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  1. It looks like he's already in semi retirement with his performance on Saturday.
  2. How decides whether an incident deserves further investigation other than Sportscene?
  3. Christie and Forrest are the 2 most overrated players in Scotland.
  4. At the beginning of last season Morelos was in fantastic shape but this season he started back way below that level of fitness. It's unprofessional and clearly his mind was elsewhere. It's time for him to grow up and fulfill his potential and he'll then get the move he desires next summer with a league ­čĆů in his pocket.
  5. five stars


    I'm a fan of Tav but he did go off the boil for a while last season. But as usual the criticism of him was way over the top.
  6. I think Jones has a better end product than Barker. He's capable of playing an intelligent final ball or cross. He's a good squad player to have and can come in for specific games or come on as a sub. This could be another season of 60+ games, we're going to need everyone we've got.
  7. Yeah, he's having a good season. Still needs to cut out the silly mistakes. Gave them their best chance first half.
  8. Silly thing to do considering he's already been sent off there twice. Morelos had an ok game, but he's still not playing anywhere near his best.
  9. Cultural appropriation. That'll be 7 years in jail for this horrendous hate crime if anyone finds it offensive (they will) under the new "Hate" crime bill.
  10. We don't know what restrictions will be in place in few weeks never mind a few years.
  11. He's a quality defender, just needs to cut out the stupid mistakes.
  12. Superb for us. Did he play for us against Newcastle in a friendly before his move? Vaguely remember him completely dominating Shearer.
  13. In Europe teams can't kick you off the park.
  14. Clearly some posters have never played much football. Two hands on an opponent's shoulder, using them as a ladder, is a foul. It is allowed in rugby, maybe that's what your thinking of?
  15. It's a blatant foul and i thought so at the time. You might get away with one hand on a shoulder or having an arm over but using both hands is obviously a foul. That why their player was able to leap so high and Helander was unable to jump.
  16. It's to early to make a final judgement but from what see so far and from his You Tube highlights he looks a slightly worse player than Kamberi.
  17. We need VAR up here as the standard of the refs is poor. VAR itself isn't a problem, as long as it's implemented in a manner that doesn't overly effect the flow of the game. In fact, if it's done in the correct way, it can actually add to the drama.
  18. Clancy would of been devastated that Morelos wasn't playing, missing out on a chance to send him off again. Gave them numerous free kicks in decent areas after their players fell over with little to no contact.
  19. Far too early to judge but to be fair to the OP I'd agree with him about the You tube footage, looked poor.
  20. Derek McInnes! ­čść
  21. It's irrelevant whether they knew about his travel or not. They gained an unfair advantage by playing someone who should be in quarantine. No other club is allowed, intentionally or not to select players under this circumstance.
  22. It seems straightforward, if you come back from Spain you have to quarantine for 14 days. They got the benefit of a player's participation in a game where he was not allowed to play under the rules. This is a disadvantage to Kilmarnock and they should be awarded a 3-0 victory.
  23. It might not be the sort of game that'll suit Hagi, possibly bring Arfield in as he's more physical and looked sharp tonight.
  24. This is different from the Aberdeen situation where the players broke the rules. Not only has one of there players blatantly broken the rules. But the club has also broken the rules by playing a player who should of been in quarantine. We didn't know is not an excuse, just like if you accidentally play someone who is not properly registered. Doesn't the usual punishment include a score of 3-0 for the game where the infringement took place?
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