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  1. A few mad ideas for you: 1. She felt OK when she chose to compete 2. She didn't feel OK when she chose to compete but tried to soldier on and realised she couldn't handle it so sensibly removed herself from the situation 3. Maybe she should never have competed at all but people with mental health issues don't always make the best decisions when they're in a bad spot You're right - it isn't a complicated issue. Why folk ( who know absolutely fuck all about her mental state) are piling on to another human being calling her deserter etc because of her mental health is
  2. Remarkable that we have a bunch of average joes, probably a wee bit overweight, who have never achieved anything truly exceptional, and who don't handle much pressure other than maybe a deadline now and again for work, feeling qualified to comment on the mental state of a survivor of child sexual abuse, and most decorated gymnast of all time, competing at the highest level of competition in her field.
  3. She was sexually abused by a high profile serial child molester and you think she doesn't have genuine mental health issues. I suffer from mental health issues and I have never went through anything like that. I understand mental health. You clearly don't. Stay in your lane and stop embarrassing yourself, you fucking lunatic.
  4. Because mental health problems don't really give a fuck if it's a convenient time for you or not? Also, you're a fucking lunatic.
  5. He looks like he's trying to figure out how he got into this mess and how he can get out when he's answering questions.
  6. I hear Christmas is Australia is lovely, so every cloud n that.
  7. Aye thats what I thought. Its only £15 and I had vouchers sitting about doing fuck all. If didn't spend that £15 and went elsewhere I'd have had to spend £500 and still had £400 vouchers doing fuck all. It didn't make sense.
  8. I was signed up to Currys for months and never got one. The things is, loads of people get pulled for the draw but have a PS5 and sell it on ebay. I wouldn't usually buy it, but I had £400 of currys vouchers to use so I was kind of stuck. I bought a code for £15 from someone on ebay and boom - PS5 a week later. I still kind of resent it, but I had little choice and it's only £15.
  9. Got my PS5 this week but no time to play it this week. Picking up Spiderman tomorrow. I can't wait.
  10. Pretty sure it'd be less painful to workout and lose the weight than it would be to wear this fucking horror in public.
  11. Fucking rank. Whi the fuck thought orange and red as the flair colours? Boak.
  12. Given the current climate, I always want to know what was said to someone whenever I hear about any hateful comments or abuse, but if there were genuinely bigoted comments made towards her then the people who uttered them are fucking morons.
  13. You know I'm not a big fan of "woke culture", but if you're leaning so hard into "anti-woke culture" that you're dismissing legitimate racism, or worried that calling it out is taking the passion out of our game, you might want to sit down and have a wee think.
  14. Between this and the Mancini as Braveheart cover they should just change their name to "The National Embarrassment" and get it over with.
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