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  1. This has ruined 55 for me now. May as well not win the title.
  2. As long as we're all in agreement that McCoist is the best and one of the greatest ever Rangers I dont care about splitting hairs over the rest.
  3. I was 21, working a shite job at the time for beer tokens and it was quiet, so I got to head off early and meet my mates to go in to Ibrox. The train from Hamilton Central in was bouncing with bears and it was just chorus after chorus of Rangers tunes. It feels like a lifetime ago after what we've been through. I still can't believe we're about to be champions again.
  4. Get a holiday to Dubai booked in celebration ya wee dafty! Yaaaaaaas!
  5. Fucking sensational from Kent! Tidy finish from Morelos.
  6. Most sense any cunt has ever spoken on that podcast tbf.
  7. Rafa Benitez DoF, Xavi as manager and Iniesta as assistant. Onto something with that glue sniffing.
  8. What a season. We have absolutely ruined them. Drink it in.
  9. I seen it. I was only joking.
  10. Thank Christ we've settled this. I've struggled to sleep since September.
  11. Go to Ibrox, party like fuck.
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