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  1. Could the fact that the policeman forcefully manhandled the supporter off the bus without a formal caution not be construed as an act of physical assault?
  2. Six hours after the game and I'm still so ****ing angry. After weeks of watching games played in the World Cup throughout the summer without seeing any red card incidents for violent conduct even though there were quite a few retaliatory acts similar to the one carried out by Morelos today, the controversy regarding Scottish refereeing decisions suddenly rears it's ugly head yet again. After only eleven minutes of play we suddenly have a player sent off for a totally innocuous foul even though the referee didn't see it and the linesman didn't flag for it?? Who then made the decision,
  3. The apparent lack of response on here to the now regular press conferences appears to be a wee bit ominous. Have we all become so inured by their frequency to the extent that it now feels pointless to comment? I would therefore like to break the ice and say that those two interviews are the best I've listened to for quite a while now so hopefully its not just another groundhog day.
  4. I hope all's well with this lad, his family must be gravely concerned for his well being since he has not contacted them for quite a long period of time now.
  5. What makes it worse is the fact that we have just been totally gubbed by a really poor Rangers team.
  6. Totally agree mate especially the car sticker ones with the "yes" next to it.
  7. RIP wee man. Fate has appropriately dictated that we play Bury for the fist game of the new season.
  8. Eagles thoroughly deserve to be in front , the play for that touchdown on the fourth down was so simple it made the Patriots defense look totally dumbfounded
  9. The best of luck Tom. I hope you manage to make it the half dozen tonight
  10. I just happened to notice your avatar there and it brought back to mind the time I was in the Old Course Hotel during one of the Opens, well if you stood at the rear door of the staff entrance you will be directly facing the 17th tee. During the brief period of time I stood watching there Seve hit his drive right over my head and across a section of the hotel roof. Man could that guy hit a ball .
  11. Is the video not part of one of the older publicity videos with the Greg Docherty scene edited in at the end ?
  12. Welcome young man, hopefully you will fulfill your dream to go on and become one of the all time greats
  13. He looks very composed on the ball and doesn't make many mistakes. Mind you that shot he had with his right during the first half was a wee bit high was it not
  14. That must be quite a fast helicopter you've got
  15. Aye, there could quite possibly have been some sort of malintention going on somewhere in the background
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