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  1. Was just about to start a topic about the players and Social Media after going thomrough them and seeing some amount of pish from players, there to busy putting shit on twitter and instagram for a few likes, fair enough if your winning not coming 3rd fucking place. Should be a total ban on it until they can either get successful or are shipped out, creating rods for their own backs with some of the shit they post.
  2. One piece of optimism we have left is the fact we start the season from scratch, and when I say scratch I mean back to 0 points for everybody. You are correct though same as last 2 seasons completely unknown territory, im just happy this seasons finished anyway.
  3. Wouldnt surprise me if they did, also it is a World Cup year I know it isnt likely to affect us to much but it potentially could.
  4. Thought the way he limped off it could have been something but after seeing his interview it seems like it was just cramp which is to be expected getting thrown into a game like that for your first start in donkeys. Fucked it last night and woke up at 4-3 wondering what had happened so cant judge him on today but anytime he has played hes impressed me hopefully he can get a run of games next season and really get going.
  5. Theyll pump the sheep, they could probably try there hardest to give them it but the sheep would still fuck it since they seem to collectively shit there pants anytime they come near Glasgow.
  6. Scenes when he returns and Gerrard turns him into a player......
  7. Wouldn't mind hibs away, start the season off with a tough game early indicator for were we are and if we need vast improvement before the window shuts.
  8. Never been a fan of the UB sat in amongst them years ago and was full of dicks from my experience but they do bring a good atmosphere to ibrox and I fully back there statement here hopefully it starts the ball rolling for change across the board.
  9. I forgot all about his celebration last week which makes this whole scenario even more odd.
  10. Why would he leave ? We all know the size of the mans ego, hes adored by their fans and unless theres a drastic change from us in the coming months hes basically strolling to 10. The only way I see him leaving is if a top 6 club comes in for him which wont happen anyway.
  11. Feel sorry for the fans going to watch that in a fortnight, if it was possible I would actually give them there full midden for the game against us. That Rangers team deserves absolutely fuck all from the fans after the shitshow this season has turned into.
  12. A lot of fans wanted him at the time as well, the disgrace is it took the board 6 weeks to decide to go for a guy a few hours up the road. Thankfully we never got him but at the time he probably was the 1st choice.
  13. Stuck a couple of quid on Raz De Maree and Anbale Fly just to win and have Maggio, Ucello Conti, Gas line Boy and Vieux Lion Rouge e/w. Had the 2 winners past 2 years hopefully I can keep the streak going.
  14. Might as well just play 10 strikers and the goalie, defence and midfield are non-exsistant at the best of times.
  15. Liked him at first but quickly became predictable cutting on to his left and was so slow from what I remember.
  16. Your right about the timing if they had held off for the week then it maybe would have been different, we still had the league plus the cup to play for this year and they ended up going for Murty even after a couple of shocking results. As unlikely as it is if we manage to win the semi final it could potentially salvage our season but on the flipside if we go on to win it this board are more likely to appoint Murty for longer, I do like Murty and dont blame him for any of this hes been thrown in because an incompetent board that fucked around for 6 weeks before going for a guy that was on
  17. More than likely, De Bruyne came out and criticised him publically after 1 game recently.
  18. I always said Martinez was the last person we needed and have never rated him but listening to a podcast during the week hes supposedly done a u-turn with Belgium and started going defensive
  19. That whole season was a laughing stock mate, as much as Pedro was a headcase and would never have lasted any manager that took the gig when he did was on a hiding to nothing. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I didnt understand it at the time and never will.
  20. Said it in another thread after the game on Saturday but for the life of me I will never understand the boards thinking in appointing Pedro last season when the league was already gone and Murty was finally getting a tune out of them, should have left Murty in charge till the end of the season which would have giving them enough time to go and appoint the DoF they so badly wanted who in turn would have identified the manager for them. I have absolutely no trust in this board not plucking another Pedro from absolute obscurity but and that thought is fucking terrifying.
  21. Aye cause Kenny running about the backline just breeds..... composure ?
  22. Stick him and Morelos up front for the rest of the league season and see if they can get any form of partnership going, at the rate were going now well be very lucky to finish 2nd so might as well start plotting for the season ahead. If they dont strike up a partnership and Cummings isnt doing it still then send him back to Forest but to suddenly write him off because hes not done enough in his bit part apperances is absolute lunacy which to be honest is the norm about here now a days.
  23. For me this is a year late, why the board didnt just leave Murty in last year when everything was lost is beyond me, instead they brought in Pedro. Fast forward the year were back in the exact same position with another rebuild to come. I like Murty but he is never a manger, I dont think Dorrans was bad today but to throw him in first game back against hammer throwers had me questioning things from the start today.
  24. Put him on Soccer Saturday, about time that place got a new face.
  25. I dont get why more teams dont try and follow what Liverpool done, simply extend one of the stands and it keeps the traditional element, obviously it can't be done with every stadium but surely its a better option than basically building a bowl.
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