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  1. Don't get me wrong I would want the club to have contingency plans incase we were knocked out early as easily could have been the case this season but going as far as possible in Europe is vital for us, I would agree with the CL if we can navigate the qualifiers and get to the groups then it's absolutely a free hit every time we do it, the only objective we should have if we get to the CL groups is not finishing bottom.
  2. Im not going to sit here and debate the fact that clubs have more money than us, it isn't a new thing. Of course the management and team deserve praise but they have built every season and I think it should be a more than achievable objective now, getting out the group's in the Europa isn't as hard as people make it out, 9 times out of 10 you get 1 good team but the other 2 are usually the same standard as us or below it so I think winning a KO round after that is an acceptable expectation, of course if we got one of the big hitters and put out I wouldn't be fussed but if we had went out to An
  3. Yes we may be miles behind financially as a league and our domestic game is pish always has been but it hasn't stopped us going on good European runs, I think last 16 in the Europa league especially now we are back to where we are is a very realistic objective. We are one of the biggest clubs in the world and good runs in Europe only help that.
  4. I would agree if it was CL but I think last 16 should always be the minimum expectation in the Europa for a club like us, however it is amazing how far we have come in such a short space of time. Don't think any the teams you mentioned actually fluked there games as it's quite hard to do in a 2 legged affair, they all actually won quite convincingly in the end up.
  5. What did he say to Dempster ? As much as I hop your correct I give it about 6 month's until he is appearing on Sky for there Scottish coverage. Hopefully the last time we see him in a managerial capacity though.
  6. His experience will no doubt come through in the playoffs but if he is the starter and Trez is coming off the bench still then there in big trouble, Joker bullied Trez last year in the playoffs and I doubt Gasol will give him much hassle except for in the post, Cousins will be a decent pick up but the Lakers have definitely lost an edge compared to last year without the athleticism of Howard and Mcgee to throw at opponents.
  7. Cousins has looked decent again but always the potential of another injury with him.
  8. Nets look good, they still need a competent big for the playoffs but when they play smallball with Green at centre all 5 guys can drain 3s with ease, that is pretty scary. Lakers need to get rid of Gasol or at least get another big, any centre that can shoot a 3 will have a field day against him, im sure Kyrie beat him to a rebound as well for a tip in as well that can't happen 😂
  9. He will lift the trophy, crutches or no crutches.
  10. People can say what they want about the man but he stepped up in our hour of need when nobody else would and for that I will be forever grateful to him.
  11. Andre Drummond won't play for the Cavs again by the looks of things actively looking to trade him, its exactly what Brooklyn need but god knows what they have to give in terms of a trade as I imagine the Cavs will have better offers. Edit : Raptors in discussions with the Cavs.
  12. Of course there is discretion when kept in house, but if you bring the company into disrepute by making them front page news then your easily replaced, might be the only person that can fix the machinery at the time but they will find someone else regardless. I agree there is zero chance of them being sacked but I would imagine there careers here are over.
  13. If your lucky then you potentially get 1 last chance but vast majority of places I have been it would be classed as gross misconduct and you would be fucked out. Football is totally different and no matter what you think of the boys they are still assets at the end of the day and will be treated as such.
  14. Might be against the grain here but he is correct, the fact we haven't even uttered a word about it is pretty fucking disgusting tbh. We can say what we want about those cunt's across the city but we are the standard bearers in this country not them and our standards have fell way short on this occasion.
  15. Even worse is some of our own doing it, seen a couple last night tagging anyone and everyone to the picture of Zungu gagging for likes.
  16. Jack Davis Kamara will be the middle 3 especially away from home. I would go Hagi Morelos Kent front 3, people will want Roofe but he looked rusty the couple times he played before his suspension so think it could pass him by if he starts, good option to have from the bench.
  17. Its hardly a statement they even say they will make no further comment, the rumours sadly look to be true but just now they are still rumours, need to get the facts first before we start throwing players under the bus.
  18. Just now but, they are still rumours?
  19. The inside printing has came off in my 3rd top but I classed that as nothing after the shit home top 😂 im sure even the first season with Hummel the quality wasn't great but the 2nd season it was superb.
  20. Don't get me wrong the designs from Castore have been great it was just the quality issue's for me, home top the castore badge has started to peel but the 3rd top is absolutely fine.
  21. Hummel stuff was top notch, never had any complaints with my tops. Can't say the same this season but hopefully Castore have learned lessons.
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