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  1. My Gers points caused all sorts of teeth gnashing and mini meltdowns. Imagine the stramash when they do the ballot for the lucky 4000....
  2. For at least another 10 year.
  3. They must just be really unlucky then..?? And in turn our Rangers squad is just jammy
  4. Cam Newton's latest Fashion faux pas. Rupert the bear look...
  5. Tierney the kid on hard man with his hold me back pish at the end of the game there. Pure beelin his taigy pals are 11 behind the Famous.
  6. The brown sauce was on the square sausage. admittedly that roll had the egg and a tottie scone on it as well.
  7. Cannae beat sitting with my Dad watching our Rangers stroll to a convincing win against that sheep shite. Ok sitting at Ibrox would be better but this is damn good.
  8. Only a matter of When rather than If for the first goal mate.
  9. Pre match breakfast rolls have been scudded. Now sitting with my Dad and expecting a solid professional performance with quality goals and the 11 point gap to be the reality. C'mon the Queens XI
  10. Breakfast in Sunny Stepps. Steak Square Sausage.. Tottie scone and a beautifully cooked egg if i say so myself. With a wee dash of HP after I took the pics.
  11. Football can be cruel at times. So disappointed that the City players used up all their goals for their countries during the week. Shows how much David Silva is missed by KDB. Defence caught out again by the big punt up the park. I've seen City play worse and win. Oh well. Off to my bed soon. Alarm set for 4:40am and heading back to Glasgow to watch The Mighty And The Famous scud the sheep the mora with my Dad.
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