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  1. celtic will go top on Saturday and they'll still be there on Sunday by goal difference.
  2. I feel like I'm constantly waiting on a comment about "pitch geography" this season.
  3. If you had offered them being only 2 behind us in November after our season last year and them rebuilding under a manager no one even knew existed, and who had only managed in Australia and Japan, they'd have bitten your hand off for it I suspect. If you look at the starts in context, they've probably had a better start than we have.
  4. I cant get my head around folk not being concerned about this. There are a few boys in my group chat who just aren't worried at all and it's like were living on different planets. We're sleepwalking into a crisis here.
  5. To be fair I thought "living room front" and "bedroom rear" was quite funny.
  6. Extend the league to 100 games if you want; unless we make changes and start performing it doesn't matter a how many games are left.
  7. There isn't a team in the league that will fear us at the moment. It's starting to feel like it did at the end of the 2019/2020 season when teams could smell blood right away, get in our face and we have no clue how to deal with it. We're going to drop a lot more points before Christmas and those cunts across the city are starting to click.
  8. Yas! Boot and the throat now Rangers and finish these cunts off.
  9. Not to worry. I'm sure Sunday will be the turning point and we'll kick on from there. Or failing that we have Ross County at home after that and that will be the turning point and we'll kick on from there.
  10. I dont disagree that we need to add quality. Our summer business gave us better squad depth, but it didn't improve the starting 11. We're still not spending anywhere near that though; if we're spending anything at all.
  11. You need to get the idea that we're spending money in January out your head to save any disappointment.
  12. We'd be better off just smashing the ball into our own net as soon as the game has kicked off and get the gifting of a goal over and done with.
  13. Every time they pick up the ball on the break you get the feeling they can score.
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