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  1. Whats her opinion on Sir Alex Ferguson?
  2. Watching Knicks/Lakers just now and Randle sprinting back from the line to D up Drummond was absolutely quality. Love that hustle.
  3. I just seen Westbrook's stats against Atlanta were 28/13/21. That's absolutely fucking mental. He's achieved a triple double in almost 18% of the games he's played in the NBA.
  4. Westbrook has now broken Oscar Robertson's triple double record.
  5. Yeah that was a great game. Knicks looked so calm and composed and when it was clear Randle wasn't going to be able to get to work because of how much they were packing the paint and doubling him but the rest of the team stepped up, particularly Rose, and got it done. Our defence is excellent.
  6. Randle has struggled offensively all game but is really coming up clutch to close this game out.
  7. Yeah just need to hold their nerve and keep playing solid D. Hopefully clinch that playoff spot in style. It's doing my tits in how many times people keep biting on Batum's pump fake. He literally won't shoot from mid range and I've seen 3 bites on a pump fake behind the arc.
  8. He's absolutely tearing it up this game. 19 -4-7 in 18 minutes and 90% from the field.
  9. It's my sons 1st birthday so Seaworld in the morning with my family, then watch the game and the trophy come home before the rest of the family come over for cake etc.
  10. This Knicks/Clippers game is great so far. Good scoring runs in the game but the lead has still been traded a few times. D Rose 5 from 5 from the field showing his class.
  11. I couldn't tell you the last 90 minutes of football I watched that wasn't a Rangers game. I dont give a fuck about it outside of Rangers. I'll sometimes watch highlights on Match of the day or Sportscene but that's about it. The last time I watched a football kicked in the Champions League would have been our qualifiers in 2011 I think? I wouldn't watch the Champions League final if it was being played out my back door.
  12. Ah right, I get what you mean now. Yeah, can't disagree with that as there is definitely a rivalry there. I play and am involved in basketball in Scotland, all be it at a regional level, and it seems to be the same for most guys where they maybe have one or two teams at most that they support and then a few they have soft spots for due to players. As I said, I find it weird because I don't give a fuck about football outside of Rangers, but when it comes to basketball I can root for teams that I don't consider to be my team because I like players and end up developing a soft spot for
  13. Not sure the label of glory hunter will stick with admitting support for the Knicks and Bulls, but fair enough.
  14. Yeah, Knicks are Bulls are my teams really, but I have a soft spot for a few due to liking players. I find it bizarre because I can't imagine supporting more than one football team, but it seems fine with Basketball. I love Thibs. The job he has done with the Knicks is remarkable.
  15. What was the name of the book on critical race theory you recommend? 

    You read Britain and Europe in a Troubled World, covers history of EU

    With Xmas fast approaching I'd recommend My First Book of Intersectional Activism for wee Che🌝

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