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  1. Good performance from Curtis Campher getting 4 wickets from 4 balls bowling against Netherlands today. Utterly piss poor performance from Chris Jordan bowling the 2nd last over v India in a warm up match. He should be on the plane home after that over tbh.
  2. He’s been named to six Pro Bowls and was named the 2011 Associated Press Athlete of the Year. And, yes, Aaron Rodgers is a Super Bowl winner and MVP. Rodgers and his Packers teammates won Super Bowl XLV after the 2010-11 season by defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25.
  3. Genuinely thought Scotland hadn't scored enough runs. But bowled very well to protect their score.
  4. Brilliant clearing header from the guy behind the goal. VID_20211017_144645.mp4
  5. Is Mccarthy still the manager of Cardiff.? Not watching it but after this defeat he must be looking at the sack. Just read he started 5 centre backs today
  6. He is definitely not firing at his usual level. Still love him though.
  7. Robbed. Threw away 2 points there. Im not raging with shagger though. He kept us in it then one stupid mistake got punished. Saturday night ruined now though.
  8. Great goal and well deserved. Cant understand how lenient the ref is with hearts hammer throwers. An early 2nd and this game is done.
  9. Definitely in a rich vein of form right now for sure. Watford are woeful though.
  10. Fucks sake did they borrow the broom and rug from the tarriers with this cop out.
  11. We should change the words to Flower of Scotland and watch heads explode.
  12. Stories like this must mean he is a potential signing for the big filthy mob in the near future. Leaving the junior filthy mob already a poor VicTIM.
  13. Dornan and Humza not tweeted yet...? Maybe they left the WhatsApp group
  14. Are NBM trying to make out they are sticking up for the fans banned....
  15. Offensive tunes. We have broken them. 56 will be wonderful.
  16. I was lying in my own pish 10 year ago.
  17. Love it and soon as I showed the video to the wife she ordered me one for my 50th. Im a lucky man. ⚽😍
  18. Its a weak looking squad tbh. Especially with no Stokes.
  19. I have worked and lived in far worse places tbh.
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