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  1. And to think we got rid of him for Cappucho who was fucking useless for us
  2. Looks like all VIP and front row sites have been taken down only hes goal working
  3. How the fuck was that not a pen and a sending off no attempt to play the ball.
  4. Glad about the 3 points but that has to be the worst defensive display in a long time. If we'd been beat today could've had no complaints.
  5. Used to live in Ellon many years ago, anytime I've been back it's been dead in the pubs apart from one.
  6. Fucking ridiculous same governing body for league and league cup 2 different sets of rules.
  7. We had one today and Roofe skyed it over the bar
  8. Why was Kelly never pulled up for kicking from hand with his standing foot outside the box everytime. We should've had at least 3 free kicks just outside box for handling outside the box.
  9. Aye BT were so annoyed that they decided not to have the 2 of them in a studio in London instead. If they were that bothered about having them they would've been in London
  10. Take it Barker will be brought in from the cold to be on the bench then.
  11. What gives with Bacuna we finish game with 2 midfielders yet he still doesnt get on.
  12. Games like this should be on teuchter tv if berwick v gretna can.
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