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  1. How many fans are gonna do that? Most fans even thou it sounds daft see their season book as I priority
  2. Hopefully that prick Gers for life and he can report back to you then
  3. And can you tell me what we have won since then ? That's right hee haw as they go for the quadruple treble. So what do you think so funny? If he could do,it at Lillie with very limited resources then he should have been shortlisted. And what has Gerrard done to convince you?
  4. You already have, Nah m8 no need to look at your PM, if you want to send me a message by all means do , but we will see who the pussy is, I've told you when lock down is over I will be up GarT. , I will contact you then and we will see who the pussy is.
  5. Here I'm calm , and all the calm doon pish to try and make yourself look the victims. You give it but don't like it back do yous
  6. I started what? And as for being up Gar T right on his doorstep it, surly he could make the effort if I'm that much a pussy.
  7. What you think I'm kidding ? Nothing that prick can do me in his own back yard he's that much a dick
  8. When lock down is over I'll be up Gar T , cmon up and we will see what's what , no use acting the big man on this. Meet me up Gar T if you have the balls dick head. PS Bring who you want as they doing shit.
  9. Here dick away and act hard to some cunt who gives a fuck
  10. The prick Fay easterhoose arrives 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. What a knob jockey ? Spazzy ? Is that all you've got ? Dick.
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