lafferty to sign the inside of my Head-Dress Halftime And my favourite
  10. Will need tp upload pics tomorrow, cant do it via phone. Will put up videos i got when on the pitch and also of the fans as we were standing waiting
  11. Was on the pitch today, guys a massive thankyou to all who were there! The reception we recoeved was unreal! Even just leaving our seats to go down. ill put some pics up in 5 mins
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