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  1. are u goin to the game the night

  2. Cheers for pinning this thread admin, you can unpin it now if you wish! Thanks.
  3. Going to be a great season next year.
  4. Check your junk mail also, as it might be filtered into there.
  5. Emails have been sent out through out to day, if you never got yours today don't panic as there is still plenty more to be sent out over the next few days!
  6. Would never have fit everyone in mate.
  7. The Union Bears and blue order are delighted to announce that as of next season both groups will be located in BF1, and we invite all fans with desire to improve the atmosphere and further cause of the groups to join us. After discussions with the club it was agreed that the traditional BF4/5 singing section will now be moved to BF1 with the added bonus that the groups would be in charge of transferring new recruits into the section, and also the seating arrangements. This is of course aside from the existing season ticket holders who have been given the opportunity to move their seat anywhere
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