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  1. When did they decide it was back to 3 subs bloody stupid going back
  2. Did Goram not wear a short sleeve goalie top when he wore the white one
  3. Rangers are trolling the fuck out of the scum by posting Scotty Arfields goal against Midtjyland as their goal of the day
  4. See they're back to being barca again according to the commentators but in the real world they are pish
  5. Joke if true they cunts sign a foreigner who's played 6 times for his country, how does he fit the criteria for playing certain amount of internationals
  6. Why is their new Israeli player not isolating since he's just arrived ?
  7. Any signings they make from abroad wont be able to play in the 1st leg of their CL qualifier as they'll need to isolate.
  8. Free tenner bet so had 1 1 correct score thanks bet365 for the free dish.
  9. Police are probing new claims celtic star Leigh Griffiths sent inappropriate messages to a second teenage girl on social media.
  10. Just seen a photo from 15 years ago of Griffiths scoring with the under 16s, nothing changed there then
  11. was a thread on this couple of months back
  12. The scums training ground after Ange's first session
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