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  1. Sorry seems to be the hardest word.
  2. 😂😂 you looking in the mirror again.
  3. Still waiting for the apology for your lies as well. Been plenty of times questions have needed answered since you crawled away with your tail between your legs. Strange you show up now.
  4. Good, I’m one of them but that snake of an SLO can do one. Would’ve liked it to have been up nearer the 20k.
  5. Funny how he hasn’t been seen in here since the 1872/RangersFirst shambles and his auld man wanting to fight every cunt because we questioned the 2 of them.
  6. I’ve never asked the cunt one question in my life and nobody should because there’s every chance he is lying straight to your face. Stabbed good Rangers fans in the back to get where he is.
  7. Harder than you ya bellend do one.
  8. You can fuck off as well.
  9. MyGers must be struggling if the lying SLO has shown his face again.
  10. What a spectacular way of missing the point.
  11. Play their socks off against us but struggling against Falkirk. Cheating their fans just like Aberdeen.
  12. Killie were issued a warning from the council that the shelter wasn’t fit for purpose because it couldn’t take the weight of people on top of it. Couple this with the fact it is the most direct route of escape in an emergency. They did nothing about it.
  13. Great article, nice to see we still have some journalists left worthy of the name.
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