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  1. 1st ÂŁ11600 per year is tax free 20% tax after that. Double that amount if you have a Mrs. Only pay tax if you move crypto to fiat not crypto to crypto unless you are in the US it's on every trade. That's why I'm moving to malta when I become a crypto millionaire 0% crypto tax there.
  2. So did I with xrp but I kept buying everytime it went down to lower my average which I got down to .35c so now reaping the benefits.
  3. apple up 0.5% netflix up 1.5% xrp up 24% xlm up 53% stocks are boring crypto is mental
  4. Not sure as article didn't go into great detail.
  5. we're 11 points clear not fucking behind
  6. Would you take not getting to a game this season if it meant 100% winning the league or getting back to games and taking our chances.
  7. This could happen to anyone anywhere if it happened in Cyprus, banks can just seize your money and there is fuck all you can do about it. so don't put all your eggs in one basket as they say. ATHENS (Reuters) - An EU court has rejected a petition for compensation by bank depositors whose funds were confiscated in Cyprus’s financial crisis in 2013, in a process which would become a European template for banks in trouble. Depositors in two Cypriot banks lost billions when savings were confiscated to protect the island’s banking system in 2013, in a process known as a bail-in. The move
  8. you should be on telly with comedy like that
  9. we'll see if somebody had told you you could pay for stuff with your mobile phone 10 years ago this "ok mate" would have been your exact reply, apple pay and google pay now widely used.
  10. Only time will tell, paypal have already started letting you pay for goods with crypto
  11. Good all the more for me then if nobody interested I'll take the free easy money, crypto trading open 24hours a day making money while you sleep is the best kinda money. You'll be spending hours few years from now driving around looking for a cash machine when they become obsolete while everybody else will be paying by crypto with their phone
  12. Cant find the crypto thread so here will have to do. Well done to anyone who took @MattyBlue advice on the crypto currency thread and bought xrp, it's up over 50% since thurs and judging by response on twitter this is just the beginning.
  13. And everyone was saying Murphy not good enough for us well he played a blinder for us the day.
  14. Again only 2 min injury time when game is over same as Sunday
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