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  1. That should have came with a government health warning
  2. You can guarantee now Balogun is injured as well as Tav, Patterson will get his covid ban before our next league game
  3. Hopefully them but since we've had two Belgian sides already just a feeling we'll get Brugge
  4. What a team what a performance but you just know if Brugge go through we'll get them.
  5. Cant believe the deluded cunts still thought they were going to win the league before the county game as why wait til now to sack him as no way he resigned.
  6. If he started to dink goalies he would have a lot more goals this season
  7. Haven't laughed so much in ages at all the raging tims on tonight, glorious
  8. My mistake I only read the tweet you posted not the announcement. Other club tokens are currently selling for around $10 each on binance. So could be nice earner for the club.
  9. Bitci is a crypto trading platform as far as I can see there probably will be bitci coins just like other trading platforms have their own coins if you have them it gives you discount on trading fees on the platform. On Binance you can buy Juventus, Roma, PSG, Athletico Madrid and a turkish club coins holding these coins gives you voting rights and discounts etc but I don't think this is what this announcement is or there would be Rangers coins.
  10. company called zone7 do AI on injuries for us
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