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  1. I always sleep easy mate. Best pillow in the world is a clear conscience my friend.
  2. Glad City didn't decide to actually go through with a plan that must have been worked on as they all snorted ketamine and had tequila slammer races. It was an utter shambles.
  3. I'm amazed at how the tension and the swing shifts in games tend to be more pronounced at the Crucibile. No way anywhere else does Higgins get through against that boy he beat last night. 7-4 up and the boys game just went to pot (pun intended) and im watching Ding and Bingham struggling with simple shots tied at 8-8. This is what makes this tournament special.
  4. Its nonsense to me that City and Chelsea would be willing to bail out rivals like the Milan clubs and the two big Spanish clubs. City and Chelsea are cash rich. They other 4 are in a financial mess. Keep hoping City pull out.
  5. Must be drinking too much of that moonshine mate.
  6. He must have been so relieved and delighted when this broke last night. Allowed him to deflect away from how shite his beloved c****c are. Bitter and twisted wee no mark.
  7. Imagine UEFA and Fifa begging Governments to block it when for years they have sworn against it. The entire football system is corrupt tbh.
  8. That wee bawbag has been on spouting the same pish since just after 8am listing all the Teams outwith the breakaway mob who have won the European Cup. Dodgy wee tarrier lover this one..
  9. I'm sure he will come out and claim that he is against it and that's why he got the sack. Rather than him being an egomaniac dinosaur who continually falls out with players wherever he works.
  10. This will get negotiated so that these Clubs field basically "colt" teams in their respective leagues. It's all very well these association's talking big and making threats but I doubt they will actually throw out these Clubs. Its bloody wrong and unashamedly selfish greed that is behind this. But money talks and fuck the fan's in the communities who have supported for years. They want global armchair subscribers to watch a so called better product.. Sickening tbh.
  11. German Clubs are 51% owned by the fans so they can't get involved. Fucking hate bayern munich.
  12. Its truly embarrassingly shocking tbh. Doubt it will actually happen. They will probably play in empty stadiums if it does.
  13. I do it every game I watch now. Had the Pride of the Myle playing on random throughout. Its like we have went back to 1993 in a time machine. They never looked like hurting us at all today. Fucking delighted with that result.
  14. Snap. Time to get the battle tunes on and keep the commentary muted. Will return at full time.
  15. Don't understand why Mendy and Sterling didnt get subbed. Woefully piss poor performance. Oh well. Onwards and upwards.
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