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  1. Mongo? Says the nobody from easterhouse.    Do you even have a telly ?

  2. Where did you get the picture of  the Lego Ibrox?  I am serious my son would build that in a day he has so many models they get put into boxes.  My fav is a big chinook helicopter, has police station, must have over 20 models easily some over £100 a go .

    Matbe that's his mission too get all the bricks himself and build Ibrox from scratch😂, seriously him and the wife live LEGO and are shit hot at building stuff.  Me I hate it rather play PES 2019 

  3. My wife is from Helensburgh her da was in the navy, she stayed in Craigadoran or something just as you go into Helensburgh, anyway wee question, I bought a short scale bass to learn a replica of the fender mustang bass, I am gonna take online lessons but when most people explain the bass they talk about full size basses., I am disabled and could not manage a full size so I thought why not as I did not know such a thing exsisted,  Ask him what is the best way to learn please and how would I go about learning to read music as I am just a music lover with my Cyrus set up and my AE1 speakers ,   Are you into stereos ?   Anyway any tips would be much appreciated.

    P.s Mark Knopfler alchemy or brothers in arm and Eric Clapton when he was with Creme and you can't go fair wrong. ?

    1. Bluekev


      I'd have a few private lessons first and I wouldn't worry learning music as most music off the net is in tab format. After a few lessons you should be able to gauge whether you are into it or not and then just practice using tab. I live literally around the corner from where your wife stayed. I stay just along from the fire station.

  4. Hi Wully, good idea regarding the tickets, BluePeter is looking into it.  If they have a PayPal then I could give fans their number through Rangersmedia and someone who people on the forum choose could actually draw it and post on here who the winner is.


    Also if I have a list of numbers I could PM to meet if they stay Glasgow or send next day 24 hour delivery. 

    I hole Rangersmedia have a PayPal account if not my wife has one but rather through Rangersmedia account. As long as I can access to the PayPal account to see if someone has donated a tenner or more then I can give them their numbers.


    If allowed I will do it, I also like the idea of the raffle as it not I've got more money than you mentality, yes you can buy more tickets but the person who spent a tenner has just as much chance of winning.


    Thanks as a very good idea.

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